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  • But it was not to last, He helps her find the difference between good and evil and then she has to leave

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      Xena: Warrior Princess TV Show was a TV show that starred Lucy Lawless as Xena and her sidekick Gabrielle. It was a spin-off from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys starring Kevin Sorbo. Xenas story started on Hercules: TLJ, she was a ruthless warrior who was hell-bent on killing Hercules. At this point her main goal was just to conquer; she wanted to rule the world at any cost. To get to Hercules she seduced Iolus, Hercules best friend, and turned him against Hercules.

      Of course in the end, Xena was defeated and she rode off vowing to come back again and kill Hercules. Xenas introduction into the show was so popular they brought her back for a 2-episode arc that would be the start of her own series. The 1 episode of the arc shows Xena losing control of her army because she was able to be defeated by Hercules. And eventually her second in command leads a mutiny against her convincing her army she had grown soft because she refused to kill women and children.

      Then she is forced to complete the gauntlet,

      a thing where she has to walk about 20 feet in between her army allowing them to all beat and fight her. In the end she survived, which surprised them because nobody else had. Xena set off again to kill Hercules; she was convinced this would help her get her army back. When she found him, she had the upper hand and would have killed him, as she is a much more skilled fighter than he is Hercules is just stronger, a man from a village that Xenas army had destroyed and massacred everyone in, not on her orders, distracted her and allowed Hercules to then get the upper hand, but Hercules doesnt kill, so he let her go.

      He gave her a choice, a choice to be good, something she never really thought of doing. Xena sort of pouts off and later returns to help Hercules defeat her own army. While she is fighting she changes, and realizing it is much more satisfying helping people than hurting them and loses her bloodthirsty edge. The 2nd episode of the arc develops the love story ...

      • between Hercules and Xena.

        They were kindred spirits, and now that she was good he found her irresistible. But it was not to last, He helps her find the difference between good and evil and then she has to leave. To find her own way in the world. But of course they see each other every now and again as Xena visited Hercules:TLJ and vice versa for Hercules.

        The pilot episode of Xena: Warrior Princess begins with Xena burying all of her armor and weapons; she didn’t want to be a warrior anymore. But when a warlord’s army from her past tries to enslave a group of villagers, Xena learns she can do more good with a sword than with anything else. This is where she meets Gabrielle. At first meeting Xena doesn’t like her, and finds her quite annoying.

        But Gabrielle follows her to her hometown where Xena was hoping to re-unite with her mother. Sadly, the town was set to stone her and kick her out of the village until Gabrielle intervened and convinced them to just let

        her go. This saddens Xena that her mother didn�t want anything to do with her, but she understood. After all Xena was responsible for thousands of deaths in her time.

        Then Xena meets up with the warlord whose army she was fighting earlier, they have a bond that tells you they were more than just warlords together. But Draco was still bad and Xena couldn’t have anything to do with him. This enrages him and makes him order him army to Amphypillis to kill Xenas mother and villagers. Xena gets there first though and fights Draco, forcing him out of the village and earning the forgiveness of the village including her mother.

        After this episode we see so many changes, Gabrielle, not only becomes a best friend to Xena, she becomes family. They travel the world together fighting wrongs and trying to generally help the world instead of trying to destroy it or rule it. I first started watching the show when I was in High School and I actually cried the day it when off the air. I loved it so much.

        TV just hasnt been the same.

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