Luprodex Injection 3.75 mg

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      My wife was complaining about pelvic and lower abdominal pain. She has a long history of stomach related issues, and hence I was getting her symptomatically treated. It was few months back when my sister who is an OBGyne asked her to go for whole abdomen ultra sound scan. The report of the scan showed a medium size fibroid in the wall of her uterus. The size was 8.4 cm X 3.5 cm X 3.0 cm.

      The doctor discussed the possibility of tackling this fibroid issue. Two options were given to me - the first one is surgical one and the second one was

      through an injection. The second one was more costly than the surgical one. However, I preferred injection method.

      The doctor prescribed Luprodex Injection. This is basically Leuprolide Acetate. This injection is available in various sizes, and my wife was prescribed 3. 75 mg. obviously, she was asked to take smaller size injection.

      Three injections were supposed to be given. All of these injections were to be administered intramuscular. This is not for intravenous administration. One injection was to be given in one month. In this way, she was going to be under medical supervision for at least three months.

      As I have said, this

      injection method was going to be costly than that of the surgical intervention. The reason was cost. I need to spend Rs. 4400 for one injection. Further, extra care was required to be given in handling the injection. For example, it should not be out of refrigerator for even a minute.

      The treatment got started with the first injection. The injection was reconstituted by the nurse with the ampule provided with the pack. Then, the reconstituted solution was injection. The next injection was scheduled to be given exactly one month after the first one.

      My wife complained about muscle weakness and joint pain around ...

      • Luprodex Injection 3.75 mg
      one week after the injection was administered. I talked to the doctor who said that it is expected. Muscle and joint pain are quite common side effects and patients are expected to bear with it. She prescribed a pain killer and another injection to tackle the pain which I followed.

      My wife went for ultra sound scan before the schedule of the second injection. The scan showed shrinking morphology of the fibroid.

      That was a good sign and had given me encouragement to continue with the treatment. The same process was repeated for the third and last time. She was asked to go for another

      scan one month after the last injection. The scan still showed a small cyst, but comparing with the first scan it had reduced significantly. The doctor told me to keep patience as over time this small cyst was also expected to evaporate.

      I find Luprodex Injection to be a very good option to handle fibroid. I would just advise to be under constant medical supervision. Every single medicine or supplement must be taken only after consulting the doctor during the entire phase of treatment.

      It may also be noted, in the end, that Luprodex Injection is also widely prescribed for the treatment of prostate cancer.

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