BBC’s Sherlock Special- The Abominable Bride
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  • Moving on, let's talk about the overall design
  • The hairstyle of the characters also are very 1800s so I definitely love it
  • It has so many twists and turns, the reasons why I love BBC's Sherlock
  • I am so impressed I thought it was true because it is very suitable in the Victorian era especially when Jack the Ripper dominated
  • Look for the clues and I assure you, you will agree with the Instagram post too

by Ms. Mycroft the Gamer


    So the Christmas special episode of the series Sherlock has been dominating the internet since its outbreak. Sherlock is the modern adaptation of the book Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the 1800s and the series’ Sherlock Holmes is no other than Benedict Cumberbatch who really became more famous because of his role in this series. The series is set in the modern world so the Christmas special is really much awaited for its Victorian era setting and a great mystery with a horror twist namely the Abominable Bride. I would not make this long so read on because I’ll be giving you my review about the Christmas special of Sherlock, the Abominable Bride.
  • BBC's Sherlock Special- The Abominable Bride
  • So let’s start with the characters. Well, if you happen to read my previous reviews on movies, I have already told you that I am a die hard fan of Benedict Cumberbatch. That’s why I really wouldn’t miss this special episode wherein he will be a gentleman from the 19th century England. Moving on, I am very very glad that all of the cast from the original series is also in the special. Meaning to say, there is still Molly Hooper because book readers know that there is really no Molly Hooper in the Doyle’s book. I am very glad that the actors and actresses gave justice to their characters with all their accent being very distinct, their movements, and their sentence structures in speaking. I probably should commend the choice of words to the script writers. But anyways, the actors delivered them well.

  • BBC's Sherlock Special- The Abominable Bride
  • Moving on, let’s talk about the overall design. The design for me is very 19th century. They did not overdo it. I really really loved the 221b room of Sherlock that is very full of details. I should think they really copied the design from Doyle’s books. The characters’ clothing is really suited for them. I loved the choice of clothes especially to the abominable bride which is Mrs. Ricoletti. It is old fashioned in the way it is beautiful but at the same time creepy. The choice of colors is dull but that’s how it should be. The hairstyle of the characters also are very 1800s so I definitely love it. Especially Sherlock’s do. It’s so sleek and fresh I would beg for mercy twice. (That’s a line from Irene Adler sooo haha) So the design, overall, is fantastic!

  • BBC's Sherlock Special- The Abominable Bride
  • Let’s go to the plot. I admit I was dizzy after watching the special. Even dizzier when I watched it more carefully. Maybe that’s what happens when the plot is not linear haha. I was so shocked I was just in awe and my mouth still open like for a whole minute. I cannot believe Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss (the writers) would do this to their audience and fans. Like the special is a sneak peak of Season 4 and the fans would just go crazier about watching the next season. I am not angry at them but just imagine the frustration I felt after watching it for the first time and from 1800s, I then saw a 21st century airplane and I was like, what the fudge it is on the modern time! I was not ready for it but at the same time, I was so happy they made the special very very special. I love it! It’s not your typical go back in time special. It has so many twists and turns, the reasons why I love BBC’s Sherlock. Perfect characters, perfect settings, perfect plot! I love it!

  • BBC's Sherlock Special- The Abominable Bride
  • Well, moving on. Let’s tackle the storyline itself. I am so happy that even though Professor Moriarty is already dead at that time in the special, we still saw Andrew Scott as Moriarty in the Victorian era. Andrew Scott is such a brilliant actor that he can be creepy while even smiling sweetly so I love that they put him in the special. The story itself, about a dead bride killing men, is just wonderful. It felt so true that I had to search for Emelia Ricoletti to see if her story is a true story. Guess what, it’s not. I am so impressed I thought it was true because it is very suitable in the Victorian era especially when Jack the Ripper dominated. Well, anyway, I love the whole story!

  • BBC's Sherlock Special- The Abominable Bride
  • Lastly, I’ll just discuss some points about the special. For those who are saying that Victorian era Mycroft pertaining to Prof. Moriarty as “the virus in the data” is not appropriate and is a mistake (since it is in the 1800’s), I would say it’s not. Even though they are in the Victorian era, I still understand that Mycroft would say that to Sherlock because, after all, it’s all in Sherlock’s mind palace. Everything can happen there so we can safely say that it’s Sherlock’s fault and not a mistake the creators made. I also agree to an Instagram post that Mycroft’s death approx. 3 yrs in the Victorian era is a premonition that modern time Mycroft will die somewhere in Season 4, probably at the end of it. I really love Mycroft’s character so I don’t want this to happen but the clues are all there. We see but we don’t observe, right? Look for the clues and I assure you, you will agree with the Instagram post too.

    Conclusion? YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS SHERLOCK’S SPECIAL! Did I make that clear? I love it. Hope you will love it too. Or, have you watched it? What do you think of it? Let me know your opinions and suggestions in the comments section below. Thank you!

amirah says :

This is a great movie with nicely framed plot. Definitely a must watch.
Andrew Leaither says :

I don’t generally go for movies in this age of the 1800’s but with Sherlock I will go for it any day because I know what to expect and it’s always great with his acting and dry humor.
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