Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration, game
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  • This is an action-adventure game that's available for the PC,PS4,Xbox One
  • The price varies depending on what device you get it from and where you get it from
  • Along the way, you have to fight forces and find out the truth behind the immortality
  • The story is very good in my opinion, along with the main storyline, there's mini-quests to do along the way
  • Jokes aside, this game I'd recommend for gamers who enjoys action-packed gameplay, adventure-based game, exploration games or any gamer that enjoys a good game

by Jaden Meah


    This is an action-adventure game that’s available for the PC,PS4,Xbox One. The price varies depending on what device you get it from and where you get it from. On steam, it’s £39.99. Xbox/PS4 £44.99. This game is about finding the cup of immortality. Along the way, you have to fight forces and find out the truth behind the immortality. I recently picked this game up for cheap, it was £13 roughly. In the 20 year celebration version you get all the season pass content and outfits to gear your character up with.
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration
  • The story involves you playing as the one and only Lara Croft. Her father was searching for the cup of immortality but things changed, you and your friend embarked on a mission to find the artifact. The story is very good in my opinion, along with the main storyline, there’s mini-quests to do along the way. There’s plenty of tombs to search and unlock hidden abilities for tomb raider. I won’t spoil the story too much but it’s awesome. The action-packed scenes are as good as usual with tomb raider games. Plenty of moments where you’re running and rocks are tumbling behind you etc. The game’s story definitely has its fair share of action fighting scenes. Certain parts of the story are slightly tough but playing the game on medium difficulty, it really holds no challenge. The ending to the story is very interesting… It will definitely have you wondering about the ending and shocked about what unfolds. It’s an unexpected event that occurs. Play the game and watch how the story unfolds for yourself. The ending itself is very fun to play out, and the cinematics is amazing.

    Some of the scenes really get your adrenaline pumping. Having tons of enemies charging at you whilst you fend off all of them. Some of the gas canisters are really too conveniently placed. This is quite pronounced throughout the game. Like molotovs being in the right place all the time… It’s fine though as they’re needed, but it just makes it feel to good to be true.

    The final boss fight is quite simple and easy. You fight an attack helicopter that relentlessly attacks you. The easiest way to defeat this is by hiding behind covering and rotating around structures as the helicopter circles you. It’s very straightforward. You have to shoot fire barrels whilst they’re in the air to splatter over the helicopter. Time it right and after around 3 times of doing this you’ll end the game. Throughout the battle, it retreats everytime you hit it. A swarm of enemies will come. Just sit behind a barrier and fire your arrows, bullets or molotovs. After this, you’re done… Carry on traversing the environment and try and get 100% possibly?

  • Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration
  • The combat in the game is fun, you can use a variety of weapons at your disposal. My favorite is the Death’s Breath. It’s got an awesome red design to it and has the same stats as a compound bow. But looks way cooler. You can use a variety of rifles, pistols and bows in the game. I mostly stick to the bow and a golden gun I got from a dlc. The ice pick you use to traverse the game can be used as a weapon. The melee combat is fun and very fluid, comes along with some nice execution moves you can use on the enemies!

    The interaction with the world is very nice, being able to use rope arrows to crawl across the rope is fun. Using Molotovs to destroy cloth-wrapped wood to get passed is awesome. Items through the game are useful, cans can be turned into explosives etc. This is useful and often placed in the right moments to help you with the game

    You can use survival instinct to light up the surrounding area. This makes valuable things glow up, for instance, monoliths, murals and documents. There are much more things it lights up for use. This is a very useful function to use ingame. Especially if you struggle with navigating through the game, it’ll help you find your way around the game. If you play the game on a harder difficulty this function will get disabled.

    The skill system is very simple but good, you earn experience through playing the game. Killing enemies, discovering murals, documents, monoliths and tombs. There are much more ways to gain exp in tomb raider. There are 3 skill trees to choose from, brawler, hunter and survivor. Each of them offers different abilities according to the skill tree. Brawler offers more defensive techniques, like less damage taken etc. Hunter offers ammo retrieval and additional features with hunting. Survivor offers extra exp and explosion bonuses. I advice going for the bonus experience on the trees to gain levels faster. Then you can invest in other abilities faster to use to your benefit.

  • Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration
  • The graphics in Rise of the tomb raider are outstanding. Definitely one of the strongest out there. There are plenty of outfits you can unlock or get with the dlc. With the amazing graphics, these outfits look really nice.

    Some of the outfits offer small bonuses, whether this is making prey more scared of you. Or having a small chance for an arrow to not be used when fired. This could take some incentive out of wearing an outfit with a benefit. But the benefits aren’t too great.

    Footprints in the snow look cool, it was something quite small but felt like it made a big difference, and when I noticed it made me pay much more detail to the game. Little features like this always make a game worthy of playing more.

    On PC I’m sure the graphics look better. With some mods and stuff like that the game will look even better. I currently play this on Xbox.

  • Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration
  • Endurance mode is an amazing mode. This is separate from the actual game. It’s done solo or in a pair online. This mode has additional features like having a food meter and warmth meter. If these drop too low Lara will die. I’ve played this mode a little bit, and in those times I got mauled to death by a bear. We got into a massive fight with enemies, got jumped by a bear. Then it proceeded to chase me into the water. I jumped out quickly as the cold water would kill me. And the bear was waiting for me…

    You can obtain cards by purchasing them with currency in-game or spending cash. I got 151 cards purely by purchasing the 20 year celebration edition. These cards give experience multipliers in endurance mode, these can give or take experience though. For instance, you could choose a card that weakens enemies. This will reduce the amount of exp you get additionally. Or you could put yourself at a disadvantage, like no ammunition. This will give you additional exp. The card that I’d always use is no ammunition. This gives you 100% exp, and you obtain ammo right at the start of the mode. Cards do cost quite a bit depending on how well you do each game. You get mission objectives each match you can choose. These objectives give you gold depending on the difficulty of the mission objective.

