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  • I am not really a huge fan of buddy-comedy movies
  • However, I am in a real marathon since falling in love with films recently
  • Soon, Healey learns that there are bad guys trying to kill Amelia so he makes a deal with March to find her before others do
  • But of course, I prefer Gosling's dazzling performance
  • All in all I think The Nice Guys has some nice things going for it

by Laudemhir Jan Parel


    I am not really a huge fan of buddy-comedy movies. I particularly didn’t enjoy 21 Jump Street that I didn’t bother to check out its sequel. However, I am in a real marathon since falling in love with films recently. I have seen most of the “must-see” movies this year except X-Men and Civil War because I’m not a fan of Marvel, but one of those must-see movies is The Nice Guys. I have been hearing, no pun intended, nice things about it over the film industry albeit poor box office results. It got a nice 90+% rating in Rotten Tomatoes which has everyone talking about it since Suicide Squad got a very low score there - so I might as well give these nice guys a chance and see if it did deserve its rating.
  • The Nice Guys (2016 Buddy-Comedy Film)
  • The Nice Guys follows an investigatory journey of private investigator March (Ryan Gosling) and self-proclaimed enforcer Healey (Russell Crowe) as they unravel the mystery of a missing film starring x-rated artist Misty Mountains and Amelia. Misty spectacularly died in the beginning of the film while Amelia is on the run and is hiding from everyone who is looking for her. March is tasked to find Amelia. However, Amelia does not wish to be found by everyone so she paid Healey. Soon, Healey learns that there are bad guys trying to kill Amelia so he makes a deal with March to find her before others do. It’s an action-packed film run by a very brilliant script that is very engaging.

  • The Nice Guys (2016 Buddy-Comedy Film)
  • The chemistry of the two main actors is really good. In fact I have never seen a perfect chemistry in a buddy/bromance film as good as this. In fact they work good together that when the film ends, I didn’t really ask myself who is the better investigator. Both of them are very good in doing their “stupid” jobs. But of course, I prefer Gosling’s dazzling performance. It’s all in his eyes and the random expressions he makes that makes this film a 100% funnier, crazier and stupidier in a good way. He is very entertaining and funny, but he is like one of those guys who are not really fit for an action job but is forced to - and I can see it all in his expressions that he doesn’t know what to do. It’s slapstick but it works most of the time. And his relationship with his daughter is right-off-the-bat hilarious.

  • The Nice Guys (2016 Buddy-Comedy Film)
  • Speaking of March’s daughter, Holly - she is very incredible as well. She is one of those kids that are not realistic such as Kevin McCallister in Home Alone but she does a really amazing job in her role that I see pass through that loophole. And her conversations are really good as well, she delivers her lines like a real pro.

    Russel Crowe is very reserved but does quite a great job with it. I do feel like sometimes he is forced to be funny and hilarious that it doesn’t work. But his chemistry with Gosling is what really matters and elevates the two’s dependent performances.

  • The Nice Guys (2016 Buddy-Comedy Film)
  • The film’s plot is very confusing at times. I have trouble catching up with the first act because it moves very fast. It present heavy plot-related matters that are very important to understand and so I have to rewind it again and again. But once the action gets going, it’s a very engaging and often-times very hilarious film that I couldn’t put my eyes away. It’s very thrilling and it’s packed with action scenes in a very comic way. Most of the time I can’t stop laughing even when they are dealing with serious matters. I think one of the film’s main problems is the lack of exposition - a couple of lines explaining more of the investigation will really work but I am left trying to figure it out myself.

  • The Nice Guys (2016 Buddy-Comedy Film)
  • The cinematography is really in the middle of good and bad. The Los Angeles 70’s setting looks good in the eyes but the camera prohibits it to being spectacular. The party scene is really glorious and perhaps one of the best visual party I have ever seen in a movie but it lacks good framing. Most of the time the camera is moving and it doesn’t allow me to capture a good scene.

    The editing has some minor problems, as I stated, the first act is fast and doesn’t establish the characters really well. It wants me to jump into the action right away without explaining what is going on.

    The score is not memorable either. But of course, for a movie like this I’m not expecting a good score - just an effective one, and I think this film has it.

    All in all I think The Nice Guys has some nice things going for it. Although it’s really far from perfect. The plot is engaging most of the time but it is also its downfall. The script is brilliant and the cast’s chemistry is really a notch above everyone. It is a very hilarious film that keeps you entertained but it doesn’t give you the impact that will last for long.

Andrew Leaither says :

I agree with you also that I am not a huge fan on buddy comedies. But I felt drawn to the movie because you did such a great review. I admired the pictures and flow of the review and it’s very positive
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