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  • The Emoji Movie is considered as one of the worst movies ever made
  • Honestly, the reason why I love Pixar so much is their ability in making complex things into simpler things that everybody could understand and love

by Laudemhir Jan Parel


    Unlike recent years, animated movies really dove down in quality. The Emoji Movie is considered as one of the worst movies ever made; The Lego Ninjago’s critical acclaim failed to match its predecessors’ wit; and then we have Despicable Me 3 and The Boss Baby. We did have The Lego Batman Movie and Loving Vincent, the first is of course universally loved and the latter is really lauded for the way its being made.

    And then all of a sudden, this Pixar film revitalized our faith in the quality of Animated films - Coco.

  • Coco (2017 Pixar Animated Film)
  • Coco explores the journey of a young Mexican kid Miguel during Dia de los Muertos, when he is suddenly transported to the world of the dead. He aspires to be a musician but his family hates music, banning every single musical instrument in their household and scolds every passerby who happens to sing a single note of music.

    This film is directed by Lee Unkrich who co-directed other critically-acclaimed Pixar films such as Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc., and Finding Nemo. He had his solo directing debut with Toy Story 3.

  • Coco (2017 Pixar Animated Film)
  • Perhaps what makes Coco beloved by all those who watched it, particularly the Mexican audience who made the film break huge box-office records in the country, is the fact that it hugely respects Mexico’s renowned culture. The film is being said to have a pretty accurate depiction of the country’s celebration of the Day of the Dead, and with the film’s emotionally-resonant plot you have a recipe for an easily-lovable tearjerker.

  • Coco (2017 Pixar Animated Film)
  • Speaking of a tearjerker, prepare to cry a lot of tears for this movie. This film will caught your heart in a lot of surprises. It says impactful things about “family” and the “bond” that connects us with our roots. So many kids from this generation will learn a lot of lessons from this; I for one, although not a kid, loved my family and family history more than I did even though I already loved them so much before this. Some scenes triggered memories back to my past, such as the time when my mother and father used to sing me to sleep - something that we all could relate. This film almost feels like a lullaby from the past that weaves into the present.

  • Coco (2017 Pixar Animated Film)
  • The music and soundtrack are very fun, exciting, and sometimes emotional. If it does become emotional, such as when the lullaby version of “Remember Me” is played, there is no way one could hold back the tears from flowing. But when it gets fun, such as the scenes when “Un Poco Loco” and “Proud Corazon” are performed, it successfully gets the audience in having fun with the characters. For these reasons, the music become an essential part of the movie.

    But the most memorable song in the movie is perhaps “Remember Me”, a song that is an integral part of the story. It’s hard not singing the song once the credits starts rolling.

  • Coco (2017 Pixar Animated Film)
  • And let’s not forget how Pixar did it again with their impeccable animation. No movie this year looks as good as this movie. The amount of details, the impressive world-building, the magical colors make this movie worth every penny you are paying. I have never seen something so vivid and colorful as this as, it makes something so dreary and scary (world of the dead) into a vital piece of art that won’t make children afraid when they watch this. Honestly, the reason why I love Pixar so much is their ability in making complex things into simpler things that everybody could understand and love. Plus they never fail in the emotional department, their movies always tug at the heartstrings.

    If you haven’t seen this movie please do it now. Rare are these movies that truly respects someone’s culture and bring them for the world to see. See it while it is still in cinemas where it should be seen. The great animation is worth the biggest screen possible. Enjoy the songs, have fun with the characters, and cry with your heart’s delight for this is a story that connects us with our past.

Lokki says :

Can you suggest some good Pixar movies ?
Albrenny says :

Some of my favorite pixar movies are Wall-e(2008), Toy story (1995), Finding nemo (2003), The incredibles (2004) and last but not least Brave (2012).
jennai says :

Brave, Finding Nemo, The Good Dinosaur, Inside Out, Toy Story, The Incredibles
Abdallah says :

Incredible 2004.. Awesome movie
Penny says :

re : The Emoji Movie is considered as one of the worst movies ever made
Unfortunately, I have to agree Its rather boring, plain, discriminative It basically has everything wrong I try to not have taught to my kids. I have 4 kids that range between the ages of 4 and 10. Out of all the 4 I have 1 child who likes this movie. Showing emojis as outcast, fighting there way up to be something because in the world of emojis if your nothing you basically die. It could teach the wrong set of kids that being an out cast, that being a little different is not okay. That is not okay So as cute as some of the emojis were, the acting was bad and the message it portrayed was poor
Penny says :

Cocoa is hands down the cutest movie It portrays family values, and importance. It also teaches the lesson to never give up on your dreams, despite the complications you have to overcome, keep going. It shows that family through sentimental notes are never forgotten. The beauty in this movie starts with the lessons of life it holds, and ends with the beautiful and detailed graphics. The vibrancy in color, the quality is one of he best I’ve seen. I suggest throwing some 3D glasses on your kiddos and watch the smiles. Its taught my kids about another culture and their beliefs. Which made this movie so big, it targeted a Mexican Holiday. The Day Of The Dead, which is where they celebrate their loved ones who have passed on. This movie has so many amazing qualities, and I would definitely recommend it to families for children of any age.
Javid says :

re : Honestly, the reason why I love Pixar so much is their ability in making complex things into simpler things that everybody could understand and love
I agree with you because their movies that I offer for everybody come back to me with great pleasure, although they are nor in one intellectual level :)
Javid says :

Film is great:) say somebody to create something, they may be can not do it. ut COCO is the animation of laughing, discussing, respecting our family and also traditions. It was great idea that we can see each other in another world and live there as minimum here:) great job, congratulations:)
Katherine says :

Coco is a wonderful movie One of my favorites, when I watched it I cried because it reminded me how much I love my family and how nostalgic I get when I remember my grandparents. I’m latina and I’m very filial, so I feel this movie was an explanation of my childhood I love how colorful it is, how that traditional celebration was portrayed as a supernatural adventure. The songs made me cry and, I just love mariachis I love them I love the idea of meeting your love ones in another world and giving them a day to be remembered, and this move did that, even if we are alive and our lives continue, we should never forget our lost relatives, at least the ones that were special to me, deserve to be remembered.
Tanvi says :

re : Honestly, the reason why I love Pixar so much is their ability in making complex things into simpler things that everybody could understand and love
I think Coco is an amazing movie. It gives you a new and distinct perspective to think about death. It boosts your mental health presuming death are happy as long as their picture is up.
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