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  • This is one of my favorite games of all time
  • I will say that I consider this to be the ultimate cowboy game, as there is nothing else quite like it and it fulfills that cowboy fantasy perfectly
  • I know that by the end of this review you'll be running to the store to find a copy of this game
  • While going around the map to do these quests, you will discover a lot of extra content that does not affect the main story
  • Also, if you've ever wanted to be a cowboy, well here you go, you can finally live out your dream

by Ryan Winters


    This is one of my favorite games of all time. In this game, you play John Marston as he hunts down his old gang so that he can get back to the normal life he wants to live. There are many things about this game that I absolutely love. I will say that I consider this to be the ultimate cowboy game, as there is nothing else quite like it and it fulfills that cowboy fantasy perfectly.

    In this review I will be talking about the graphics, the feel of the game (controls), the story, characters, side quests, and DLC’s. These, I feel, are the aspects that make the game, and are the most important things to discuss when reviewing. I know that by the end of this review you’ll be running to the store to find a copy of this game.

    Also, to briefly go over exactly what this game is, it is an open world game where you will be going around doing quests to further progress the story, with the intent of discovering where your old gang is hiding so that you can capture or kill them. While going around the map to do these quests, you will discover a lot of extra content that does not affect the main story. These side quests and mini games are completely optional. You can also go around the map and just mess around, rob people, raid bandit gang hide outs, etc. There is a plethora of extra content and things to do in this game that are not focused on the main story. It is obviously not a very linear game, being open world, and you can decide exactly how and when you do these quests.

  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Looking at this first image, we see the main character, John Marston. As you can clearly see, the game looks very good from a graphics standpoint, especially for when it was made. I would also like to point out, something that I very much enjoyed about the game, is that you can unlock different outfits while playing. Each outfit has a different effect, such as the one he is wearing, eloquent suit, which allows you to cheat at poker.

    Going into the many things that I like about John Marston, I feel he is the perfect character to have you play as in this game. He is very likable, and anyone can understand what he is going through. A lot of people throughout the game will question John’s morality, and he explains it as he thought he was making a difference when he was an outlaw, and now he is hunting his old friends so that he can live a peaceful life. This concept is executed perfectly throughout this game, and while playing through it you can’t help but cheer for Marston as he progresses through getting the life that he wants.

  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Next up, we’ll take a look at the map of the game. Being an open world game, the map itself is massive. Even in the beginning there is a huge amount of map that is unlocked to you. It should also be mentioned that each area in the game in identifiably different from other areas, and it makes the entire landscape very interesting to travel over. I would say my favorite area to play in would have to be Mexico, as there are many interesting animals and plants to discover while you are out there, as well as some fun interactions.

    Open world games are one of my favorites, as I enjoy being able to go and do whatever I want, never having to follow a linear path. This game does an excellent job of giving you the feeling that you can literally do whatever you want, as you can even go around robbing people if that is what you want to do, even though that isn’t something that the main character would ever actually do. It definitely gives you a feeling that it is you playing the game rather than you watching a story, which is good to see in a game.

  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Another amazing feature to the game is all of the different things that can randomly happen to you while you are out traveling the land. If you follow the road, there is always potential for an event to happen. Some of the events that can occur would be the one shown in the picture, where a woman cries for help, and it ends up being a trap where four men try to rob you. Another one that happens is someone will be asking for help, and when you try to give them a lift, they steal your horse. There are many different events that can happen in the game, and it makes for interesting and unique gameplay for everyone.

    Along with these random events, I would also like to mention the side missions in the game, which there are plenty of. These would be another aspect to the game that I am absolutely in love with, as there is no shortage on side quests. Some of them can range from helping an old man find flowers for his wife, to helping a sheriff take back a town. There is a wide range of of these side quests and there is almost always a little funny twist to the end of each one. Definitely glad that Rockstar decided to add this aspect to the game, as it makes it feel a lot less linear as none of these are required.

  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Another aspect to the game that I thoroughly enjoyed would be all of the minigames that are all over the map that you can participate in. In the image you can see you are able to play poker, but there are many other games you can play including Liar’s Dice, Blackjack, Horseshoe, arm wrestling, and even Five Finger Fillet. I will say that my favorite of these games to play would be a tie between Liar’s Dice, Darts, and Fiver Finger Fillet. These games are also an easy way to make money in the game, as all of them include betting.

    Another thing to mention is that the AI in these games are actually pretty decent and make for interesting games. The more money you bet on a game the harder the AI will be, so you can tone down the difficulty if it is too much for you. I have spent quite a lot of time playing these games inside of the game, showing just how well made they are. You’ll find yourself getting very into a high stakes Poker game, as you try to figure out each AI’s plan. Not only are there these games, but there is also a dueling feature, allowing you to have even more fun. Occasionally these games end up becoming duels, so you never really know how the games will go.

  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Another thing that can keep you occupied while you play the game would be the challenges and achievements that you can get through playing. There are many sets of challenges in the game, such as treasure hunting and sharp shooter, and they can provide even more content. I personally have spent many enjoyable hours trying to complete these challenges. On top of this, there is all the achievements that you can get, so there is pretty much always something you can do in the game. There is so much content in this game you could easily spend something like 50 hours just playing if you were to attempt to 100% the game as well as get most of the achievements.

    Along with these challenges, it should be mentioned that the controls of the game are spectacular and very fluid, so you won’t have to be working with wonky controls while you are playing. That makes these challenges a lot more fun, while in other games that have more awkward controls, something like this would not be a good thing.

  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Another thing to mention is one of the best DLC that any game has to offer, Undead Nightmare. In this DLC you live in an alternate universe where zombies take over, and you have to go around and try to understand what is happening. It is extremely enjoyable and of course adds even more content to the game. Not only is there an entire storyline following this DLC, but they even add many more side quests, and challenges, making the amount of content you’re getting actually crazy. I enjoyed this DLC so much and can easily say it is my favorite that I have ever bought. I won’t say that it’s necessary to get this to enjoy the game, but it will definitely help, and it shouldn’t be too expensive now either since the game is older.

    To conclude, there are many amazing things about this game. If I had to pick some of my favorite aspects, it would have to be all of the extra content that the game developers threw in when it wasn’t necessary. It shows that they really cared about the game and wanted people to get the most out of their money. This game occupied tons of my time and I can honestly say that I enjoyed every second of it. The amount of content you get from buying this game now is absolutely crazy.

    I would highly recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of other Rockstar games, as I can promise you, you will enjoy this one. It somewhat reminded me of their GTA games, kind of like a western version of them. Also, if you’ve ever wanted to be a cowboy, well here you go, you can finally live out your dream.

eryana09 says :

Looks like a very addictive and super interesting game. I’m sure I will be hooked should I start on it.
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