Yoga Hosers, horror comedy

by David Finniss


    I’m a fan of Kevin Smith’s work. I enjoyed the “View Askewniverse” movies as well as “Red State”. I’ve also enjoyed his podcast “Fatman on Batman”. I have yet to see “Tusk” but I was able to check out it’s sequel/spin-off “Yoga Hosers”.

    The fact that this follows characters who were involved in another film does come up a few times early on, but by and large, you can watch this without having seen the first entry in the “True North” trilogy.

    Truth be told, I hadn’t heard much in the way of good reviews. Even Smith himself joked that the rotten tomatoes score was close to “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice”.

  • 'Yoga Hosers' movie
  • Watching the movie, you can see why critics panned it. It’s goofy, ridiculous, and kind of stupid. The movie runs with it though, and at the end, I was entertained.

    The plot centers around two girls who suddenly find themselves trying to save Canada from an army of sentient nazi bratwurst. Like I said, it’s dumb, but that ends up being part of the charm.

    Even the humor is very low brow. It actually does veer away from excessive crude humor and goes for puns and a general cartoonish tone.

  • 'Yoga Hosers' movie
  • The two aforementioned girls (both named Colleen) end up being one of the strongest parts of the movie. Harley-Quinn Smith and Lily-Rose Depp (daughters of Kevin Smith and Johnny Depp respectively) play well off each other and it really sells the fact that these two are best friends.

    It’s also what really conveys the fact that this is a Kevin Smith movie. The dynamic and characterization of the two characters does hearken back to “Clerks” and “Mallrats” in many respects. You could argue that it’s evidence that Smith is just spinning wheels, but I liked the fact that it still maintained Smith’s “style”, as it were.

    Sadly, the other characters were one-dimensional caricatures. It’s great for laughs, but it also makes the whole thing less memorable.

  • 'Yoga Hosers' movie
  • While the movie is billed as a “horror comedy” the movie puts far more emphasis on the latter, so much so that the prior is hardly present. There’s next to no tension for the most part.

    It would be impossible to make nazi bratwurst (or bratzis as they’re called) menacing. I can understand just making them goofy and fodder for slapstick comedy as the two girls kick them, smash them, and whack them with hockey sticks.

    Even the main mad scientist who is behind the whole thing isn’t played particularly seriously. To his credit, his intent was not to create “nazi bratwurst” but full human clones. It was a small bit, but it was still an appreciated touch.

    Given the circumstances, you could have had him as a straight man who is scrambling to make the best of a bad situation. Instead, the movie has him monologue in various Hollywood actor impressions. His impressions are spot on, but again, you can’t really take any of it seriously.

    Even the two Satan worshiping boys who use a party as a ruse to lure the Colleens in for a sacrifice don’t end up being all that menacing. This is about as close to “dark” as the movie gets, but they play such a small role that you wonder why they were there.

    It does give one of the Colleens a chance to turn the tables in admittedly glorious fashion, but really, I think it was just giving the bratzis a couple of victims.

  • 'Yoga Hosers' movie
  • Ultimately, the fact that the movie is a cartoon didn’t bother me as much as you’d think. There are other flaws that did legitimately detract from the experience for me.

    The first is the heavy handed way that the movie addresses the fact that it’s set in Canada. Every cast member goes over the top with it to the point where it can get kind of grating. It’s standard Canadian rhetoric too. There are a lot of “ehs” and “soorrees”. It’s nothing you haven’t seen done before.

    The movie also introduces each character with a sort of “social media profile”. It makes sense, given that the leads are two teen girls. It also gives the early portion a bit of quirk.

    However, with so many supporting characters, it starts to get annoying. It gives us information we already had or would be established through dialogue later. It seemed like there were some humorous comments typed out, but the screens don’t stay up long enough for you to get everything. Watching it on a phone also meant that the print was too small to read it anyway.

  • 'Yoga Hosers' movie
  • There are quite a few cameos peppered throughout. I enjoyed them. There’s one that I didn’t recognize immediately and only put it together after his scene was done.

    There’s another, far more memorable one that I won’t spoil because the surprise was part of the sense of elation that came from seeing him make his appearance.

    Johnny Depp (of all people) also has a supporting role. It’s somewhat unexpected, but he ends up doing his own Depp thing in an over the top way that fits with the rest of the movie.

    Ultimately, this is a movie for a certain kind of movie viewer. It isn’t a movie that’s meant to be analyzed. You’re just supposed to sit back and get a good laugh.

    The puns and silliness might not do it for you, but if you enjoyed Smith’s prior work, this could be worth a rental. I was entertained and generally enjoyed it, but I seem to be in the minority on that.

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