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  • It's currently available for Xbox, PC and ps4
  • The final boss battle is okay but nothing compared to a certain optional boss battle
  • He's the toughest boss out of all the Dark Soul games in my opinion and is extremely frustrating to go against
  • You first strike the dragon he's on this is not too tricky, with a little evasion can be done with little problem
  • I think this concludes the review, if you have any other questions I'll be happy to answer them

by Jaden Meah


    Dark Souls 3 is a action role-playing game published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It’s currently available for Xbox, PC and ps4. On PC it’s, 39.99. Xbox £49.99, PS4 is £44.99. I currently only play this game on the Xbox so insight on the others may be different. This is probably known as the most popular hardest game. It’s part of a 3 part series of Dark Souls games and the final one.
  • Dark Souls 3
  • Dark souls 3 story is lore based but offers a certain amount of free-roaming for players. You don’t have to take the same route and can divulge in to other boss battles etc. The story pretty much depicts you collecting lord of cinders and placing them on the throne to then face the last boss. I’ve almost completed the game twice.

    The final boss battle is okay but nothing compared to a certain optional boss battle. The Nameless King. He’s the toughest boss out of all the Dark Soul games in my opinion and is extremely frustrating to go against. There’s 2 main phases but there’s slight variances and changes that happen through the 2nd phase which is the main phase. You first strike the dragon he’s on this is not too tricky, with a little evasion can be done with little problem. The 2nd phase is annoying, constant charge attacks with little breathing room. He has a choreographed move-set so if you time your dodges right you can defeat him with less effort. But this does means you staying calm and not panicking.

    This is how I defeated the boss, I went to the slug lady, Rosaria, and requested to change my stats to adjust to an archer build instead of a double handed axe build. I equipped a crossbow and practically ran away from him shooting him. It did take awhile and is quite cheesy, but it’s effective! This is why this game is probably one of my most favorite games to play due to the sheer difficulty that it can have. below is a picture of the nightmare himself, the Nameless King.

  • Dark Souls 3
  • The gameplay is extremely fun within Dark Souls 3. You collect souls from killing all enemies, souls are dropped at your death location and if you die again you lose your souls completely. The combat varies completely depending on what weapon you use. There are countless different variations, whips, swords, axes, mauls, claws and a ton of others. A whip will have you being a lot more agile, this also depends on how heavy your armor is. If you use a maul/heavy axe you’ll be very slow. Movement will feel more weighted and it feels very realistic. This is probably the most prominent feature which adds to the difficult of the game. There’s also magic in the game, pyromancy, faith(healing/divine magic) and sorcery.

    There are countless different builds you can make with the different weapon combinations. I’ve done a pyromancy flame in one hand and a heavy axe in the other. Using sacred flame works really well with this. This is practically a flame punch through the chest leaving the opponent incapacitated. Then when they recover a heavy swing with the axe should do the job for a lot of foes.

    There used to be a fun glitch which you could earn souls from, this included putting an empty flask in your quick slot and then doing a combination of buttons to do a back step. You’d need a soul from a boss battle to be used, the result would be you using the soul but still retaining the soul in your inventory. Unfortunately this got patched awhile after.

    Using pyromancy tends to be a little easier in terms of skill level for completing the game. If you find the game too tough i’d recommend converting to sorcery or pyromancy. I rarely use bows/crossbows apart from the Nameless King.

  • Dark Souls 3
  • As shown above the graphics in Dark Souls 3 are phenomenal. The details on the outfits are outstanding, definitely one of the most appealing games out there in my opinion. The outfit designs are awesome, some of the outfits match historical outfits and looks really good ingame. The physics of outfits are good, they move along with the character, the details on weapons look really nice. Overall there’s no flaws I can think of for Dark Souls 3 graphics. One of the best out there.

  • Dark Souls 3
  • Online is fun, but very limited. There’s co-op and pvp. Co-op is what I mainly did if I was able to. It’s really fun playing parts of the game with a buddy but… it’s extremely limited if I’ve completed the areas boss you cannot continue to play together in that zone. This results in one of you only being able to support the other. This is okay, but gets quite agitating doing this repeatedly. If they made it so you could just complete the whole game together but increased the difficulty i’d be more happy with the online.

    PvP is fine, I just don’t really participate in it too much. You get a red eye orb and you invade another persons world, there’s different factions to protect people. Unaligned factions that you can choose to protect or to kill the person. The choice is yours. The white character shown above is an ally and the red is an enemy. There are yellow enemies which are good, blue enemies can be either good or bad and can be risky having them as allies.

    A funny little thing you can do online, you can get an ability called chameleon or a white branch. There are certain locations you can stand where you’ll blend really well in to the environment. For example, hiding in the trees in the forest area. Convert yourself in to a tree and ambush your invaders will surely give you a good laugh

    Something me and my friend did was we joined one and others world and sat in a corner waiting for people to enter. Once this person joined, it was quite late so me and my friend wasn’t fully aware of what was happening. Some guy walked up to us and waved and we barely noticed. We obviously chased him down and butchered him after though, sorry person out there…

    If you’re going to be travelling a lot in Dark Souls use light armour, this will heavily impact your running speed. And since mobs in this game are already annoying to fight rolling past them like a snail wont cut it. Remove all armour or just go really light.

  • Dark Souls 3
  • Some things to remember to make the game easier, I’d advice picking up the dark elemental axe. This can be used until the end of the game. It’s dropped by a mimic chest in the high wall of lothric. One of the starting locations.

    Don’t carry too much weight, being nimble is extremely important in this game. Even having a ton of defense and low mobility will still lead to you getting 3 hit killed. Mobility is a huge factor in Dark souls. Try to get the right balance between protection and mobility for maximum optimal purposes.

    Focus a certain aspect, this could be pyromancy, sorcery or any weapon specification. Like increasing dexterity for katanas and bladed weapon purposes. if you spread your stats out too much your character will be weaker overall. It’s always a good idea to have a 2nd alternative but anymore will just be to ineffective. For example, an archer might want a sidearm, this could be a dagger or some sort of katana. This is just because if someone gets up close using a bow is hardly going to be effective. I’m certain smacking someone in the face with a bow is not super effective. Especially if they’re armored.

    Have an idea what you want for your character, this is only if you really want to optimize your character. Having a certain item or ability you really want early on is a good idea. You could build your character around it to achieve its full scaling potential.

    Knowing your enemies weakness is very important, certain monsters like fire enemies will be weaker towards ice weapons. Imbueing your weapons before going in to certain boss battle could make a huge difference. Also why you’re at it, enhance weapons you’re going to use. Make sure not to waste a ton of higher grade materials on rubbish weapons.

    There are a few secret locations/good shortcuts that are hidden within the game. For instance, in the starting location. If you go up the left side of the main starting location you reach a part where you can see out of the building. There’s a tree stump which you can run up to get to the birds which trade loot with you. This is very fiddly and took me ages to do as you have to jump up the tree stump at a certain angle.

    This game is extremely hard,fun and the game feels rewarding. Defeating a boss will neatly reward you with a bunch of souls and the soul of the boss. Take the soul to the next of kin person on the throne and obtain a weapon/spell/shield etc. Overall this game is definitely a game I’d recommend to anyone, if you enjoy tough games, buy it. If you like medieval/fantasy based games, buy it. One of my my entertaining games I’ve indulged in. The game runs smooth on Xbox, not too certain on other platforms but I’ve not read too many complaints or if any. I think this concludes the review, if you have any other questions I’ll be happy to answer them.

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