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  • I would 100% recommend purchasing this off amazon or G2A
  • The mechanics are greatly improved compared to last year, the grappling system along a lot of other features that have been implemented this year
  • One big issue I have with the mechanics are major reversals
  • You're having a decent match until someone has a finisher and two reversals to waste so they can execute their finisher on you
  • If you can look past the career mode this is an amazing game

by Jaden Meah


    WWE 2K18 is a wrestling game that is being published by 2K, and developed by yukes among a few others. It’s available on the Pc, Xbox and Ps4. The prices are, Pc £39.99. Xbox/PS4 £54.99. I would 100% recommend purchasing this off amazon or G2A. The prices are roughly halved if purchased from there. WWE 2K18 is improved upon the previous title. It is far greater in multiple different aspects that i’ll be going over in this review.
  • WWE 2K18
  • The mechanics are greatly improved compared to last year, the grappling system along a lot of other features that have been implemented this year. The interaction between wrestlers has improved drastically, the connection of moves, the feel of moves when you land them and the pin system all seem to be improved. This is a big step up from last years mechanical system which often left matches feeling inconsistent and not fluid. Matches this year feel very fluid and go together really well and the weight of moves feels 10 times better and greatly improved upon.

    One big issue I have with the mechanics are major reversals. They allow you to expend 2 reversals instead of 1 but, your opponent cannot reverse for around 10-20 seconds. This is so damn annoying… You’re having a decent match until someone has a finisher and two reversals to waste so they can execute their finisher on you. I pretty much drop my controller at this point since I’m probably going to lose at this rate. They should definitely remove this feature as it’s just infuriating destroying someone for them to major reversal, finisher and win.

    A cool feature they added was being able to move around with your opponent on the shoulders, or in a front slam motion. This adds a little more variety but often feels cheesy as laying a finisher is easier from that position.

    In WWE 2K18 you have 1-5 reversals depending on how high your reversal stat is. It goes up in 20s so 60 reversal should give you 3 reversals. Timing your reversal usage is important. Using your reversals when you get a new one is the best tactic to do. If you use a reversal when you almost get a new complete one will result you almost losing 2 whole reversals.

    Depending on how you want to play, there are certain moves that target two parts of the body. I don’t choose moves based off of this but you could for maximum damage. I do advice having different targeted moves. This means you’ll injure more of the opponents body overall. This will make it harder for the opponent to kick out.

    The pin system is good in this game. It’s different to the other games and is an improvement. You pretty much press the button when the bar moves into the red zone, depending on how damaged your body is will determine the size.

  • WWE 2K18
  • Career mode, this is the biggest disappointment within this title. It still feels severely lackluster and boring to an extent. There is little variance from last year, the promo cutting, story progression and lack of voice-over attribute to this. This was repeated as this has been in the last few titles that I’ve played and seem to follow the same dull pattern. They’ll have to completely overhaul career mode to make it something that people want to have fun and enjoy on.

    Road to glory is a new mode which WWE 2K18 has introduced. It’s similar to career mode but it’s online battles and you get to fight others at Pay-per-view, it’s quite fun. They did introduce loot boxes but there’s no micro-transactions. My thinking is that since recently micro-transactions have been bashed heavily. With Star wars battlefront 2 getting heavy backlash and them cutting the prices drastically. 2k was smart and though the smarter business decision for their reputation would be to eliminate the micro-transactions.

    Universe mode, this is a very good feature, like most years it’s always something to look forward to when playing a wrestling game. The feud making, creating tag teams and simulating your own story mode is what’s exciting about this mode. This is far superior to career mode in every aspect is a ton of fun. If you want to put certain people in feuds against each other, it’s possible. Universe mode is the better version of career mode.

    To be able to purchase Legends or other characters you have to spend VC. This is earned through doing many matches, I usually buy the accelerator for £3 since I’m lazy. You can just use Roman Reigns and put him against sawyer. That match will be over in like 2seconds… over-exaggeration but still it’ll be super easy.

  • WWE 2K18
  • Graphics in WWE 2K18 are vastly improved. The details in characters are much better and a big improvement over last year. Hair physics are better than ever, meaning hair now moves more realistic. Textures look really nice, clothing also has more features. Introducing more material types to give you more alternative options with clothing. The shading as shown below has improve tremendously. There’s a few blimps in turns of physics, sometimes clothing glitches in the body on entrances. This is normally when you mismatch the actual wearers to a different wearer. As character models will be completely different sizes.

    WWE 2K18 has a decent soundtrack. I do prefer the older versions music especially around 2007-2012. The music in the game is more rap-based which is fine as I enjoy a lot of rap. But I also enjoy the rock music that used to be in the game. They did bring a few tracks from GTA San Andreas which brought back old memories.

  • WWE 2K18
  • The create a superstar option looks really good this year. This merges along with graphics in terms of visual looks, but in terms of variety it’s amazing. There are dozens of clothing, ranging from hats to belts. The options are endless when it comes to clothing in WWE 2K18. This for me is the main part for the creation suite for me. I created myself a Bob the builder Kane. Best thing I’ve ever created to be honest. Making the design was quick, about 5 minutes. Layering the design over his singlet was a pain. Having to resize every portion to accurately match up. This was about 2 hours long just layering the design.

