Mount & Blade Warband Action Role-Playing Game
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  • Considering the size of this, you might as well consider this a full fledged game
  • It's currently available for the PS4/XBOX/PC
  • This may sound very simple and boring, but it's extremely fun and can be quite very challenging depending on the difficulty setting you put it on
  • You can then take control of them and use them as a base of operations or to simply spread your power
  • I've inputted a highlight video of mount and blade warband to show you some of the features/aspects of the game

by Jaden Meah


    Mount and blade Warband is a stand-alone mod for Mount and Blade. Considering the size of this, you might as well consider this a full fledged game. I currently play it on the PC only.This is an action role-playing game, It’s published by Talewords Entertainment. It’s currently available for the PS4/XBOX/PC. The pricing is, PC £14.99. Xbox/PS4 is £15.99. The main idea of the game is to follow your own path of building an army, you then attempt to conquer the map to become the ruler!
  • Mount & Blade Warband Action Role-Playing Game
  • There’s not too much story to Mount and blade Warband, you start the game, create your character and then fight some random dude. The main goal and only real goal is to obtain total domination. So pretty much rise your way up the ranks as a subordinate or lead your own assaults. This may sound very simple and boring, but it’s extremely fun and can be quite very challenging depending on the difficulty setting you put it on. You can have a large army and assault a village/castle or cities. You can then take control of them and use them as a base of operations or to simply spread your power! There are many different ways you can go about this, and this is an amazing thing when playing Mount and Blade Warband.

    You could go under a leaders command, I don’t do this, as all the fiefs(places of capture) you take over become the factions. They could be granted to you, but the game has a tendency of handing them to the faction leader. It goes something like this, King Harlaus has gave the fief to King Harlaus… I prefer roaming around and questing. Troops can easily be purchased from taverns, villages or you can get prisoners. And then you can recruit them in to your army. This will reduce the morale of your army though which is understandable. Have prisoners and then like, oh wait, join my army.

    You could amass a huge amount of denars(ingame currency) through trading. Then you could proceed to purchase strong mercenaries. This could also be a viable option for doing the game. The only problem I see is lack lack of renown, renown gives you extra space for troops. Having a small army you’ll find it difficult to proceed in the game.

  • Mount & Blade Warband Action Role-Playing Game
  • The gameplay is very fun, the feel of the weapons feel good. There’s a wide variety of weapons, armor and horses. There’s daggers to polearms which you can use to your disposal. The fighting system is quite complex, you have to time your blocks and your strikes to be effective in winning duels or large scaled battles. Different shields block different distances, certain swords work better depending on if you’re thrusting or slashing. Some clubs/hammers use blunt damage which knocks an opponent out. if an opponent is knocked out in battle you can make them your prisoner and sell them in a tavern.

    The game has different stats that your character has, from ironflesh which grants you more health points, to leadership which allows you to have more troops. I do like the variation in what character you can make. For instance, you can become a trader by increasing the trade skill. This will allow you to have more options to sell. Also, reducing the trade penalty by 5% each time level’d up. If you want to become an archer, increase power draw, this will increase bow/crossbow damage done. There are plenty of other ways to build your own character in Mount and Blade Warband. This is a feature I love about mount and blade warband, it doesn’t lock you on a single path not allowing you to stray off in to other professions.

    You can issue commands to your soldiers and delegate them where to stand etc. This can make a battle that seems hopeless, hopeful. With some tactics you can easily flank the enemies and make some interesting strategies to defeat the enemies. Also each faction has advantages and disadvantages, for example the Sarranid SUltanate have very strong archers, but lack melee capability. Swadia have amazing cavalry but lack range power. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your enemy will make gearing to battle them easier.

    I often find myself making an army of archers, it’s very fun hailing arrows down on your enemies and seeing them fall. I know, this sounds dark but it’s super fun. Or creating an army of cavalry and going in to battle is extremely fun. I don’t have to say why…

    You can get married in Mount and Blade Warband but I usually choose not to. Just feels like another person who could possibly backstab me! In some of the mods you can play as a pretty female instead of a female. I guess females can’t be pretty? you have to be a pretty one. Yeah… i’m guessing it’s easier to marry a ruler or captain of you choose the pretty female.

  • Mount & Blade Warband Action Role-Playing Game
  • Graphics in Mount and blade Warband are much more improved over mount and blade. The details on weaponry and armor is increased and looks far greater than the older game. These can be greatly improved upon if you download a mod pack. Downloading the floris mod pack has improved graphics, or simply search nexus mods for graphical improvements. The game is quite old so they’re not outstanding if compared to newer produced games, but for their time they’re very nice.

