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  • Samsung is one of the brands that has been well-known for making the best Android phones
  • I am lucky to have been able to experience this awesome feature from Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562
  • I really love the phone for its sleek look
  • I love that it looks like the other Galaxy models that are more expensive
  • The phone is nice but I think, this is not the phone for me

by Ms. Mycroft the Gamer


    Samsung is one of the brands that has been well-known for making the best Android phones. It is also a new feature that Samsung has made several of their products dual sim enabled. I am lucky to have been able to experience this awesome feature from Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562. The phone is dual sim capable with the best features of an Android phone. Today, I will be sharing with you my thoughts and experience with this phone so let’s start!
  • Android Phone, Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos GT-19082 (White)
  • I will just guide you with the phone’s appearance. I really love the phone for its sleek look. It is thin and it is only 0.41 inches in thickness. It is big, measuring 4.78 x 2.48 inches. I love that it looks like the other Galaxy models that are more expensive. This phone only cost nine thousand approximately in peso. That would be a big saving if you are looking for phones that has the same features as to the other models. It also has a front camera which has 0.3 megapixel which is enough for me since when I am in a bright area, the front cam works great. The buttons and controllers of the phone consists of one home button, one sensor exit/ back button, and one sensor for more details and options which I like since I am used to my Samsung Galaxy Ace. I don’t have to adjust anymore with the basic controls. The phone has its speakers on the back side together with the flash and the rear camera. I can also install many apps since the phone has an installed 4GB storage in it. It can also be inserted with memory cards up to 32GB. I will discuss all about my problems with installing apps with this phone.

  • Android Phone, Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos GT-19082 (White)
  • Let’s move on to its rear camera. I would emphasize this because it is a necessity for me to have a great camera since I like to take pictures and I am writing reviews about anything that I like. The phone’s camera is just fine. Nothing in particular that interests me. Yes, it is clear and has 5.0 megapixels but it’s not just outstanding for me. It has no new features and options. It’s just like my Galaxy Ace and compared to my Sony Ericsson Xperia mini, Xperia mini is better in terms of its camera features in my opinion. I also want to add that the quality of the phone’s camera when I use the app Camera360 is not good especially when the area is dimly lighted. When I try to use Camera360 in this phone, it’s as if that I should have used the camera app installed in this phone. The phone does not work well with camera apps namely, Camera360 and also Retrica. The pictures are just so dark when I use these apps in this phone but I know that this is not normal since I am using these apps in my other phones and tabs.

  • Android Phone, Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos GT-19082 (White)
  • Moving on, I would like to say that I don’t like the position of the earphone outlet. It is normal to see phones with earphone outlets on the upper part of the phone but I don’t like it since I find it hard to tame and hold in place the earphone chord while using the phone. I don’t like my earphones to go in front of the screen and disturb whatever I’m doing. I have already said it in my past review so I don’t like this phone’s position of earphone outlet.

  • Android Phone, Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos GT-19082 (White)
  • On the other hand, I love that the makers of this phone realized where the volume buttons should be. I like that the volume buttons are on the left side of the screen, enabling me to press it easily since it is made and optimized, I guess, for right-handed people. I just have to add that I usually find it hard to press the volume buttons. Yes, it’s position is good but I think the quality’s not catching up. I don’t know if it is my fault but I hate it when I try to press the buttons and the phone doesn’t seem to respond in it, requiring me to push the buttons harder.

  • Android Phone, Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos GT-19082 (White)
  • While the volume buttons are on the left side, the power button is on the right side which makes it easier for me to press it with my thumb. I would exert more effort to press the power button if it is on the upper side of the phone since the phone is quite big for me. So I commend the makers for thinking about this little detail that makes it easier for users to use the phone. Other than that, I would say that I also find it difficult to press the button like what I already explained about the volume buttons. It’s just too saddening.

  • Android Phone, Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos GT-19082 (White)
  • Anyways, in terms of the phone’s capacity for apps, I would say it is unfair. This is because the phone does not let me move my apps to the memory card. Well, I commend them for giving me 4GB storage already installed in the phone but this is not enough! I am a gamer and I like to download as many games as I like and I am a hoarder so I don’t delete the games even if I don’t like some of them. This is what makes me furious! I cannot save all my favorite games at the same time. I would have to delete some first because 4GB is not that big. I really hate this phone because it lacks the feature of moving apps to the memory card. Even if I use some memory saving apps to move my games to the memory card, it won’t let me. The apps would just lead me to the settings of the phone itself. Another thing, the phone drains battery easily. I think this phone is not for gamers like me who download many apps and play for countless hours. The phone also consumes too much battery life when I turn on my mobile data. You know, I cannot be beside our router all the time and this makes me upset since I cannot use the phone for hours with my mobile data on! How can I ever bring this phone on a vacation? Obviously, this phone is not my first choice.

  • Android Phone, Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos GT-19082 (White)
  • Another thing that I would like to rant about this phone is that it always hangs! Every time I play in this phone, it just sucks to be hanging and lagging and crashing! Well, I would like to praise that the display of the phone is really nice but it just always hangs! It is very slow for me even when it comes to opening apps. It The phone stops for a while before opening the app. Well, I know that it has 768 MB RAM and it is comparably higher than my Galaxy Ace and Xperia Mini but it is still not enough for me. It cannot handle 3 games on background apps without generally lagging. It is just so slow for me because even when I am just opening an app that is factory installed, it would lag. Even typing on the keyboard sometimes makes me upset because the screen can’t catch my drift! Also, I have sent too many messages with typographical errors because of this phone. I thought I was typing correctly and I would press send then I would reread my message and it just lacks some letters, sometimes even words! I am not the kind of person that is okay with sending typo errors. I despise that! So I really really hate this phone for bringing me these too much frustrations!

  • Android Phone, Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos GT-19082 (White)
  • I just want to say something about the phone’s design. I am not really a fan of smartphones with smooth edges because I do not like my phone look cheap and this is what I don’t like about the phone. Yeah, it’s big and smooth but it looks pretty cheap. Also, you can also easily see that the back cover of the phone is not some kind of an expensive metal or whatever expensive looking material. The back cover is just made up of plastic and it can be easily removed. Unlike the new Samsung phones, this phone’s battery can still be removed and the sim it requires are just regular sized sims. Today, we can see high-end phones require micro sims or even nano sims so this phone is obviously not a high-end one. By just looking at it, you will know that it is just a cheap version of great Samsung phones. Well, in all fairness, I can say that the phone does not slip easily from my grip. The kind of plastic the back cover was made is making this possible but I still don’t like it because it feels cheap and looks like it can be easily cracked by force so you really need a trusty case for this phone to prevent this.

  • Android Phone, Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos GT-19082 (White)
  • As I have said, the phone looks kind of cheap. Well it looks classy because of the metal on its sides because it shines just like in the picture above. The screen of the phone is also not scratch-resistant so you really have to cover it with a screen protector. It’s thin but not really unlike the new models of smartphone Samsung now offers. Nothing outstanding about the phone. I think that this phone is just overrated because it brings the name Grand from the Grand family but it does not seem to perform perfectly when needed.

    So I guess I have said enough about this phone since I don’t really have much reasons to praise this phone. So my final verdict? This phone is not outstanding in terms of its features. It is only quite pricey because of its bigger size. I would recommend this phone to those who are looking for phones that look like the expensive models of the brand and who do not use phones much for gaming and downloading many apps. The phone is nice but I think, this is not the phone for me. So what do you think of this phone? Have you tried it? Let me know! Feel free to comment your opinions and suggestions below. Thank you! :)

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