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  • According to me he is the biggest attraction, though he is only present for few scenes but being his fan i think that's enough
  • I would say i am completely surprised because it's really better than i thought it would be
  • For Jason Statham fans it's a must watch because he's in a never seen avatar of excessively abusive funny spy yet as usually seriously straight-faced
  • Unfortunately, instead of him Melissa McCarthy is the main focus here who was at her best

by Aps


    Spy is a comedy movie written and directed by Paul Feig. Honestly, i was never interested in this movie but the only reason that made me watch it was Jason Statham. According to me he is the biggest attraction, though he is only present for few scenes but being his fan i think that’s enough. I would say i am completely surprised because it’s really better than i thought it would be. It’s hilarious, entertaining and worth watching. For Jason Statham fans it’s a must watch because he’s in a never seen avatar of excessively abusive funny spy yet as usually seriously straight-faced. Which proved to be better for him than a slapstick approach, and he has just made my day with his performance. Unfortunately, instead of him Melissa McCarthy is the main focus here who was at her best.
  • Spy (2015)- Comedy Movie
  • Movie is about unappealing Susan Cooper(Melissa McCarthy), who provides desk guidance for AgentBradley Fine (Jude Law). Susan has a thing for Bradley but she can’t tell him directly. When Bardley gets killed on a mission, Cooper volunteers to finish the mission and avenge Bradley. CIA Head Elaine Crocker (Allison Janney) reluctantly choose her over Agent Rick Ford (Jason Statham) Because of her unknown identity and her not spy like body. Ford gets angry with it and turns rogue to finish the mission on his own and save the country.

  • Spy (2015)- Comedy Movie
  • On her mission, Susan finds out that the office of De Luca was burned down. Soon after, she finds De Luca’s henchman following Ford who swaps his backpack with an identical one containing a bomb. Susan alerts Ford in time for him to throw the bomb into the river. De Luca’s henchman snap a picture of Susan which blows her cover. Cooper chases him and successfully fends him off and knocks him off a balcony to get the camera back. After getting a evidence in his camera, Susan is then given another identity and flown off to Italy. There she follows De Luca inside a Casino. In there she saves Reyna Boyanov (Rose Byrne) when she spots a waiter slip poison in her drink. Reyna then takes Cooper out to dinner as thanks for saving her life. But after a incident Reyna finds out the reality of Susan but she makes up a fake name, saying that she’s a secret bodyguard hired by Reyna’s father. Reyna believes her and lets Cooper fly them into Bulgaria.

  • Spy (2015)- Comedy Movie
  • There De Luca’s customer arrives and gives diamonds as payment. Boyanov then leads everyone to location of nuke. De Luca tries to kill everyone including Reyna but Susan saves her shooting and killing every De Luca’s henchmen. Cooper then gives chase to De Luca escaping in his helicopter and becomes successfully getting him killed, completing her first mission.

  • Spy (2015)- Comedy Movie
  • I tried to exclude as much as spoilers as i can from the summary. No doubt, Melissa McCarthy doing all the actions seem impossible because of her body but it won’t bother you because its all meant as comedy. However, Susan gets a on field mission after 10 years which means she might had this type of training 10 years back but still its hard to believe watching her shooting and knocking down bad people without missing even a single time. Especially when even top spies like Bradley Fine and Rick Ford can’t do it. Thank god that its a comedy movie otherwise it would have been a disaster.

  • Spy (2015)- Comedy Movie
  • Though, Melissa McCarthy pulled a brilliant performance. At the first half of the movie she curse herself for unable to do anything likewise a real spy but in the second half she is confident, robust and much more funny. Her chemistry with Jason Stathu is surprisingly hilarious and amusing. If i have to select the only best thing in this movie, i would say that is their “insulting each other” chemistry. They both deserve equal credit because it wasn’t a one person job so they were supportive to each other.

  • Spy (2015)- Comedy Movie
  • Story is just decent, neither too bad nor too good. This movie is successful mostly because of the acting because they pumped life into the story. I think bringing Jason Statham was a smart move by the creators. Character of Agent Rick Ford was made only for a guy like Jason. As we already know him as a tough assassin and transporter, so creators brought something new by creating kind off Jason’s parody by himself. They added a funny side in his usual personality. His fans will love watching him like this.

    I was wondering how this movie turned out to be a successful one, but after watching i came to know why. Its really entertaining and hilarious but not extraordinary. If you are looking something amusing to watch, go for this one. I would recommend to watch it.

Jazz Faisal says :

To be honest I watched this movie only because of Jason and I would say he was the only thing that I liked here, Other things were nothing uncommon. Melissa was good but nothing can be compared with Jason.

Aps replies :

Jason is always a big thing no matter what type of movie he do.
Thanks for reading.

Max Silver says :

Honestly, Spy movie rocks. The scenes that Jason acts in any movie become fantastic. He is a cool actor and any movie he is in seems to bring the action in. Making it more entertaining. Its fun watching Spy movie.

Andrew Leith says :

I totally agree. It was a great movie, and I give it 8 out of 10. It was fun and exciting movie. Jason does a very good job and he’s excellent in other movies as well.

Nina says :

Love this movie I first watched it at random - with friends, wondering what to watch in the cinema. When the movie began, I couldn’t believe it at first, because I study in Varna, Bulgaria, where the first scenes are supposed to be - and, well, you don’t get that often in the movies. I laughed so hard all through the movie and since then rewatched it a couple of times. Loved all of the characters and the actor play. If you’re searching for something to make you smile, Spy is the thing :D

Katja Moeller says :

I agree. It is a really funny movie and it is refreshing that the main character isn’t super hot and still manage to kick butt. Even though it might be a little far fetched:)

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