Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash
    • by Kimberly Godwin

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      Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash is by far the best body wash or soap that I have ever used. I have two issues with my skin: my face and back are very oily, but my legs are very dry. I have found that using Dove everyday has been the perfect solution to balance out my skin. Because my face and back are extremely oily, I was concerned that the moisturizers would be too much and cause more breakouts. The opposite actually occurred and my skin is very healthy and looks better than it did when I was a teenager. Dove also provides
      much needed moisturizers for my dry legs. It works to keep them soft and smooth all year long. I use Dove to shave my legs instead of shaving cream. Many shaving creams contain alcohol, which is terrible for dry skin.

      Another plus is that it is great for children’s delicate skin. In the winter, my kids get dry, red cheeks that sting. I replaced their regular soap with Dove body wash and it solved the problem.

      Another reason I love this product is that is serves as an excellent makeup remover. I don’t have to use a separate remover for mascara and eyeliner. When doing laundry, I have also noticed that makeup comes out of my washcloths much easier. This has certainly saved my nicer washcloths from being ruined. I enjoy a product that works to make my hectic schedule less troublesome.

      Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash has a light, pleasant scent. For me, this is the most critical characteristic of any product I buy because I suffer from migraines that are often triggered by strong fragrances. It rinses off well and doesn’t leave an overwhelming scent. I have never had a headache that I felt was triggered by using Dove. Unlike many ...

      • Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash
      other products, I feel safe using Dove.

      The body wash is white and very thick. It feels really smooth when you rub it on your skin. One of its key ingredients is glycerin, which is great for your skin. You can feel the moisturizers as soon as you start to use it. It washes off easily and does not leave a greasy feel. Because it lathers so well, you only have to use about a quarter-sized amount to get the full effects. The thick consistency prevents it from running out of the bottle if it accidentally falls over in the bathtub. I have found it in the bottom of my tub several times and only a small amount, if any at all, had seeped out.

      While this body wash costs a little more than similar products, it is well worth it. Dove is one of the few ways I get to regularly pamper myself. I have never used another body wash that even comes close to the quality that Dove has. It can be found easily at all of the stores I regularly shop. It comes in several sizes including a travel size for added convenience. I absolutely adore Dove!

gurveer says :

I is a great body wash it helps nourish my skin make heapier it is costly than other products but it is the best in range product the effects i see with it are great
gurveer says :

re : I enjoy a product that works to make my hectic schedule less troublesome
Yes this product feels me great whenever i use it i feel smother and my whole day happily and cool and calm
Jonathan Rodriguez says :

re : Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash is by far the best body wash or soap that I have ever used
Dove is definitely the best body wash I have used. It leaves my skin so soft. It’s gentle and the different smells are beyond amazing
MylzTiongco says :

I agree. Dove is very timeless. Ever since I was a child, my mom constantly telling that dove is the best moisturizing soap and thru its innovations, now it has a body wash that suits mostly dry skin. Smells so fresh and my skin becomes smooth and soft. I am using it everyday and it helps to moisture my skin and keep it young looking.
Debbie Champagne says :

I totally agree that Dove is the best Nourishing Body Wash. The smell is fabulous and it cleans my skin greatly. It makes my skin feel soft and smooth. My husband loves how I smell and feel when I get out of the shower. I would highly recommend this to everyone out there. You will not be disappointed.
dan says :

I agree with your comment. I have to use dove because some of the soaps in other products irritate my skin, but dove certainly does leave you feeling fresh
Debbie Champagne says :

I buy it all the time and would never buy anything else.
Cassie Lanier says :

re : Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash is by far the best body wash or soap that I have ever used
I highly agree with the statement that dove deeply nourishing body wash is the best i have ever used Its the only body wash that leaves my skin feeling soft and clean without breaking me out
Sangrampanwar says :

re : Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash is by far the best body wash or soap that I have ever used
I tried Dove Beauty Bar with initial thoughts that it was just another cake of soap. My skin is normally dry and flaky to my absolute amazement within a few days my skin had a noticable improvement.
The moisterising effect it had on my skin
irma says :

I like all Dove products,they are all very rich creamy and smell wonderful.I feel somehow safe when i use them.No matter is it a soup,lotion or shower gel,i feel like i bring some oil or cream on my skin.I definitely recommend all from Dove
Tayla says :

re : Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash is by far the best body wash or soap that I have ever used
I also use Dove products very often because my skin become very soft and it doesn’t irritate my skin. But I also have to say, I like how dove products with flowers or fruit smell very well and I like how my all bathroom smells when I take the shower. If I close my eyes I fill like I am in very expensive spa.
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