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  • This becomes a problem as Ted is not recognized as a human being by law thus he can't adopt a baby
  • I genuinely enjoyed Ted 2, it had me laughing throughout the movie
  • Of course it's meant to be funny but it didn't sit well with a lot of critics
  • Overall Ted 2 was an interesting experiment and while it worked out in the comedy department, despite some controversial jokes, the story wasn't too great
  • I would recommend this movie for a really, good laugh

by Moe


    Anyone who’s seen Ted (2012), knows how hilarious a vulgar, talking teddy bear can be. Ted 2 delivers on the expectations set by Ted, but with less of a story and more focus on humour.

    Ted 2 continues the story of a talking teddy bear, Ted and his best friend, John Bennett, who’s in his mid-30s. The movie starts with Ted getting married to his girlfriend from the previous movie, Tammi-Lynn. It’s revealed that John, who married his fiance, Laurie at the end of Ted (2012), has now been divorced from her for six months and is still not ready to move on.Ted constantly tries to force him to date other women but John doesn’t seem able to.

    A few months after Ted marries Tammi-Lynn, he realizes his marriage is in danger because of the constant fighting between the two of them. Ted comes up with an idea to have a baby with Tammi-Lynn via artificial insemination but when it’s revealed that Tammi-Lynn’s ovaries are destroyed because of her old drug use, they settle on attempting to adopt a baby. This becomes a problem as Ted is not recognized as a human being by law thus he can’t adopt a baby. Ted and John find a young lawyer, Samantha, who takes up Ted’s case. Together, the three of them try to get Ted recognized as a person under law and give him the rights a human would have.

    Donny, a man who was obsessed with Ted and kidnapped him in the first movie and works as a janitor in Ted 2, once again attempts to kidnap him, causing more chaos in Ted’s life.

  • Ted 2 - Comedy Movie (2015)
  • I genuinely enjoyed Ted 2, it had me laughing throughout the movie. However, what I enjoyed about Ted (2012), was that there was a story and it was executed well. You could relate to the characters and there were scenes which were touching.

    Ted 2, completely undoes the work of Ted. Despite the hilarity of the movie, there’s a lack of character development. John Bennett takes a backseat to Ted in this movie, whereas in the first movie both had equally meaty roles and furthermore, they completely discarded Laurie, a character important to the first movie,in order to force Samantha on the viewers.

    The movie starts off well enough with the marriage of Ted and Tammi-Lynn (pictured above). At the reception, we get treated to jokes involving sexual acts between two men, made by a gay couple. Of course it’s a riot in the theater because it’s this type of comedy that popularized Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy. We also get a song that seems like it will never end- again something Seth Macfarlane does in family guy.

  • Ted 2 - Comedy Movie (2015)
  • Ted 2 owes a lot of hilarity to Ted himself. With his slight accent, witty remarks, sarcastic comments- he comes off like Peter Griffin in Family Guy, except much more intelligent.

    However, there were many jokes in this film that were considered homophobic, racist or even transphobic by critics. The above scene is where Ted uses John’s laptop and discovers many files of porn including a file that has transsexuals in it. He makes a comment about how there are no chicks with dicks, but guys with dicks. Of course it’s meant to be funny but it didn’t sit well with a lot of critics. In my personal opinion, if you’re going to watch the movie, prepare to be offended. The director is Seth MacFarlane, he’s well known as the creator of Family Guy, so people know what kind of content he puts out there. It’s clearly meant to be lighthearted but if you’re a person that takes offense quickly, this movie will not be for you.

    There’s a scene in the movie where John gets covered in the sperm of donors with sickle-cell anemia, a disease that primarily affects those of African descent. Ted makes a scathing remark about how John is covered in rejected black guy’s sperm and says he’s like a Kardashian. In one joke, Ted manages to insult black men and Kanye West. The joke was funny but maybe a bit in bad taste because not everything Seth MacFarlane puts out there comes off as normal. This scene touched a nerve with many people and I can understand why.

