Betty Crocker Gingerbread Cake and Cookie Mix
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  • I’m not super crazy for it, but since it’s you know, there and all in abundance, I thought why not pick up a box of Betty Crocker Gingerbread Cake and Cookie Mix
  • I was going to say I have a MINOR issue with the taste…that doesn’t mean I think it’s bad, just that it could be a little stronger of a gingerbread flavoring

    • by James Davenport


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      It’s almost Christmas time here folks. You know how I can tell? Oh yeah, you do start to see all the decorations for the season going up in stores, and the relentless Black Friday ads begin blaring on TV and radio, sure that’s a given. But there’s another way to tell…flavors. Not long ago, when I would do my bi-weekly “bachelor’s foraging expeditions” to the grocery store for bacon, low-fat yogurt, and beer, I would see nothing but pumpkin spice. Soon about a month from now it’ll be the “Age of Peppermint.” Until then, as pumpkin slowly wanes, this is and in-between season, the dawning of the Golden Age of

      Gingerbread! I’m not super crazy for it, but since it’s you know, there and all in abundance, I thought why not pick up a box of Betty Crocker Gingerbread Cake and Cookie Mix? So how is it you say? Did it get me in the mood for the season? Skim—er—I mean read along with me and find out!

      To begin with, on the plus side of things, in a point of full disclosure (No, I don’t work for Betty Crocker) but I might as well…because I’ve seriously never met a Betty Crocker product I didn’t like. (Oh wait, there was this one coworker of mine who did a pumpkin cheesecake crossover thing, but that was probably more to do to it being a manifestation of the pumpkin spice cult than poor Mrs. B-C.) Anyway, this is all an extremely roundabout way of saying that I’ve never been dissatisfied with any Betty Crocker mix, whether purchased by me, or tasted by me via my Mom’s baking. The instructions on the box are easy enough to follow and box-final product symmetry (i.e. does the crappy thing you made look like what’s on the cover) comes out to a near one to one. Bottom line, if I can bake this up, you can too.

      On the downside, about all I can say ironically is on ...

      • Betty Crocker Gingerbread Cake and Cookie Mix
      taste. (But-but you just said…) Yeah, I know, let me at least get my point out before you the reader interrupt here. I was going to say I have a MINOR issue with the taste…that doesn’t mean I think it’s bad, just that it could be a little stronger of a gingerbread flavoring. I don’t know if maybe I prepared it wrong somehow or if the mix was old (it was on sale) but it reminded me in taste of a coffee cake with just a hint of gingerbread. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine, good even, but the gingerbread flavor came out faint to me. Your results however may
      vary if you buy this product, and in further point of fact, you may actually prefer it lighter on the ginger accent than me.

      In the final analysis, is a Betty Crocker Gingerbread Cake and Cookie Mix a buy or sell? Buy of course, I told you, I’ve never met a B-C dessert I didn’t like, and this hasn’t changed my mind. At around $2-3 a box at any major supermarket like Kroger, H.E.B. or Walmart (like I said, got it on sale, hence the range in price) I think gingerbread is a must flavor for the season. One could do a heck of a lot worse than Betty Crocker. A solid buy!

Trayon Thomas says :

Im going to be as legit as I can be to say this is the best gingerbread cake mix ever. My grandmother baked a gingerbread the other day and used the exact same mix. When it was ready I cut a slice and was astounded by the great taste of the product. If you bought this cake mix you would not be losing, but definetly winning.
James Davenport says :

Glad you enjoyed it Trayon Thomas :)

God Bless
charlotte bradshaw says :

Hello Trayon,
This can be used for making cookies too, I generally love to make cookies from a cake mix, they have mentioned on the box and instructions, when the cookies appeared of the stove and were cooling down on the shelf, your house scented like mild ginger wonderful air.

A trick I utilize is to place the cookie dough forms or shapers in the fridge freezer for concerning 10 mins prior to I cook them so they will certainly constantly maintain their shape, the dough is quite smooth and sloppy so

Currently, I should confess that I included some diced fresh ginger origin to the mix. Additionally, I am a ginger enthusiast, This is an excellent item and likewise a convenience. Well worth a shot if you have the food craving for gingerbread or cookies.
federico says :

Very good product
Add only water and egg
Easy to bake.
I made this with chopped dried fruit and a touch of brandy for a holidau coffee cake and have added cinnamon,cardamom, and cloves to the mix for a spice cake that is a huge hit. The traditional rolled cookie variation is great tasting and holds up well in construction projects such as ginger bread houses,trains and ginger people. The soft cookie variation get raves, These usually disappear as soon as they are barely cool enough to eat.
I must say this is a decent mix. However, I was sad to see that when this box arrived from, it was empty with the remains of crumbs inside. But this isn’t the fault of Betty Crocker and I immediately knew this. So I ran to my (large) kid’s room, and found his face buried in this box, eating dry gingerbread mix. You see, my kid is quite chunky. He was on sale when I first bought him. Apparently overweight goats (he’s a kid-goat, not a kid-human, you see) are worth less to farmers, and I felt bad for the kid. Tried to put CanHead on a diet, but that never works - he finds everything, including dry Betty Crocker gingerbread mix.
James Davenport says :


That’s a funny story federico, glad to see your kid enjoyed, even dry :)
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