    Audio is good in this game, the sounds match up really well to the sword clash and every movement has a sound. Different weapons have different sounds, equipping a sword will sound different to a warhammer. Music in the game is sort of generic but gets you pumped up for the large-scale battle ahead. Overall there’s nothing bad to say about the graphics nor the audio.

  • Mount & Blade Warband Action Role-Playing Game
  • Online is fun, but not really my thing. I don’t mind the Pvp in this game at all i’m just too indulged in the actual game to be bothered to put effort into online. There are online mods which change the whole entire online system changing it in to an actual RPG rather than a deathmatch. I’ve tried persistent world 4 for a little bit and had quite a lot of fun. You play more as a soldier or an occupation rather than an army leader. This completely changes up the game giving it a different overall feel and makes it more entertaining.

  • Mount & Blade Warband Action Role-Playing Game
  • Mods, This is the most entertaining thing about Mount & blade warband. This in my opinion is a must get if you want to experience the ultimate thrill of battle. I’ll go over some of my favorite mods to give you examples.

    Warsword conquest, play as a goblin or a giant beastly thing it’s up to you. This mod changes the whole game in to a fantasy warhammer universe. Every weapon added to this game looks like it’s designed to cause mayhem, the armor looks like it’s made for a dragon. The overall game is much more entertaining, but this is extremely harder. This is probably one of the hardest mods i’ve played along with Prophesy of Pendor. I’d definitely work on building a mass army before attempting to take over bases. Pro tip, if you target beastmen they have no range units at all so pick them of from afar with a bow or something.

    Prophesy of pendor, probably the mod that has the most depth To it. It’s extremely huge. All the factions are completely different, the armor looks amazing on soldiers. There’s minor factions which wander the plains helping or trying to dismember you. The AI has been improved for more realistic fighting in Prophesy of pendor. Hundreds of new items added to the game, new troop trees. Different mounts, everything in Mount and blade has been amplified and made 10 x better in this mod. This mod is definitely and is recommended for experienced players. The main thing I found frustrating was the wandering factions that have 30 op members and move at the speed of lightning. They’re everywhere you go.

    There’s so many more mods i’d like to list here but i’d be here for a year. Nexus mods or modDB have all the mods there if you’d like to download them. Definitely worth a download as they’re super fun!

    I recently started playing a mod called perisno. It seems incredibly in-depth, I’ve only just started so It’s hard to compare to the other ones mentioned. But it could possibly be better. Every tavern has people with quests that I’ve not seen before. There’s a mercenary guild which you can visit which has extremely strong troops but for a high price, plus the sustained weekly price. There’s so many more factions to go against, roaming armies of 200 that can easily demolish any new player. It’s quite a tough mod but it’s hard to tell since I’ve accomplished very little in this mod so far. I choose to play as a giant because, why not… I thought I was going to be op but I found out quickly i was far from that. I tend to use sword and shield as I can actually defend against high powered troops. Your shield will be destroyed fast, but that’s when you just run.

  • Mount & Blade Warband Action Role-Playing Game
  • Tips and things I personally choose to do over other things. I avoid using any super long weapons in close range or on foot at all, It’s just so encumbering and you lose so much mobility. The polearm/staff just bounces of them as you don’t contact with the actual damaging part of the sword. If you’re going to use them use a horse but have a sidearm if so, as if your horse gets killed you’ll be in trouble.

    I don’t trade often, the distance seems so large for the travel and only earn about 60 denars/currency. I prefer to just hunt bandits or banished soldiers, you get good experience for your army + items to sell. To successfully do this you’ll have to cut your army size or have good path-finding to be able to catch these bandits. After you get strong enough just hunt the other factions.

    Positioning is quite important, placing counter opposites to enemies can make a huge difference. For example, spears/long range weapons work really well against cavalry. But also move the archers far back as they’ll get trampled very quickly. Use your f1 key to move soldiers around, other keys can select specific divisions, e.g Archers.

    To conclude this review. This game is thrilling, the game is super fun with very little flaws. I’d recommend this game to anyone who enjoys strategies, role-playing, action games, medieval/historical games or enjoys fun games. The difficulty can be changed easily to adjust to your current skill level and can be changed any moment. The combat is strikingly amazing… pun intended. Definitely an amazing gem. I’ve inputted a highlight video of mount and blade warband to show you some of the features/aspects of the game.

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