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  • I am highly satisfied of the service that's why I recommend this pawnshop and money remittance center

    • by ellehcir gawamul


      Palawan Pawnshop is one of the largest pawnshop and money remittance center in the Philippines. It has over 1300 branches nationwide. Palawan Pawnshop is also a partner of LBC, Tambunting Pawnshop, and SM malls in the Philippines. They offer different services such as pawning, money remittance, forex exchange,bills payment(electricity,phone,internet,load and tuition fee payment in different universities in the Philippines).They also offer payout from different international money remittance (moneygram,xoom,aub,metrobank,iremit,express money,lbc international,transfast and many more).

      I am a customer of Palawan Pawnshop Express Pera Padala for almost 3 years.I am a satisfied customer. I have pawns and a regular customer of their Palawan
      Express Pera Padala. They the cheapest rate in money remittance here in the Philippines.

      In the first year of being a customer,I pawn my necklace to them (a gift from my husband),the guard of the pawnshop greeted me w/ a big smile.When I come to the counter, the teller is very approachable, they are polite and kind. She wears a smile also,as a customer, that is the one that you are looking for, with a great customer service. She appraised my necklace and give the right amount for it. The cashier give me the money and explain their interest monthly and when to renew my item. This pawnshop offers 3% monthly interest plus an allowance of three days to renew the pawned item. They have also a notification informing me to renew my item. It was awesome!

      A few months later, they offer me suki card(discount & rebate card).I pay the card for only Php50($1.25) and it has no expiration. My pawned item amounted to Php10000($250), the teller says that if i present the card i will have 5% discount of the renewal amount.If we are going to compute it my renewal amount is Php300(3% of the principal)per month less the discount ...

      • Palawan Pawnshop Pera Padala
      of Php15(5% of renewal amt) plus service charge of Php5 equals to Php290. It is an advantage to me because I will save 15 pesos every month. The teller also says that I can decrease the principal amount monthly for only Php50. Some pawnshop does not offer that, only Palawan Pawnshop.

      Years have passed, every time I send and get money, I always have a discount and rebates. Everyday I passed on their branches and they have a lot of customers compared with other money remittance center. One time, I send money to my mother, I present my suki card and after 2 minutes,they have already send the money. Not only that,they have also notification when your money had been send and if it was already claimed, they also notify the sender. I am very happy with the service they are providing.

      They have also my wallet card also a suki card, remittance card, visa card and an atm card. If someone will send you money through Palawan Pawnshop,you can get this in any atm machine nationwide providing only the card number of your card to your sender.

      I am highly satisfied of the service that’s why I recommend this pawnshop and money remittance center.

Patrick says :

i luve it. best yet.

re : I am highly satisfied of the service that’s why I recommend this pawnshop and money remittance center
I have the same experience with them. Their security personnel are courteous and the staff in the pawnshop are the same. Tried their services for remitting money for my wife last year and I had no problems. I have a few friends in social media who sell products online that use the Palawan Pera Padala as a payment option for their customers. They are all satisfied with the services of Palawan Pera Padala. It is quick convenient and affordable.
Mae anne asilo says :

re : I am highly satisfied of the service that’s why I recommend this pawnshop and money remittance center
I’ve been sending money through palawan pera padala for 3 years but this time their service sucks They admit it is their fault. They input a different recievers name , different from what I indicated in their form and that gave me too much hassle and distress. They said they copy paste the name incorrectly I wasn’t able to recheck their receipt because I’ve been sending money through them and I believe in their service up until this time. Their service sucks at the same time their employees as well. They didn’t even apologize for their mistake and when I ask them to change the name , the clerk assigned was not that friendly, turn over my receipt and told me it was already done changing the name of my reciever with that cold face and even rolled her eyes . That is the worst customer service I ever had. I went back to my home , and I found out that my reciever can’t claim the money because as per that branch (CDO) the name wasn’t change yet so I go back to palawan pera padala , labangon branch cebu , advising me it can’t be change because the money was already claimed only to found out that the CDO Branch was offline that’s why they can’t see the updated name. Honestly , this establishment sucks, their customer service sucks , much more their system is totally fucked up. Goodluck to those who still want to utilize palawan pera padala to send their money , I hope you will not encounter what I had encounter, the struggle, the hassle , the stress and the worst service ever
Erlinda Rosaline Carrillo says :

I do highly recommend Palawan pawnshop to my friends for the reason that staffs are very accomodating and they have the lowest charges on money transfers.
Epy says :

Yeah they suck big time…sent money and claims system issue hence unable to provide a reference or transaction number I went ahead and asked for a refund -teller says they can’t since it’s been I said if it’s been registered…you must have a number then….and he went on and on and on….
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