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  • It's currently available on PS4, Xbox and PC
  • The price of the game varies, on PC it's £
  • This is very interesting and can get you thinking of the the reasoning for the choice for the mask to be a bunny and especially the reasoning for the boy appearing
  • The whole games story creates a very surreal image and can lead you to be completely immersed throughout the whole experience
  • The game runs very well on Xbox, I've not had one issue with optimization or lag issues

by Jaden Meah


    Blackwood Crossing is a puzzled-based story driven game. It’s currently available on PS4, Xbox and PC. The price of the game varies, on PC it’s £11.99. Xbox is £12.79 and £12.99 for PS4.

    You play as Scarlett and have to navigate your way around the game searching for Finn. You’re both orphaned and have lived together for majority of your life, as the story progresses through your character learns different magical abilities that they can use to complete puzzles. The focus of the story if the divide between the two of you as you both become older. There’s a boy with a rabbit mask throughout the game, you know little to nothing about this boy and people have made theories about what he is/who he is. This is very interesting and can get you thinking of the the reasoning for the choice for the mask to be a bunny and especially the reasoning for the boy appearing. There’s many moments were you have to think and figure out the metaphorical meaning of messages throughout the story. The whole games story creates a very surreal image and can lead you to be completely immersed throughout the whole experience. It’s a very unique game and I’ve played nothing alike.

  • Blackwood Crossing
  • The game is very intriguing, your character unlocks abilities as you progress through the story. This could be controlling darkness or fire to use at your disposal. These are used only to complete short little puzzles which the game throws at you, the puzzles are very short but may be confusing at the start. It’s focused around a match-up with dialogue to actions which. This is very simple to an extent but still very enjoyable. The game is very short only lasting a few hours at max to complete, the game portrays different relationship aspects very well, highlights the differences that may occur when going in to adolescence. Even though the game is very short, the story managed to immerse you in its interesting and evolving story. The developers done a very good job of character understanding and development throughout. It’s very interesting to see how life changes as you grow old and can relate to everyone in some way. This is why this was a very enjoyable few hours of my time.

  • Blackwood Crossing
  • This games graphics suits its purpose. The graphics look textured with a sort of anime feel to them, they’re definitely not high definition and nothing to buzz about. They’re fine for what they are. They suit the purpose of the game and nothing more, the main focal point of this game would be story and gameplay. There is not too much else to say about the graphics, from a graphical standpoint this game would not be too good, this should not be the focus when looking at a story-driven puzzle/adventure game like this.

  • Blackwood Crossing
  • The game has a very melodic sound throughout the game which makes you feel relaxed throughout the game and immerse yourself deeper in the game. It’s quiet so it’s not too distracting and just loud enough for you to concentrate on the main objectives in the game. There’s a very good song that plays at the credits and it gives a feel of what the game was. It’s a very slow-paced and meaningful song. The song is sung by Ben Ottewell if you’re wondering.

  • Blackwood Crossing
  • On the Xbox there’s 4 secret achievements you can unlock throughout the game. These are acquired through the actual game so there’s really no secret to unlocking them. These include; acquiring your Umbrakinesis ability, this is like dark magic to an extent. Like controlling tethers of dark. The others are, Pyrokinesis, this is the ability to control fire. Finding Grandad’s refuge. This is encrypted in to the story so there’s no missing it. And the last one is life. This is giving life to trees etc. This is used in conjunction with the darkness ability which normally involves taking away life.

    I’m pretty sure if you purchase the game on steam there’s a variety of mods/steam workshop stuff you can do with the game. Since I only have experience with Xbox I can offer very little in this section. There are a few cheats which you can find just by googling it.

  • Blackwood Crossing
  • The game runs very well on Xbox, I’ve not had one issue with optimization or lag issues. i’m pretty sure the game will run fine on most computers as the graphics are not very detailed and simple. Everything loads properly in good a good manner with no complaints, no issues at all with the graphics.

    Even though this game may only be 2-3 hours long it was a very memorable feeling. It can relate to you in multiple ways and make you think of different aspects within life. In my opinion it’s worth a purchase and would recommend it to anyone who finds story-driven games interesting. It’s a game that I’ll always remember even though the games length was very short. if you’re going to pick up the game, I would advice you to shut out the world for a few hours to really indulge in the story. I’ve inputted the song that goes at the end of the credits. I very much like the song.

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