    With Ted (2012), MacFarlane was more careful in how his jokes were delivered but in Ted 2, he opted for many controversial jokes, similar to ones that made his Family Guy popular.

  • Ted 2 - Comedy Movie (2015)
  • Overall Ted 2 was an interesting experiment and while it worked out in the comedy department, despite some controversial jokes, the story wasn’t too great. The movie tries to explore a way for Ted to be recognized as human and gain his rights back in order to adopt a baby. Unlike Ted (2012), I wasn’t drawn into the story, wasn’t invested in the characters and found almost no scene to be touching. Every situation in this movie was designed for a good laugh but in doing so, removes the attraction of the story all together. If Ted 2 wasn’t a sequel and was merely an independent movie, the story would’ve worked because the audience would not be expecting a rock-solid story and would be okay with a movie that uses every opportunity to squeeze in a joke. However, Ted (2012), made us appreciate the relationship between Ted and John, their conflicts and camaraderie. Ted 2 moved away from that and ultimately it hampered the movie.

  • Ted 2 - Comedy Movie (2015)
  • This is Mark Wahlberg as John Bennett, Ted’s best friend since childhood. After a great performance and a meaty role in the first film, I personally felt Wahlberg’s character almost disappears from this film. Bennett becomes a side character in almost every scene and I didn’t find him interesting. In the first movie, he had Laurie, the chemistry was great and their relationship was almost a fairy-tale ending. In this movie, he doesn’t have much chemistry with Samantha and you get sad thinking about how Ted 2 ruins the whole pleasant fairy tale image we had after watching him marry Laurie. The whole first movie focused on Ted’s relationship with Bennett and how Bennett could manage Ted to sustain his relationship with Laurie. Bennett finds a way and he gets married to Laurie. Now Ted 2 is telling us that Ted (2012) was a lie, it wasn’t perfect, and they need to retell the story. Bennett’s character isn’t so deep or relatable anymore, hence Wahlberg’s more smaller role in this film.

  • Ted 2 - Comedy Movie (2015)
  • Amanda Seyfried as Samantha Leslie Jackson. She plays the role of a lawyer, who smokes pot and serves as a love-interest to John Bennett. Her character, in my opinion, was not needed for the movie. She’s supposed to be the lawyer that wins the case for Ted but she fails, miserably. So other than to force the audience to endure painful “flirting” between Samantha and Bennett, she had no real purpose in the movie. While I strongly believe that age is just a number, she looked young enough to be Bennett’s daughter and I mean after that, there’s not much else you can say.

  • Ted 2 - Comedy Movie (2015)
  • This scene was one of my favourites in the film. After Ted discovers John’s porn files on his laptop, he convinces him that they need to get rid of that laptop. After smashing the laptop with a hammer, they decide to drop it off in the middle of a lake. While many might not find this too hilarious, for those who have watched Family Guy, you know that this is the type of extreme solution the characters employ to solve small problems. Besides, Ted looks cute in his outfit.

    Ted 2 is a movie that does well as a sequel to Ted (2012) but not in the way of the story. Rather, the comedy is more intense and while it will have you laughing throughout the film, you might find yourself missing the attachment to characters from the first film and if you take offense easily, put-off by the controversial humour. I would recommend this movie for a really, good laugh.

Andrew Leither says :

I know that these movies are great fun and exciting I have not seen these movies but my brother’s girl friend have 9 year old son, and they know that the movie are great as they told me about it and “Ted 2″ movie that was made in 2015, really sounds great and I love the way you open up with the revealing of Ted and the characters involved and around in his life

Sunny says :

I liked the movie. Not as good as the prequel, but still it was entertaining. The returning villain, various pop culture references,the sometimes controversial jokes left me satisfied and happy.The theme of the movie was nice and many can relate. Money well spent.

Moe replies :

It was a funny movie but Seth Macfarlane tried too hard to recreate the magic of Ted.

Andrew Leith says :

I agree with you. The movie was funny but Seth Macfarlane did not have to try too hard to make the magic of Ted. He has done far better in other movies.

Moe replies :

Family Guy will always be his best creation.

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