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      lysovit b-complex medicine is a multi vitamin come in syrup form. these are manufactured by pfizer company.

      it is usually for children who need some multi vitamin but adults can also use.


      helps in providig relief from nausea.

      i have tried this medicine for nausea and it helps in releiving nausea.

      this medicine is also good for digestion.

      it is not particluarly meant for digestion ...

      • but it can help in digestion.

        mainly it is a medicine for people who want more vitamins they can use this medicine and it is the best available b-complex vitamin in the syrup


        its ingredients include lysine and other b-complex vitamins to give strength to your body.

        if you are looking for some multi vitamins these are some good multi vitamins that you can use

    Aoun says :

    Hello I am 14 years old…i am having Diebatease… is this Syrup Available in Sugar Free… Height is very small and my weight is 30….
    Jennifer Davis says :

    Since this is meant for children it isn’t sugar free. You will probably have better luck with a vitamin b-complex in the tablet form. They aren’t as tasty, but are much better for those with diabetes.
    Galega says :

    Having diabetes at 14 years is very rare. I think you should not take any medicine or supplements without doctor prescription.

    Your first concern should be to become free of diabetes. Consult doctor before taking it or any other supplements, even if they are sugar free.
    Abdul Haq Safi says :

    Sir’ I’m 20 years old. My height is 5 feet and 7.5 inches and my weight is 67 kg. I wanna get mor height upto aat least 6 feet. Can lysovit syrup stimulate GH?
    Galega says :

    No, it won’t help you to get taller. This is a Vitamin B Complex supplement, which is unlikely to stimulate the HGH hormone, responsible for height.
    Arbaz says :

    Sir my age is 16 and my height is 5.6.5 and i want minimum 6″ sir my father height is 5.7 and mother 4.10 but sir my father’s younger brother height is 5.11 sir how can i get 6.
    awezome-writer says :

    Height of ones person is directly related to the parent’s genes, so if none of your parents are at least 6 feet or none from your ancestors are, then I don’t think that you’ll reach 6 feet. This product won’t be able to help you increase your height either.
    Galega says :

    There are many factors that come into play in the process of gaining height. You are only 16 years old and already have got standard height. You can add few more inches by having daily diets replete with sufficient amount of Protein, Calcium and other minerals. Apart from that, ensure to go for regular exercise. Ask your personal trainer about some specific exercise which is supposed to help in gaining height.
    suzi100 says :

    Hi , I’m 21 years old, I wanna reduce my weight and as I’m on a diet , someone told me that maybe your gaining weight problem is cause of not having proper digestion.( I go to washroom once in a day). They told me to have this syrup and make my digestion good nd it will help me to reduce weight. Is it convenient ??
    Galega says :

    This syrup may not be helpful for you in losing weight. It is not as such a wonder supplement which at one time can increase height and at the same time can reduce weight. For losing weight, you may need to go for daily routine, like having regular exercise and avoiding sedentary lifestyles along with not having oily and fatty stuffs.
    Rabiatalib says :

    Hey.(1)some people says that this syrup can also improve your skin complexion along with other benefits. is it true can we use it for the sake of clear and glowing skin?.(2)and I have
    stammering problem from childhood.I am 17 years there any medicine available to reduce stammering problem?
    Galega says :

    This syrup has nothing to do with skin complexion. Please don’t take it if your goal is having fairer facial skin. For stammering problem, you should consult a speech therapist. There is no medicine for this problem. It generally goes away with age. Self practice before mirror can also help.
    farhan says :

    Sir i m 26 years old. I am very thin. Sir i want to increase my weight.please sir prefer something forme
    Galega says :

    I would suggest you to take Amway All Plant Protein Powder for three months - one scoop a day with milk. Apart from that, take a multivitamin and mineral supplement like Nutrilite Daily. You should also ensure to have healthy daily diets along with regular exercise.
    waqas says :

    Sir i m male my age is 22 and height is 5,3.i want to increase my height.please help me.give me any priscription.any medicene that surely increase my height.Thank you.
    Galega says :

    There is nothing which can guarantee you to gain height. Contrary to what many claims, there is really no guarantee.

    You should take all necessary vitamins and minerals in your daily diet. Take sufficient amount of Calcium. Since you are 19 years old, there are two more years when you can try to gain height. Hit a gym and take suggestion of the physical trainer about some specific exercise which can help you in this pursuit.
    Reema says :

    Mam does its work at ur heights..
    Galega says :

    Lysovit B- Complex isn’t as such a height enhancer product. Don’t go for unverified claims. Having daily meal rich in all nutrients and vitamins is necessary. Going for exercise, especially those which stretches your spine, may also be helpful. Genetic also makes an impact. And, after certain age you on’t grow taller.
    Mahnoor says :

    Sir I am a 21 year girl
    my height is 5′5
    And weight is 40kg
    I want to increase my weight upto 48kg
    I eat healthy diet ,milk egg banana and eat a lot then also I am not gaining weight
    suggest me some effective supplements please
    Galega says :

    You are already taking sufficient amount of supplements in the natural form. That should have worked for you. There might be some issues. I would suggest you to keep up with the current diet and also get one pack of All Plant Protein Supplement of Nutrilite (Amway). Take one scoop of protein with a glass of milk. Do regular exercise. That should make a difference.
    Salahuddin jaffri says :

    Sir my age is 20 years my height is 5.7 inch and my weight is 50 kg my want increase height and weight can eat height plus and gracefull tablet please give me sugesion
    Galega says :

    Majority of height Enhancer supplements are scam. You need to be cautious while using them. You should rather consider taking a Protein and Calcium supplement. Also have daily diets rich in all vital nutrients.
    Sudhir khan says :

    Dear sir
    I have the problem of weak cheeks which looks very bad and decrease my personality .so,please suggest me some effective supliments .
    Galega says :

    What is the reason behind this symptom. Please go for proper diagnosis and only then a suitable solution can be recommended.
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