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  • The problem with that, of course, has to do with using these on a home invader who is in your house

    • by HawgWyld


      When it comes to purchasing ammunition, there is a distinct difference between what you’d use to practice with and what you’d carry to actually defend yourself. Over the years, I have found that DRT TerminalShock is great self defense ammo so long as you know about one drawback to this ammo and can adapt to it.

      It’s probably a good idea to mention the drawback up front because, well, that’s what I suspect a lot of people will find very important when looking at this ammo. Simply put, the DRT TerminalShock is a hollow point that is designed to cut through barriers and then mushroom when it hits tissue. In a self defense situation, that might not be what you want.

      Let me explain. The reason people buy hollow point bullets for self defense is that those bullets mushroom when they hit anything. If they hit a person, then the bullet spreads out and causes a heck of a lot more damage than the solid lead ones people tend

      to use for practice. That means that the bullet will stick in what it hits. That is important. If you miss someone and hit a wall, the bullet will still mushroom and stick in the wall. If it hits a person, it will stick in that person, cause a lot of damage and blood loss and hopefully stop a home invader.

      With the DRT TerminalShock, these are designed to hit a barrier, go through it and keep going until the bullet runs out of energy or hits a person and mushrooms. The problem with that, of course, has to do with using these on a home invader who is in your house. If you miss that invader and the bullet goes through a wall, it could hit a member of your family. With a typical hollow point bullet, barriers tend to stop them and the danger of hitting a family member hiding in another room drops significantly. Having a bullet that cuts through barriers might be great for a police officer, but it might not be such a great thing for someone defending a family.

      If you get these bullets for self defense, then, keep in mind they are designed to punch through barriers and only mushroom when they hit tissue. If you can live with that feature, this is great self-defense ammo.

      What do I like about this ammunition? There are three things — price, reliability and reduced recoil. I’ll take all three of those issues in order and examine them a bit.

      First of all, there is the price of this ammo. From time to time, I can find this ammo in sale and picked some up at a local retailer last week for 50 percent off of retail. How does $7.99 for a 20-count box of good self defense ammo sound? Pretty good, right?

      Also, the reliability of this ammo is important. In spite of the fact I’ve got some great pistols at my house, I can’t help but love my dirt cheap Hi-Point 9mm Luger.

      • DRT TerminalShock 9mm Luger JHP ammo
      The problem with the Hi-Point is that it is fussy about hollow point ammo. My Hi-Point 9mm has no problem with DRT TerminalShock.

      Finally, the reduced recoil of DRT TerminalShock is fantastic. Reduced recoil means that you can reset your gun quicker and save some time between shots. If you are in a situation where you are being attacked, ammo that saves some time is much appreciated.

      What do I mean by reduced recoil? DRT TerminalShock for 9mm is an 85-grain bullet that travels at 1,350 feet per second (FPS) and hits with 295 foot pounds of energy (FPE). Compare that to the typical target load such as the Winchester 9mm FMJ with a velocity of 1,190 FPS and hits with 362 FPE. Notice how the lighter DRT is considerably faster but hits with less energy. You can actually feel the difference between those rounds (I tested that by filling a clip half with DRT and half with Winchester). The lighter recoil does save time and helps with

      accuracy — both important considerations when looking for self defense ammo.

      A feature that the makers of this tout is that DRT contains no lead. That should make the environmentally conscience happy, but what it means for the rest of us is that some material is used in DRT TerminalShock that turns into a powdery substance after it has hit, mushroomed and stopped. The company claims that the disintegration actually promotes increased blood loss and helps induce shock. I don’t know how true those claims are as it is hard to test — I don’t have a lot of people lining up to get shot, after all.

      The bottom line here is that DRT TerminalShock is a great hollow point, but be careful with this ammunition because it it meant to go through barriers. That could be a real problem if you have a family — family members could wind up getting shot if you miss the bad guy and the DRT hits a barrier such as a wall.

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