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    Although Milka Snowballs look as if they were intended for children I was really excited when I saw them at the store. They were not cheap, I paid three Euro for four chocolate balls but I just had to try them. They looked so appealing at the store that I just could not resist them. I adore Milka products in general and I am thrilled every time I see they have a new product. I guess this is just a season edition but that made me want to check them out even more.
  • Milka Snowballs
  • Milka Snowballs come in a small container that looks like a snowflake. It is made of plastic and it reminds me of the egg-container. This snowflaky shape screams winter and snow at you. So there is space for 4 balls at each container. What screams winter even louder, is the design of the paper wrapper in which these balls are wrapped. This beautiful purple colour all the snow, the snowman and the trees full of snow just make you think of Alps, the fact that snowman’s body is made of this chocolaty creamy snow ball makes this product irresistible to me.

  • Milka Snowballs
  • So the first thing I did, when I came home from the store was to take pictures of Milka Snowballs and they I just had to taste one. After removing the wrapper and squeezing the upper part of the container a bit I had in front of me four Milka snowballs, all wrapped in silver aluminum wrapping. The aluminium wrapper is all shiny with a lot of shiny silver snowballs. They would look nice on a Christmas tree, but I will try that with another package. This one was meant to be eaten and enjoyed.

  • Milka Snowballs
  • You get two small purple spoons in the container and I must admit that I did not get it immediately what they were for. I unwrapped one ball, which I must say is really easy and there was a beautiful chocolate ball in front of me, all carved with snowflakes. It looked like a piece of art, as you can see on the picture. The ball is rather big, at least three centimetres in diameter.

  • Milka Snowballs
  • I bit off the top of the ball and I could see white soft filling that was inside of the ball. The first bite of the chocolate top was really delicious. Pure Milka milk chocolate but a bit sweet because I was keeping it at room temperature for a while. The smell of the ball was really nice, so chocolaty and so inviting me to give another bite. So I did, and in this one I could taste, except chocolate the white mousse filling.

  • Milka Snowballs
  • My fist impression was not very good. The white mousse was really sweet but then as I kept eating it I liked it. The taste of the mousse is milky but terribly sweet and the chocolate softens it, but unfortunately not enough. The mousse is also very sticky although it seems to be very light but also very creamy. All together you get a very sticky and gluey mixture in your mouth and it lasts for quite a while because it does not melt easily. Maybe I made a mistake by leaving it on room temperature, maybe if it was colder it would be more solid so I it would not taste so sweet and sticky. Anyway, I must admit I was not very happy with Milka Snowball. I had just one and gave the other three to other members of my family, but they did not like them much either.

  • Milka Snowballs
  • I guess buying stuff just because they look nice is never a good idea. I had all those calories and I did not even enjoy them. Talking about calories, there are 158 calories in each 28-gram ball. That is not that bad for a dessert but considering the fact that the ball was half empty inside and that you get only 28 grams that is quite a lot of calories per gram. I like the mixture of milk chocolate and milk mousse together, and the fragrance of the mousse was really nice but all together it was nothing special. Well at least now I know I will never buy Milka Snowman again. I guess I am not a big fan of mousse in general.

  • Milka Snowballs
  • The little spoons that you get with this treat are completely useless because when I tasted the mouse itself it really did not taste good so there is no need for the spoon, at least in my case. What I am trying to say is that I had no desire to use the spoon to eat the mousse and chocolate separately. I actually kept the spoons because they are made of plastic of good quality so I guess they will be used on another occasion but by children because they are really tinny.

    I cannot give Milka Snowballs a better mark than 5 out of 10. The fact is that I was really disappointed in it. I fell in love with the package because it was so nice, purple and it made me think about winter and snow, but as they say you cannot judge the book by its cover, the same way it was a mistake to think this product will taste delicious because it looked delicious. Maybe they would not even have put so much effort in the design and the carvings if the ball itself was delicious, because it would not need to look nice. It is just my opinion but I really think these balls are not all that good and I would not recommend them to anyone.

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