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  • It isn't Marvel vs Capcom, it's very basic when it comes to the actual game-play, but what roped me in was the large roster of characters, the upgrade system and the Pseudo-randomized crystal system, which reward characters based on chance so I at least have a chance to get my favorite characters without shelling out cash for them
  • Now, I like marvel and I like fighting games
  • So I thought I'd at least give Marvel Contest of Champions a try
  • My main concern about this game was is it too simple
  • But, if memory's not a problem, I'd recommend that you give this game a try

by Caleb Carter


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    Marvel Contest of Champions is a fighting game with Marvel characters. It isn’t Marvel vs Capcom, it’s very basic when it comes to the actual game-play, but what roped me in was the large roster of characters, the upgrade system and the Pseudo-randomized crystal system, which reward characters based on chance so I at least have a chance to get my favorite characters without shelling out cash for them.

    Now, I like marvel and I like fighting games….. To a degree. So I thought I’d at least give Marvel Contest of Champions a try.

  • Marvel Contest of Champions
  • This game is actually pretty good. My main concern about this game was is it too simple? Well, the qualifications for getting into the “too easy” club are different from person to person so I’ll let you judge whether it’s good enough for you, but I can say that I found it pleasingly simple, but not a mindless button masher, or rather, screen tapper. The combat is literally three attacks: light, medium and heavy. tap the screen for a light attack, slide for a medium and press the screen for a few seconds and release for a heavy. I’m not sure if holding it longer makes the attack stronger though. you can also block by tapping behind your character and dash away by sliding backwards. Fight usually last only a few seconds. The key is getting into a relentless attack flow. My style is: light, light, light, light, heavy. If you’re caught in a combo attack, it’s really hard to escape with a dash or block, so you have to anticipate your opponent’s attack before they make it.

    Finally, you have a special move that charges in battle. There are three charge levels depending on your character’s level, with higher level attacks being enough to shave off about 3/4 of your opponent’s health.

  • Marvel Contest of Champions
  • The story is really thin, but this is an I-phone/Android game. What’d you expect? The basic plot is that The Collector, Marvel’s new go-to crossover making guy, kidnaps heroes and villains from across the multiverse to fight in his competition against Kang the Conqueror.

    That’s it. There’s a bit of a thing about the fighters being brainwashed and Iso-8, but it’s basically just stage dressing. There is a campaign mode of sorts, which I haven’t actually completed, so maybe there’s some big reveal at the end or something, but the real action is in the event modes, which are basically mini-stories that are themed around a character or team and usually give you a chance to unlock the character(s). And there’s the guild battle system, which I haven’t touched so I can’t talk about it here.

  • Marvel Contest of Champions
  • This is a free mobile game made by Disney/Marvel so of course it’s going to have micro-transactions. The big issue with micro-transactions is that they can easily transform a “free-to-play” game into a “pay-to-win” game. Thankfully, that’s not the case here. You have multiple different currencies: gold is your normal currency, it’s pretty common and it’s doubtful you’ll really run out unless you’re being careless. Then there’s crystal shards, credits and some others I’m probably forgetting. I haven’t spent a dime on this and I still had a great time with it so it’s not pay to win, though it is a bit frustrating the way the crystals you use to unlock items and characters spin like a roulette and allow you to stop the crystal to get it to land on the character or item of your choice, but so clearly loads a pre-set outcome after you stop it. So it is a gamble, just not one you’re in control of. You’ll just have to hope that the game decides to let you have what you want. What is nice is that if you get a duplicate character you can turn them into a special ability for said character along with some extra XP.

    The only other thing that I find bothersome is being in a campaign and running out of health items and having to quit the entire campaign to go into an earlier campaign to get some.

  • Marvel Contest of Champions
  • I mentioned an XP system before, Characters are divided into two XP classes: stars and regular XP levels. A character’s star level never changes and they go from one up to five. Obviously it’s harder to get the higher star characters, but as long as you’ve got a good amount of two or three star characters you should be fine.

    You can level up your character using Iso-8 and there are two kinds of Iso-8. There’s normal Iso-8 and then there’s type specific Iso-8.

    Each character is one of six types, with a rock-paper-scissors style advantage/disadvantage system. By matching type specific Iso-8 to the same typed character you give them more XP. Once they hit level 10 you can rank them up to increase their level cap and, for lower level characters, add another charge level to their special move. You need catalysts to do this though, and they’re a bit few and far between.

    I think this system is pretty balanced. There’s a nice feeling of reward when you rank up a character and if feels great to unlock one of your favorites and upgrade them to be the strongest of your team. I do think it should be a bit easier to get catalysts because as it is, you end up left with a team of heroes who can’t level up anymore until you rank them up. It’s not too bad, just annoying.

  • Marvel Contest of Champions
  • there is a multiplayer aspect to this game. You can challenge specific players to duels or you can just battle a random player for XP and items. You also friend people, use private chat, the usual stuff, but there’s also a constantly updating public chat bar which is usually full of players calling for girls to friend them. Such is the world we live in.

    You can also join a guild, but you can’t just be a casual gamer with this, you have to be invested and check back at least everyday or you’ll probably get kicked out. There are guild wars, some sort of trust system and thing like that, but I’m more of a casual mobile gamer so I’m not really into all that multiplayer stuff. If that’s what floats your boat, it’s there.

  • Marvel Contest of Champions
  • Here’s where I talk about the stuff I couldn’t really categorize. Sometimes the game gets really hard, even with the weaker opponents and you have to backtrack through previous campaigns to level-up enough to stand a chance which is a pain. Another thing, the five star characters aren’t the only things the game keeps out of your reach. Certain characters, regardless of their rating are really hard to get. I’m a huge Black suit Spider-Man and Venom fan and I want them darn it! If you aren’t a fan of endless seas of Spider-Man, Iron Man and Vision, you might be a bit dissapointed by the characters the game gives you. And since you’re basically at it’s mercy, there’s nothing you can really do.

    I really had a lot of fun with this game. You don’t really need to spend money on this game and it’s not the addictive type, at least to me, but your mileage may vary.

    One thing to consider though, if you don’t have a lot of phone memory, you might not be able to keep this game updated. I can’t play this anymore right now because it requires a huge update andI can’t seem to figure out how to put some apps on my SD card. But, if memory’s not a problem, I’d recommend that you give this game a try. It’s a nice distraction and it has Marvel characters! Who doesn’t love that?

Alex Villegas says :

re : But, if memory’s not a problem, I’d recommend that you give this game a try
That’s true the apps take up about a gig of data the games super fun and well constructed plus it has just about all the marvel heroes and villains and are still coming out with new one.
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