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by CPY

    Speak is a 2004 American independent drama based on the award-winning novel of the same name by Laurie Halse Anderson.
  • Speak (Movie)
  • First of all I must say I really love Youtube, it’s a great source for movies and TV shows, although the videos may be a little low resolution.

    I was bored and decided that I would just watch a movie from Youtube. I can’t remember how and why I landed on this movie – “Speak”.

    After reading the description, it may sounds like a moody, depressing high school movie but don’t get fool by it, there is more to it than just that, it has a deeper meaning and makes one reflect and think.

    The movie follows Melinda (Kristen Stewart), a 15 year old on her first day of school. The day didn’t start well for her. She has no friend (well, except for a new girl, Heather who pretty much just cares about herself) and seems to be a victim of bully.

    Melinda isn’t a happy child a 15 year old should be. She is depressed and clouded with fear and pain because of a hurtful incident that she couldn’t bring herself to tell anyone about it. And this is why she was misunderstood and gets bullied.

    The movie seems to be made up of different small fragments that show what happens in school and at home. At first, I was confused about why they did that, because it makes the movie a little “disjoined”. But I soon realized that each fragment either contribute to Melinda’s struggles and or her growth.

  • Speak (Movie)
  • I especially like the art class scenes and the clever use of art in the movie. Although the art teacher Mr. Freeman (Steve Zahn) is kind of eccentric, he is the only one who managed to sense that Melinda is depressed and struggling (Other than Heather, but Heather doesn’t care about anyone but herself) and encourages her to talk about her problems.

  • Speak (Movie)
  • I really like the interaction between Mr. Freeman and Melinda and how he uses his own subtle and unique way to try and encourage Melinda. I feel Melinda did slowly open up to her art teacher and falls in love with art and uses it as an outlet to express herself.

    However, it’s sad that the school doesn’t value art as much as Mr. Freeman. Prior to watching this film, I thought it’s the East (Asians) that are more academically focus and tends to put art down, however, it seems like it’s the same for the West too.

  • Speak (Movie)
  • I think Kristen Stewart did a fantastic job as Melinda, the depressed and helpless teenager. There are actually quite a number of scenes that doesn’t have much things going on or just a close up on the facial expression. And I think Kristen nailed it, she is able to convey the mood and emotions and I can feel what her character is feeling. I think this a huge achievement for a young actress like her.

  • Speak (Movie)
  • I can still clearly remember 2 of such scenes whereby I am awed by her acting. One was when she received something she really like as a Christmas present from her parents. She really wanted to thank them and I guess she did thought of telling them about what happened to her, but she just couldn’t. I can really feel her struggle at that moment.

  • Speak (Movie)
  • And the next one is towards the end of the movie, when she was finally able to talk about what happened. I think both Kristen and Elizabeth Perkins (Melinda’s mother) did well in this scene. The mood is there and it wraps up the movie really well.

    Speak brings back a lot of memories from my childhood and schooling days, the good ones and bad ones. I can feel for Melinda, especially the part about being misunderstood, having no friends to talk to about your problems. You’ll eventually end up like her, not being able to open yourself up after some time. But I am glad that she is finally able to at the end.

    I feel Speak is a really good movie, it threw out a few questions that would make one reflect. For example, although it’s just a very small part of the movie, I think the character Heather threw a very good question about how one should treat a friend.

    I can only say, watch it, it’s definitely worth your time.

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