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  • Since having a terrifying experience at sea with her father, Amy is afraid of the water
  • I would recommend it to people who like watching b-rated thriller movies

by Redtape

    When extreme worries arise, the darker side of human nature occasionally raises its ugly head. The quest for self-preservation may be suddenly thrust upon us at that time; the consequences leaving us with a bitter taste in our mouths.
  • Open Water 2: Adrift (Thriller Movie)
  • Such is the case when a group of former high school friends, embark on a weekend pleasure trip aboard a luxurious yacht to celebrate one of the group’s thirtieth birthday. Dan the protagonist invites Lauren, Zach, Amy and James to a long weekend of partying and enjoyment aboard his deluxe pleasure boat.

    His new girlfriend Michelle, a teenage blonde, strides around almost naked and is always available to welcome Dan’s sexual fantasies.

    Amy and James is a married couple who bring along their infant daughter Sarah. Since having a terrifying experience at sea with her father, Amy is afraid of the water. So she reluctantly boards the boat along with the others.

    On the first day while Amy breastfeeds Sarah, everyone goes swimming. Things begin to go horribly wrong when, while all the friends are enjoying the water, Dan, who is also Amy’s former beau, playfully throws her overboard. Only then do they realize that no one had remembered to lower the safety ladder so that they could climb back into the boat. So while everyone ponders about being stuck in the ocean, the screaming and hungry baby Sarah is alone on board the yacht. Fright, fatigue and emotional collapse begin to set in and the small group of friends are quickly turning into foes. They turn on each other frequently with anger and accusations.

  • Open Water 2: Adrift (Thriller Movie)
  • There are no shark incidences in this movie, but a lot is concentrated on the increasing tension, mounting resentment and a general fear of the cruel watery deep. It does much to build the atmosphere of thick suspense.

    Director Hans Horn does an excellent task of cinematizing the range of emotions the cast endured. We can’t withstand feeling sorry for them. No longer are they merely irritating characters but as we picture ourselves in their position, they become terrified human beings who keep making stupid mistakes.

    One example is when one of the characters tosses the cell phone, their only real means of getting outside help, into the ocean.

  • Open Water 2: Adrift (Thriller Movie)
  • Even though the movie isn’t necessarily great, I can still appreciate some of the characters and the way that they are portrayed by the actors who aren’t necessarily great themselves.

    For example, there’s the actor (not the comedian) Dane Cook who plays the role of Dan. Dan is portrayed as being the egotistical moron who has sparked the whole confusion. Still he shows his sorrow for his errors and tries to make amends even if it is late. For instance, he confesses to the group that he really does not own the yacht as earlier proclaimed but had borrowed it.

  • Open Water 2: Adrift (Thriller Movie)
  • It becomes almost as difficult for us not to surrender to the distress and heart-break that this thriller is all about as it is for the cast to battle the elements of that environment. It is an amazing contest for survival.

    In the real world, when panic sets in, you can’t think straight. Some excellent cinematography helps us keep track of each person’s reaction to this bungled situation, being stranded at sea. And since this is supposed to be based on real events, one wonders, if put to the test, which role would each of us play? Is it the commander, the complainer, the deserter, or the deep thinker? Would we submit to sheer anguish and frustration when we listen to our hungry baby screaming alone on board the yacht while we are only able to paddle the water? The fact is that we would all respond in different ways when confronted with such an awful affair due to such a deadly oversight.

  • Open Water 2: Adrift (Thriller Movie)
  • The biggest beef that I had with this movie was the quality of the picture. The entire movie looks as if it was shot on a cheap digital camera, which doesn’t speak well for the film. As a result some of the shots that were taken from certain angles might have even been stunning but they didn’t translate as well, and the entire movie looked both amateur and very low budget.

    The movie wasn’t excellent but it was enjoyable. It showed raw fear and the darker side of humans that sometimes emerge when we plummet into catastrophe. The ocean is a wonderful and beautiful place to be. It can also be a cruel death trap if we are not cautious. All it takes is too much regalement, lots of drinks and plenty of irresponsibility. I would recommend it to people who like watching b-rated thriller movies.

Donald Wolford says :

re : Since having a terrifying experience at sea with her father, Amy is afraid of the water
I liked both of the Open Water films, though I enjoyed the first much more given that it was based on a true story. Regarding Adrift it’s an interesting premise and it depicts what could happen if the captain of a yacht doesn’t keep his/her wits about him. Like on the open road and in the air safety must come first I’d give the film two stars out of four. No one gets eaten by a shark. In fact sharks don’t make a cameo appearance, which was surprising and to the film’s credit. I have nothing against sharks but you’d expect to see some in such a film. The woman in the film who decides to swim away? That’s a bit far-fetched and makes for an ambiguous ending (we never know what happens to her). Another dubious plot line is when the yacht captain throws the young mother over the side of the boat. I found that hard to believe. It would be more believable if he was a teenager. One more minor thing. The advertisement says Fatigue. Hypothermia. Death. I don’t recall anyone getting cold.
Derek says :

re : I would recommend it to people who like watching b-rated thriller movies
Best movie in this catagory for sure eye catcher
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