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  • Below I've got images from my game to better show you what I'm talking about
  • My favorite quest was defeating the green dragon
  • It's under dragon slayer and I remember walking up this long path to fight this green dragon
  • This is only available for Premium players
  • This game would be definitely recommended for any RPG fan, MMORPG fan or any fan that loves a great old fashioned game

by Jaden Meah


    Runescape is a free to play browser/downloadable MMORPG, developed and published by Jagex. It has a paid monthly subscription fee that unlocks other areas and other skills. The game was released in 2001 and is still going strong to this day! Below I’ve got images from my game to better show you what I’m talking about.
  • Runescape - Fantasy MMORPG
  • The quests in this game take you all over the fantasy world. The quests normally involve you talking to NPCS gathering items. Doing puzzles or defeating enemies. There’s such a magnitude of quests it’s hard to fit all the different types. I really enjoy this as they normally have you quite involved, having to listen to the stories of the locals etc then proceeding with the quest. Requirements are needed sometimes for quests so be prepared to have high firemaking!

    My favorite quest was defeating the green dragon. It’s under dragon slayer and I remember walking up this long path to fight this green dragon. The reason for doing this is so you can equip a rune platebody. You can equip chainmail but it’s nowhere near as effective.

    Other quests are required for certain items in the game. Like the mentioned rune platebody. Animal magnetism unlocks an accumulator which allows you to save a ton of arrows. This is only available for Premium players.

    If you’re struggling with anything in Runecape, there’s an expansive wiki which you can use at your disposal. It can help you from questing to elite scrolls that you’re stuck on. I’ve used this a few times for a few quests which the instructions weren’t precise.

  • Runescape - Fantasy MMORPG
  • The fighting in Runescape is click and attack. They introduced a new fighting system a few years back which adds special skills and abilities, I really don’t like this. The abilities just seem boring, they took away the nostalgia feel to the game that it had. The abilities include certain unarmed attacks like punches, kicks to abilities that reduce damage taken or stop stuns. There’s Runescape Classic which is like the old one but I’ve yet to return to that version.

    Different weapons have different interactions and animations, DDS (Dragon dagger special) is useful for pvp. If you have the poisoned version it dishes out a ton of damage and can half hp someone. The granite maul is useful for bursting someone down when they have medium to low hp. The special ability does a double attack quickly, and as it’s a slow attacking weapon this dishes out quite a lot of damage.

    For free players the rune scimitar is probably one of the best weapons you can obtain. It’s cheap and efficient, and if you do get killed you won’t be losing out on too much. For membered players, I would say an abbysal whip is cheap. Or grab a dragon scimitar. There’s so many premium weapons narrowing it down to a few effective ones for a general reason is tricky. Different weapons are effective for different scenarios.

    Rune armour is the best armour available for free to play players. It’s decent, but obviously not as strong as premium armour.It costs around 100-150k. This can easily be achieved with skilling, killing cows or flipping.

  • Runescape - Fantasy MMORPG
  • The graphics in this game are updated regularly, they strongly hold their own compared to other browser game. And even possibly top them. For a browser game the graphics are really nice, the abilities do look nice with the updated graphics. Armour looks very nice as shown below, I’m currently playing on high settings but there’s sliders to increase them further if wanted.

    The soundtrack is very nice within the game. You unlock different tracks as you progress and enter different areas. This is a neat little thing they’ve done and adds to the vibe of the area. Each zone has specific tracks that was made for it. There are tons of songs to listen to whilst on your adventures!

  • Runescape - Fantasy MMORPG
  • There’s plenty of things to do online with friends or others. Jump into the countless minigames, join clan wars or fight massive bosses together. There’s pvp on the game which I’ve done a little bit of. It’s very high risk so you do have a possibility to lose all your gear if skulled.

    I use to tons of clan wars when I used to play the game regularly. This is when you group up with people and do friendly battles or non-friendly. It’s a team vs team battle system and is really fun.

    Often when people do clan wars you can get lured, which is when people befriend you then betray you after to take your gear etc.

    A lot of skills are only available for premium players or are capped at a certain level. Hunting, dungeoneering, fletching and inventions is completely locked from free players. There are many more restricted or capped skills.

    Dungeoneering is also a skill you can do with friends or others. You pretty much go in dungeons and do challenges within. Food and items are only for that dungeon and do not leave the dungeon with you. Unless you bind the items to yourself, the amount of bound items changes upon your dungeoneering level.

  • Runescape - Fantasy MMORPG
  • Money making is probably the main thing to focus on when playing Runescape. All the best ways are hidden and only known by few, this is to maximize their profits as if plenty of people knew it would mess up the market prices. Below I’ll list a few ways I make money or know are decent.

    As a picture shown below I’ve made money from the market. This is called flipping, i’m definitely no pro at it, but I’ve done it for awhile. This is when you pretty much sell higher then what you purchased it for. This requires a little bit of knowledge about the market but you use the same rule the whole time. You first purchase the selected item 10% above market value. Then sell it 10% below market value. The sale price will be your purchase, the buying price will be your selling price. Use items that people actually use or you’ll be stuck with dead items. Then all you do is purchase in bulk and bam. Should see some profit. This is my favourite method as I’m very lazy and this suits me well. I’ll list a few items I flip. Rune items, any rune items that have a nice margin I’ll test. Runes in general. Nature, cosmic, death and law runes I do when not using a premium player.

