Generation Iron (2013) Movie
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  • It is a straightforward movie but his camera skills and editing done the magic,making this movie one of the best in sports documentaries

by Aps


    Life is not a piece of cake.It is hard and unpredictable.It can be disappointing,working so hard and perfect for achieving a goal can still result failure.These statements applies for every single living being in this universe.Even when it comes to Bodybuilders.People might think that they are just knuckleheads who pump heavy weights only because they can’t pursue a brainstorming career.Celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger can make people imagine that anybody can acquire all the temptations in the world just by getting a “Herculine” physique simply using steroids.Generation Iron is a movie which proves this conception thoroughly incorrect.
  • Generation Iron (2013)-Movie
  • From same producers of movie Pumping Iron (1977) comes Generation Iron.Movie pivots around the concept that their is whole lot of things involved in subject of bodybuilding.Directed by Vlad Yudi,It is a true story documentary focuses on exotic yet simultaneously hard and unpredictable life of worlds top bodybuilders.Movie depicts the journey of different bodybuilders from around the globe as they train to compete in Mr.Olympia-worlds biggest bodybuilding title hosts in Las Vegas,America.It walks us through what it takes to be crowned as Mr.Olympia which simply means being best of the bests.It examines the contemporaneity professional sport of bodybuilding.What it has developed into over the course of years.In addition to that,It introduces us with lives of current bodybuilding stars Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Branch Warren, Dennis Wolf, Victor Martinez, Hidetada Yamagishi as well as ambitious newcomer Ben Pakulski and European sensation Roelly Winklaar.

  • Generation Iron (2013)-Movie
  • Vlad Yudin have directed only couple of movies but he is man who prefers quality over quantity.It is a straightforward movie but his camera skills and editing done the magic,making this movie one of the best in sports documentaries.

  • Generation Iron (2013)-Movie
  • Movie starts movie starts with Phil Heath Defeating legendary 4 times Mr.Olympia Jay cutler.From that movement he dominated the bodybuilding industry and also got a name-”Gift” because of his gifted genetics.After not a having a successful career in basketball Phil Heath turned himself into a professional bodybuilder and achieved tremendous heights in this industry.He became a rising star,but his attitude always kept him under criticisms.”He is not a good role model for this sport” as Ben Pakulski adds on.

  • Generation Iron (2013)-Movie
  • Brilliance of this movie resides in its simplicity.It teaches us about the uncertainty of the life.As we see Phil Heath and other bodybuilders- though they all work equally hard but Phil can build muscle half as hardly as others just because of his supreme genetics.Even if he is in worst shape,when he pose on the stage muscles just start popping out of nowhere.Which can be frustrating for others because they do not achieve equal amount of success in comparison to their efforts.

  • Generation Iron (2013)-Movie
  • Kai Greene has always been struggling form the day he was born to keep his life intact.”I don’t represent gifts” as he adds on mentioning his biggest rivals Phil Heath.Movie brings a typical Phil-Kai rivalry and moreover the brilliant approach of Kai Greene towards life teaches us a firm lesson of never giving up.In his entire life he never had a taste of long term success worth his efforts but still he keeps his sanity and maintains a rigorous discipline.

  • Generation Iron (2013)-Movie
  • Importance of genetics is a topic which is always under debate of experts.Some of the them agrees that all it takes is genetics to be a bodybuilder.Including Ben Pekulski who says “he build muscle half as easy as Phil because of genetics”.Whereas others contradict it by saying handwork and discipline outnumbers this fact.Their might be a appropriate scientific proof over this topic but it doesn’t altered difference of opinions.

  • Generation Iron (2013)-Movie
  • Movie goes on introducing different bodybuilders.Their distinct lifestyle because movie is dedicated to Bodybuilders as a whole which is psychologically,physically and socially.We get to know about a typical bodybuilder’s different attributes of life and their contribution to their profession.Their emotional level is filmed exactly as they win or loss a dream.As professionals their opinions differ form each other.Taking example of Branch Warren-he rely on working harder every time to get better result but Ben Pakulski calls it wrong and admit modern scientific and precise approach better.Hidetada Yamagishi tries to do his best despite the fact that he represent a part of world where nobody could even think about competing in Mr.Olympia.He also supports the fact that genetics is not the primal thing to have.

  • Generation Iron (2013)-Movie
  • Amid the contemporary bodybuilding,movie sheds light on the fact that when a person becomes obsessed about his dreams he opts to do whatever it takes to achieve the result.Even if it comes to taking performance enhancing drugs or steroids.As experts acknowledge them harmful and not scientifically proven,likewise considered as stains on sport of bodybuilding.Because of them people are usually compelled to say that a athletes is on drugs if he has brought a physique which is so hard to get.This notion can waste the years of training of someone.

  • Generation Iron (2013)-Movie
  • Foremost message of this movie is that though bodybuilding is the most fascinating sport in this world,stakes are always high in it.Sponsorship works as life line for a bodybuilder.It provides them the vital necessities which can not be affordable on regular basis for a typical Bodybuilder.Loosing a important competition can put an end to sponsorship which means an end to the dreams.Which states that this field have a decent dark side and undoubtedly you have to live a unpredictable life as a bodybuilder despite their world famous popularity.

    Overall this is a Brilliant movie.Before watching this movie i knew nothing about the modern bodybuilding but this it introduced me about this sport really well.Apart from that it also frames aspects like dedication, rivalry, victory, defeat, redemption and triumph.So i would say this is a must watch movie especially for bodybuilding enthusiasts.

Jazz Faisal says :

I have watched this film. It really inspired me to workout. Ha Ha, but seriously if you are a gym freak than this is a must watch film.
Aps replies :

Same here. Thanks for reading.
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