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  • With Rick, and others gone out of the community,Alexidrians's only hope of surviving is their real fighters which are-Carol,Morgan,Maggie,Carl and Rosita
  • Their is no doubt that this whole season is going to be related with wolves group

by Aps


    In the end of TRP shattering premier,Rick’s plan was going successful until a horn goes off distracting thousands of zombie and leading them back to Alexandria.In this second episode called “JSS”,it is revealed the chaos is created by the savage group “Wolves”. Alexandrian’s daily lives gets rocked when the Wolves comes out of nowhere and start hacking people with machetes.Which is very surprising to see because the massacre escalates unexpectedly.As dozens of wolves comes chopping people into pieces and tossing firebombs,nobody except Carol gets to know what is going on.Its is shocking to see women in the group of wolves.Not because they are not capable of killing people but because their may be a untold leader of wolves who is forcing women to kill others in order to survive.
  • The Walking Dead Season-6 Episode-2
  • With Rick, and others gone out of the community,Alexidrians’s only hope of surviving is their real fighters which are-Carol,Morgan,Maggie,Carl and Rosita. Because Eugnene and Father Gabriel can’t do any good followed by Diana and her son who stays out of the walls like cowards. The community walls proves to be incapable of saving the people as wolves breaks into easily.We, are left wondering how their group managed to do so.

  • The Walking Dead Season-6 Episode-2
  • Morgan relies on his policy of “every life matters”by not killing the wolves instead capturing them.When he gets ambushed by bunch of wolves, he tell them to run away and scares them off by saying that his people have guns and the wolves don’t.This is a important question that why the wolves don’t have guns,i mean how can they even think of attacking a whole community without guns. Maybe they too rely on the policy of just chopping people. Whereas,Carol makes a wise move by dressing like one of them and killing the wolves.She don’t rely on any policy except killing the attackers,which turns out life saving for others.

  • The Walking Dead Season-6 Episode-2
  • The attack comes out of nowhere. We have no idea how it’s all going to play out. From start to the end,we keep thinking that what if a main character dies in this mayhem.Their are scenes where this imagination almost became reality like when Morgan gets overrun and surrounded by attackers, which we think he might not make it and when Jessie is confronted by a savage women.Indeed,only faceless and nameless people died, who don’t had any importance in the story. Which is somehow a relief. Guns turned the game towards Alexandrian,otherwise the wolves might have taken control of community and kept the survivors as hostage until the comeback of Rick and others.But thanks to the creators that didn’t happen.

  • The Walking Dead Season-6 Episode-2
  • First time in the history of The Walking Dead, we don’t have Rick Grimes in a entire episode.We have felt the absence of him and others.As the walkers are heading towards Alexandria,i hope Rick and group come back to the community soon and get stunned by the slaughter.Then Dianna,incapable of doing anything have to handover the lead to Rick. I hope that is what most of the fans are expecting. Now,the savior Rick have to make better decision to prevent further attacks by Wolves as well as by the walkers.

  • The Walking Dead Season-6 Episode-2
  • After math, Aaron discovers that the Wolves had photographs of all of Alexandria’s defenses and layout.Now we are left to assume that someone have betrayed the community by providing all the information to Wolves. Their is a chance that Enid can be the culprit.She is seen with obsession of “JSS” in the start of episode and she dissapperas after the escape of Wolves, leaving behind a note of “Just Survive Somehow”.She has been seen sneaking out in the last season,which might be a reason of her betrayal.Undoubtedly,their is whole different story behind this and i hope it gets revealed in upcoming episodes.

    This was a very exciting episode from start to finish. Incapability of warfare is a wake-up call for Deanna and the Alexandrians. Their is no doubt that this whole season is going to be related with wolves group. Their are lots of mysterious which are yet to be disclosed especially about Wolves and Enid.I hope their is lot more excitement coming in upcoming episodes.

mj says :

I love to watch Walking Dead and my favorite character is Daryl. But because of my busy life with family and work, most of the times i miss the Sunday episode and i’m out of touch from the season 6. My only choice is reading a quick review. Thanks for adding them here. Keep on publishing them and if possible also include the summary of the episode. keep up the good work mate. your reviews are much more descriptive then other critics and other sites too.
Aps replies :

Yes, the Walking Dead is the sensation now days, i will try my best to bring more reviews. Thanks for reading them.
Shivam says :

yeah buddy i stay too busy for work and other things i always miss the episode and did not the get the chance to see on tv i read your reviews and it gives me a whole summary of episode. thanks for the reviews . i appreciate alot. keep posting i am looking more. :)
Aps replies :

Thanks, i will try to bring more.
Mindy says :

Walking dead is becoming a quite exciting season. I like Daryl. I didnt got the chance to watch this season because my 5 year old daughter gets scared from zombie. In the day im working and after that i cant watch because of kids and all the house work. Thanks to Reviewstream and author for posting this. I can say its bit more easy to read review before watching an episode because if episode is slow, its a time waste for me. So keep posting.
Aps replies :

Yes The Walking Dead is a big thing now days, the twists its creating are shocking as well as exciting to watch. Thanks for reading it.
Jazz Faisal says :

Walking dead is rocking the TV these days. This season is absolutely amazing,brilliant, exciting and epic. Perfect treat for its fans.
Aps replies :

Yeah, its been really amazing till now. Thanks for reading .
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