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  • I think Fantastic Four expected results something like that but things didn't went well this time
  • I don't want to be harsh at it so i would certainly be on the positive side for this movie because i believe in a artistic field, one cannot create a masterpiece every time
  • One of the biggest problem here is running time, which is only 100 minutes
  • Jordan tried to be funny sometimes but that doesn't made any difference
  • I would recommend to watch it only on TV or DVD , so even if don't like it, you won't regret watching it

by Aps


    The first Fantastic Four was released in 2005, and it was successful. Surprisingly, after 10 years, creators decided to reboot the series. May be because its in fashion these days, sequels, prequels, remakes everything is rocking the box office. Biggest example is Jurassic World which holds the record of biggest opening weekend. I think Fantastic Four expected results something like that but things didn’t went well this time. To be more specific, nothing worked for them. In case of rebooting a in-active franchise, stakes are always high, because bringing back the same estranged audience with different actors, story line, plot is much of daunting job. Well, Fantastic Four lacked every ingredient of franchise reboot, resulting in achieving a catastrophe at the box office and the lowest rating for from critics as well as from audience. I don’t want to be harsh at it so i would certainly be on the positive side for this movie because i believe in a artistic field, one cannot create a masterpiece every time.
  • Fantastic Four (2015)-Movie
  • One of the biggest problem here is running time, which is only 100 minutes. Character introduction was decent, but most of it looked unnecessary because it took more than half time of the movie, and when the Victor came back as villain only few minutes were left which was not enough. When more attention was required they just rushed the story, and when there was no need to be descriptive, things are slow beyond belief. I think that made some scenes nonsensical and exaggerated. Moreover, mostly movies have Teleporter with settings like date and place, instead of that here we see a new dimension or a planet but we don’t get to know much about it. This movie could have extended the run time a bit more so that everything could be much more descriptive and seem more realistic. Their was no harm in extending it to extra 20-30 minutes, maybe it could have saved it from rushing the important scenes especially the climax.

  • Fantastic Four (2015)-Movie
  • Acting was decent by everyone but their was no link between each other. Multiple superhero movies are always a team work, like in Avengers , they all rely on each other, they all laugh on each other, sometimes comes under conflict between each other but they all seem like a team. At least they have a better understanding of each other. The Fantastic Four looked like they are completely different four individuals. They never looked like a team. Now, question is that why would audience watch them if they don’t full fill the moral aspects of teamwork. Lack of interaction between the characters is what killed this movie. Though, everyone was introduced well but they forget to introduce them with each other. They are rarely seen having a quality talk with each. And please don’t even expect humor like Tony Stark here. Michael B. Jordan tried to be funny sometimes but that doesn’t made any difference. Initially, Sue and Reed begin to grow close, from which Victor gets jealous because he may have a thing for Susan but towards the end of the movie neither Reed nor Victor admit any fondness towards Susan. Undoubtedly, the last Fantastic Four team shared a better chemistry than this one.

  • Fantastic Four (2015)-Movie
  • Miles Teller replaced Ioan Gruffudd as a younger “Reed Richards” and “Mister Fantastic”. He is the foremost attraction here and but still things are not sorted between him and story. Their is no harm in making him extraordinary from childhood, but how can a 11 years old kid managed to collect heavy hardware like that to make a Teleporting machine even when he say his parents don’t understand his work. They should have at least made him a little older. And, why did he run away from the Area 57, where they were kept after their transformation. Their is no justification of this point, moreover he spent a year hiding from everyone. Lets say he was doing some secret research to get him and others back to their normal lives. But where’s that research? When army finds him and when Ben knocks him down, he don’t mention any reason when he was hiding from last one year instead he gets back to normal by saying sorry to Ben. Practically, if he was about to come back with nothing then why he was out of story. In the climax, when Victor destroys Reed’s special suit, he can’t control his rubber band body, but then suddenly he starts not only controlling it but also fighting and knocking down Victor. Other three took a year to understand their powers but Reed did this within few minutes. It is completely a good person turns hero cliche, these types of little mistakes in the script made it a box office flop.

  • Fantastic Four (2015)-Movie
  • Michael B. Jordan replaced Chris Evans as “Johnny Storm” and “The Human Torch”. Johnny we remember is supposed to be funny and hot-headed playboy but here he is a normal dude, calm and relaxed, who is always interested in street racing and he is black. I’m not being racist at all but completely changing the personality of a superhero is not a wise move at all. Furthermore, His father acknowledge him to be capable of doing better, which means he is somehow as smarter as Reed and Victor but this point is left unfinished because we don’t see any justification of his higher I.Q.

  • Fantastic Four (2015)-Movie
  • Jamie Bell replaced Michael Chiklis as “Ben Grimm” and “The Thing”. The only identical thing between them is that they both didn’t liked to be a large, rock-like creature with super strength. Apart from that they both are completely different. Michael Chiklis as The thing didn’t liked his disfigurement because his fiance abandoned him because of his situation whereas here we don’t know why he don’t like it, may be because he look ugly or may be it hurts- nothing is justified about it. Even his character was powerless, he almost meant nothing to the story until his transformation. According to the story he barely knew the other two- Sue and Johnny. There are only few dialogues by Jamie Bell. Which merely held any importance in the movie. For the record, Michael Chiklis was a muscular astronaut but Jamie Bell is not even close to that.

  • Fantastic Four (2015)-Movie
  • Writing is the culprit of this movie.Though, plot was interesting and had all the potential to be a successful one but the writing made everything look empty. At one point things look intimidating enough and looks like they will achieve a better climax but they are left abandoned. Things are not inter connected. Character introduction took so much time that the main conflict which was Dr. Doom, had hardly around 20 minutes to create a interest. Indeed they rushed things in the climax like it doesn’t matter at all. Which makes me think that scenes of Reed’s childhood was completely unnecessary, and that time should have been utilized for the climax. Moreover, the finals battle occurs in a boring environment. Even it was the most non-realistic one, black hole connecting two different worlds- i don’t see much of a sense here. I would not say that visual effects were not good, instead they were not that appealing on the silver screen. And what the hell was wrong with The Thing, i mean why he was naked, at least give him pants like last one.

  • Fantastic Four (2015)-Movie
  • Despite all its flaws, i won’t consider it a bad movie, as i said i’m merely on its positive side. If we keep all the things aside and see it as just a beginning, their is nothing worse in it. At least at some stages its successful in grabbing our attention and making us curious about what is coming next. Dr. Doom looks really good with his evil super powers, he was a perfect antagonist. For the record, even the Fantastic Four 2005 was not a giant success. So, their is not a huge difference between this and last one. The reason that it went out to be a disaster is because the expectations were too high from this. People expected it to be better than the original series, specifically, they expected a masterpiece with outstanding visual effects. Unfortunately, their expectations were not fulfilled and i think people spread the word that don’t watch it, restricting people from watching it in theaters. Chris Evans as the Human Torch- i never expected that they would replace him. But we can not make things happen as we wish. According to me, rebooting this series was not a smart choice. People would have loved the sequel of the original series with same star cast rather than with new faces and whole new premise.

    It says that “change is coming”, but there is no difference yet but i hope that its sequel which is coming out in 2017 would be much better. I admit that the original was a bit better than this but this one didn’t deserved to be bashed like this. Still, this one is quite watchable, it has everything to be a one time watch, if you don’t have anything else to do in free time then this can be a idle fun for 100 minutes. And if you are not a Fantastic Four fan then its weak points won’t bother you at all. I would recommend to watch it only on TV or DVD , so even if don’t like it, you won’t regret watching it.

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