    The most entertaining part about the creation suite is adding attires on to current superstars. Take Braun strowman for instance, a friend of mine created a glittery attire that doesn’t suit his hardcore gimmick at all. Gave him a females entrance and it was absolutely hilarious.

    There’s an in-depth custom entrance which allows you to edit each part of the entrance in great detail. If you wanna play as Vince McMahon, make a funny entrance, go ahead you can. The options are endless and can sometimes be very fun to mess around with.

    Custom move-sets are still in the game and with the large moves list it’s even better. There are tons of new moves for you to mismatch your move-set with. It can bring about some funny combos that you can have a blast with. For instance, you could use Big Show and equip him with some aerial moves. This is only scratching the surface in terms of what the creation suite offers. There’s a whole selection of things you can create which can make the game much more fun.

    Like the previous game, you can create your own title. You can change the colour and the design of strap. Each part of the belt can be changed to your liking, lettering can be added to the belt to make it even more unique to you.

    You can create your own titantron. With captured ingame moments you can collaborate them into a titantron. This’ll highlight signatures, finishers and cool moments that occur in games.

  • WWE 2K18
  • Online, This for me is the best part of WWE 2K18, especially if you have a group of buddies you can jump on with and have a blast of a match with your funny attires/characters you’ve made. The servers are stable with some issues which I’ve encountered here and there. For instance, there’s been an annoying bug which has been in the recent games which makes the match out of sync. This is annoying and results in everyone having to leave the game and re host the game. I feel that this has occurred a lot less this year though. Only every now and then this bug will occur and require us to re-host. A lot of the issues with WWE 2K18 online have already been fixed. This is promising as the 2k are finally willing to put a lot of effort in to solving issues with the online. Overall with the online it’s a great part of the game, and for me the best.

    Me and my friends usually open up a 6-man elimination chamber match and get a few others in. It normally turns out to be a blast , unfortunately matchmaking is annoying compared to years ago. The removal of lobbies hurts the games matchmaking for tag teams/6-mans.

    Having a fight on the top of a hell in a cell is fun. Everyone’s trying to avoid the middle of the top so they don’t fall through. And anyone who makes a mistake plummets down. Pro tip, wait for someone else to move first then just counter them.

    Having funny attires whilst having an online match makes the game a whole lot more fun. Running around as Ronald Mcdonald or as Darth Maul is quite the thing. This definitely makes it more of an exciting match.

    Elimination matches are probably my favourite type of matches. Especially when you eliminate a few people and then finally win the match. A good thing about WWE 2K18 is the fact you can now edit your matches fully like before. From turning the annoying submission mode off to making it a 2 out of 3 falls.

    Team-up fails to work so far. Every match me and my buddy try and join it cross connects. This means we can’t do online matches against randoms. We can use the Xbox clubs to contact others, but this should not be necessary.

    If you want to get better at reverals it’s really down to what you play a lot. If you play online the only way to improve is by playing online. This is due to a lag input, it’s not very noticeable but it’s different to reversing against an AI. I find it easier to reverse people than actual AI.

    If you have a finisher and two reversals, wait for your opponent to hit you with a move that is major reversible. This may be cheesy, but it’ll win you the game if your opponent is not strong at kicking out.

  • WWE 2K18
  • Above is showing a bug in the turnbuckle. 2 people can be facing on the turnbuckle but not in this position. This particular bug has never occurred to me but others have experienced it. I have had bugs where I was outside the ring and I got teleported magically in the ring.

    I’ve only played this on the Xbox so i can only tell you of my experience from the Xbox. The biggest issue is when you have 4+ people in a single match you get extreme lag. For instance, we was in a elimination chamber match and it was running at the speed of a snail due to lag. This is the only reason I can see why it happens is because when someone gets eliminated the lag stops. This is annoying in a sense as it can dampen the online experience in a sense. Obviously mentioned above there is a out of sync bug that has been in the past few wrestling games I’ve played.

    Not really a bug but I really dislike some of the reversals. Some of the reversals result in your character doing a forward roll allowing the opponent to run at you and this results in a lost reversal. Also, they need to remove spam stomps on the ground. They’re so annoying, people only do them to waste reversals. Reversing grounded stomps should not waste reversals.

    The submission game is still as annoying as ever. You get a little rotating bar which you have to lock on to your opponents. Or escape if you’re getting tapped out. Submissions have never been perfected in wrestling games. Going back awhile ago they did have a better system but I really can’t remeber it.

    I think I’ve covered all the main parts of WWE 2K18, this is definitely an improvement over previous years. The game does suffer from a few issues which have been noted. These are my only issues with the game and hopefully if fixed this can become an even more impressive game. For me this would be a must-buy for any fan of wrestling, if you’re not into wrestling I would still buy this. If you can look past the career mode this is an amazing game. This will round up my review of WWE 2K18. Below was a trailer made by WWE to highlight some of the new features/graphics in the game.

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