Bleach - Adventure and Supernatural Anime
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  • The story takes you on an amazing journey as you uncover the spirit world and find out more about the soul society
  • As you see some interesting characters and abilities
  • It's hard to review something without sounding seriously bias when you find it so awesome
  • My favorite character would have to be Ikkaku Madarame
  • Definitely my favorite anime of all time, and I don't think anything will top it for me

by Jaden Meah


    Bleach is an anime mainly written by Tite Kubo. It’s published on TV Toyko, funimation among a bunch of other hosts. The story revolves around Ichigo Kurosaki, a teenager who is currently in school. His life changes forever when he meets a woman called Rukia Kuchiki. The anime goes through many twists and turns as you unravel the truth behind the story etc.
  • Bleach - Adventure and Supernatural Anime
  • The story revolved Karakura Town, this is the place Ichigo Kurosaki, his two little sisters and his dad. The story takes you on an amazing journey as you uncover the spirit world and find out more about the soul society. There’s 366 of amazing TV, I could sit here all day watching bleach. This was one of the first anime’s I got in to along with yu-gi-oh GX. The progression of the characters is awesome, you meet a lot of new characters along the way. Some good, some bad and some neutral.

    There’s a little bit of filler, It was really good anyway. I would still watch it even though it has no impact on the actual story. As you see some interesting characters and abilities.

    In my opinion Bleach is a masterpiece. It’s hard to review something without sounding seriously bias when you find it so awesome.

  • Bleach - Adventure and Supernatural Anime
  • The show features many different amazing characters that play their own role in the story of bleach. You go through many story arcs (storylines) throughout the bleach series. Each of them differing from one and other. Bleach has tons of different of characters, and each of them progressing in their own way. You see people start of weaker but get stronger overtime due to changing circumstances. You come across many unexpected moments that make you sit on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next episode.

    You find out people have hidden abilities that they awaken, learn or get past down from their ancestors. You find out plenty of things about characters then they’re letting on.

    My favorite character would have to be Ikkaku Madarame. Super strong and underrated, he’s definitely very strong for his position as a lieutenant. And even he wasn’t a lieutenant for awhile. He was a 3rd seat which is just below the lieutenant. You find out a lot about him and to do with his past. You find out his love for fighting, and why he choose the eleventh division. And he also gets mocked quite a bit, it’s hilarious.

  • Bleach - Adventure and Supernatural Anime
  • The fighting scenes are amazing, when someone releases a shikai or a bankai everything changes! These are pretty much powers that you obtain as a shinigami (pretty much a person who lives in the soul society with decent spiritual pressure). The shikai transforms your zanpukto (sword/weapon) and manifests it in to a different shape. They’ll gain different abilities like doubling the opponents weight, shooting fire kido etc (kido is just another word for spells or magic). Bankai on the other hand, this is only achieved by mostly captain level shinigami. This is a complete transformation of the person, you gain significant power and are considered an elite at this point. There are few others who are not captain who can use bankai, you’ll find out as you watch the show.

    Fight scenes in Bleach often last a few episodes, they show the mentality of the character as they struggle and fight to survive. They have amazing clashes, the fight scenes are super intense and are definitely an amazing thing of Bleach. You see the main character getting bullied and getting saved, or having to grow within the battle.

    My favorite fight was possibly between, Ichigo Kurosaki and the one and only Kenpachi Zaraki. The fight was seriously intense and one-sided at a point. They both go full power and clash, it’s a sight to see. The fights are definitely not the most fastest or complicated. But they have mind games, often resulting in someone having flash backs, delving in to their own minds to fight their demons/weaknesses.

  • Bleach - Adventure and Supernatural Anime
  • The soundtrack of bleach is amazing! Definitely the best soundtrack out of any anime that I’ve ever watched. It has a variety of different genres mixed in to the soundtrack. It’s obviously all in Japanese but it has, rock, rap and more mellow based music. listening to it now brings back nostalgic memories.

    I have many favourite songs from the Bleach series, ranbu no melody by SID is phenomenal. Even though I don’t understand Japanese… still, sounds good. Also, rolling stones by YUI is nice too, definitely give these a check.

  • Bleach - Adventure and Supernatural Anime
  • There are a 2 main issues I’ve got since watching Bleach. I had to admit them since I ignore them since I love the show so much. But yes, this is not perfect.

    The pacing. The shows early pacing is really slow, nothing really happens for the first 20 episodes or so. After these though you jump in to the best arc of the whole series. This may be a turn off for some people who want something fast-paced etc. The rest of the story is pretty average, the story doesn’t go super fast nor slow.

    The final arc of the anime… It was awfully boring. They should’ve stopped it the arc before. That arc was amazing, but they had to add this terrible arc. The stories extremely boring, there’s no action really to compensate partially for this. The power seems to drastically fall back after the finale of the arc before. They introduce new characters but they seem quite the bore. They’re half entertaining but still, comparing it to the arcs before this was a let down. Even the filler is 10 x better than this arc.

    Even though I have praised the progression of characters there are some flaws. Early on side characters like Chad see some progression, later on you see none really at all. They gain new powers and get stronger but the gap between them and the main character gets substantially huge. I do think that the main character should obviously be the strongest, but they just become a nuisance if they’re not strong enough.

    To conclude this review, I absolutely love bleach. Definitely my favorite anime of all time, and I don’t think anything will top it for me. If you love action anime, some thriller/mystery maybe. This’ll definitely be worth a shot. This would be a 10/10 for me if they left out the last arc, which was just a let down. It’s graphically above its time when it was made. It holds its own to this day and it started almost 12 years ago. Even though it’s mainstream, give it a shot at least!

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