    For completely new players the best money making method would be killing cows. I’m not 100% certain on the profit margin since I don’t do this. But when I first started this was a good way to earn a decent amount of gp An easier alternative would be killing chickens. These are much easier to kill but won’t net nearly as much cash compared to cows. These both can be found in lumbridge.

    For members you can collect green dragon hide/bones, These are found in the wilderness so put bare minimum equipment on and equip an anti-fire shield. This is so you don’t get 1 hitted by the dragon. And the reason for equipping minimal equipment is so if you get killed by an opposing player you lose little equipment. As the wilderness is a pvp zone past a certain threshold.

  • Runescape - Fantasy MMORPG
  • There are other ways I’ve tried, for instance, grinding chocolate bars. This sounds dumb, but it’s okay for beginners and it’s easy. You could get clay and turn it into soft clay. This will give you a little bit of money as is still beginner friendly.

    Collecting toads, picking flax or fletching also grant profit. There’s literally a 1000 ways you can possibly make money in different forms. Some make more, some make less, some take a long time to get started but the end result is great. Find your favourite way of making money and continue with it.

    Premium can be purchased in the form of bonds. It’s quite expensive, they started around 8m but have quickly been rising since then. They go for around 18.5m at the moment, This is surely to rise as premium is more sort after. Bonds are only easily accesable for people that play the game a lot, or have decent ways of making a large quanitity of cash within a short time.

    Unfortunately for free to play players, earning gp is nowhere near as easy compared to premium. A good free to play method may net 500-1.5m per hour(Widely known methods). A high level with membership can hit at least 3m easily. I do understand that you spend money, so you should get more than free players.

    I’d advice people to customize their interface. It gets really clunky since there are so many tabs. It’s a decent editor and will allow you manoeuvre the interface when edited

    Skilling, in general, is a good way to earn gp. Majority of skills can net some money. I advice picking a skill you enjoy and getting it to a high level. Most high-level skills net quite a bit of money.

    Another easy way is buying items from shops and selling it at the grand exchange. This gives a small amount of cash, but there’s no risk involved with this. Items like cloaks or beers. There are plenty of other things to sell. It’s simple to start, buy an item from a shop then put it in price checker. Or take it to grand exchange, then buy it in bulk.

    If you see quests, accept them. Even if you’re not going to complete them straight away. On the way to another quest you could progress on other quests.

    I’ve been playing runescape for sometime. Jagex as a company seems to be okay. I did not like the idea to bring out the abilities and pretty much what they called runescape 3. I preferred the older version. But saying that, they did being back runescape classic for people who preferred the older game. I do understand that a game has to progress and can’t halt to a stop. But I feel like a lot of people disliked the update. Mainly people who played the game for a longer period. They seem like good developers though. They introduce updates regularly and additions to the game. The developers seem to know what they’re doing and have introduced ways to connect with the fanbase. And also introduce ways for the players to influence the game more.

    Overall I found this game a blast back in the day, when I was younger runescape was the game. Everyday I woke up and just played runescape. The game still holds its own for browser games but it’s just not as nostalgic as before. This game would be definitely recommended for any RPG fan, MMORPG fan or any fan that loves a great old fashioned game. I do prefer runescape back in 2007-2010 though.

Kevin Blackstock says :

Runescape Is an mmorpg or (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) that has over 200 million Accounts created. you can find it here ( ) Its owned by JAGEX A Video Game Development Company based out of St John’s Innovation Centre in Cambridge, England. The video game company offers Dozens of games in there catalog The most popular being Runescape or RS3. Runescape or RS3 features a Free to Play LIMITED model while the Subscription service offers access to Everything including More skills, New areas to explore, Quests’s as well as Unique items. I have personally played Runescape or RS3 for 10 years. I know this game like the back of my hand. Runescape was a lot more popular before The EOC update or (Evolution Of Combat). Whats made Runescape great for me was the Grind There used to be items that would take years to get and when or if you happen to ever get one or see someone who had one, You got excited You knew what it took or how long it took to get the item in question or the skill cape, Which gave items “REAL VALUE” After the EOC update, Jagex started to make things “Easier” to obtain including Skill Cape’s and Rare item’s Which ended up Lowering the Overall Value and Appreciation for Items and Skills in turn Driving off most of its Veteran Player base who instead migrated to Runescape CLASSIC aka (OLD SCHOOL RUNESCAPE) or just left in General.
jaden meah replies :

Thank you for the additional input.
Joel says :

re : This game would be definitely recommended for any RPG fan, MMORPG fan or any fan that loves a great old fashioned game
Incorrect, this game is free to play however you can purchase membership in order to unlock additional features(Such as being able to play on you mobile device expanding the world size)
jaden meah replies :

that doesn’t even relate to the statement, confused. Playing on mobile doesn’t require membership, confused.
Kenroy Hunter says :

re : This game would be definitely recommended for any RPG fan, MMORPG fan or any fan that loves a great old fashioned game
RuneScape is a fantasy game with life simulation elements.
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