    After playing this mode for awhile, I realised that the cards effect both of you. My friend decided to use a card that stops me from bandaging but healing from melee attacks. I didn’t realise this until later on in the game. And at that point, I died…

    Endurance mode is actually easier when using infected enemies. You get an additional 100% experience. So you’d think it’s harder, but there are no range units at all so it makes it much easier. Enemies are easier to sneak up on, they just stand there without any consciousness of their surroundings. As the days progress there are infected enemies which carry around huge halberds. But they’re as slow as a snail so they’re no issue.

    There are other modes like nightmare mode, which I’m pretty sure is similar to zombies. Or score attack where you got to get as high score as possible within a time frame.

    I’m not sure if it’s my rusty Xbox One or something. But the game sometimes crashes and dashboards itself. it only happens with Tomb Raider, so I’m not sure if it’s on my end or a glitch in the game. if it continues I’ll just redownload the game and it should hopefully fix it.

  • Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration
  • Additional information that will be of use when playing the game. Exploring tombs is a great way of obtaining new abilities and extra experience. Through tombs you often find lost artifcats and documents which grant exp. And at the end of tombs, you have a guaranteed chance of acquiring a skill. I’ve gained one which allows me to quick-fire an additional arrow quickly after tapping the button again.

    Get avid learner and any other additional ability that grants extra exp when doing something. These give you quite nice bonuses to exp when doing the motion. This will allow you to acquire other ones quicker.

    Use stealth to your advantage, this also grants you additional exp. Headshots also. Use these combined and you’ll get a nice amount of exp. And stealth doesn’t necessarily mean quiet sneak attack. You could throw a bomb at them, as long as they didn’t notice you before their death.

    Explore the game, most of the stuff isn’t thrown in your face. It’s best to go off track and explore the areas looking for challenges, tomb etc. This is the main point of Tomb raider games. You’ll uncover hidden truths within the game. Details that aren’t directly shown to you.

    Do the side missions, they are quite simple and standard. They’re definitely nothing too special. But the rewards, especially the lock-pick are really good. This can unlock additional outfits and guns to use.

    Through the campaign, you’ll find documents. Some of these will grant you locations of hidden caches, relics and tombs. This is a good way of finding rare resources and achieving 100% in tomb raider.

    After completing the game you can go to any area after. This means if you’ve unlocked some new abilities you could use them to complete certain objectives you possibly didn’t complete before.

    There was a glitch in the game, probably for pc. Where you get 500 exp everytime you travelled to flooded archives. This was probably patched. You could not patch the game to continue to use this infinite exp glitch.

    There’s a sort of mod you can download for the pc. This will allow you to have unlimited and god mode etc.

    The supply stash is a good place to get additional gear. You can get sights for weapons, actual weapons and some other tools. These will be useful for game purposes. Especially the automatic military rifle available from the shack. You get currency through playing the game. Different items cost different amounts of coins.

    Enemies who can see each other are highlighted red. If they’re yellow they’re out of sight to other enemies. This is seeable by using survival instincts.

    This game will take quite a long time to 100%. Finding all the maps is crucial. These will highlight murals, monoliths and things alike. You need to find all the collectables to receive 100%. I’m getting there but it’s still taking a long time.

    Throughout playing the game you unlock new abilities within the game. Also, new weapons and attachments for weapons. These can all be used to progress further through the game. Also backtracking in the game. These new additions can be used to unlock tombs, or do certain activities you couldn’t do before.

    Square enix the publishers of the game are good. They make a lot of high quality titled games. Like final fantasy XV and the deus ex series. They never really dissapoint. All the games I’ve played from Square Enix have always been well thought out and planned. This is definitely one of better companies in terms of gaming.

    A nice little glitch you can use through the game. Spamming the jump and grapple wall button repeatedly. This will result you being able to get through tomes easier. Bypassing areas where you have to take a long route. This makes it much easier!

    To finish up this review, this game is amazing. The graphics are astonishing. The gameplay is hella fun. The story intrigues me enough to continue playing it. This is hard for me, I usually struggle with sticking to a story based title. But this game has my attention, not purely based on Laras looks obviously. Jokes aside, this game I’d recommend for gamers who enjoys action-packed gameplay, adventure-based game, exploration games or any gamer that enjoys a good game.

Abhishek says :

The new Rise of the Tomb Raider is a sequel to the previous reboot of the Lara Croft franchise, The Tomb Raider. All that said the whole game gives the player somewhat the same experience as the previous game did as the same mechanics are used in this game and do similar tasks. But it just feels much refined as the mechanics are a bit better the environment interaction feels much natural, the story-line is great and the way the whole game proceeds is much smoother and the graphics are just amazing.

Overall it feels like a better Tomb Raider. The best part about this game is that we no longer have to play as the weak Lara Croft but as the real deal, so now you can craft weapons on the go hunt like a predator, overall you feel like a Bad-ass. The pace of the game is well placed as you don’t get bored and story-line is a huge part of it.

Now, what makes it different from its predecessor is the detail in the game, like the footprints on snow can be seen filling up with snow if there is a blizzard. The characters are well acted and the best part is the facial capture technology that makes the visuals stunning and gives the player an immersive experience.

Due to the kinda open world, the game feels less pushy and the player can take his/her time to complete a quest or pass through an environment.

If you are an Uncharted series fan and want to have the same experience on PC this game is a must try.

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