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  • The motor worked pretty well (the second time around it wanted to give out) but it was really the blade that gave me a problem

by IsadoraNight


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    I have used Jack La Lanne’s power juice for the past few years. In that time I have had to buy it three times. Each time the price ranged - the most recent one was about $100 at walmart. I have seen price listings for as low as $70 online however at places such as amazon or target.
  • Jack La Lanne`s Power Juicer
  • The first thing that gets on my nerves about the juicer is how loud it is. You wouldn’t want to turn it on if other people were in the house sleeping because it will wake some of them up. Even though the commercials says you can put everything in there - seeds, pits, peels etc I wouldn’t suggest you listen to them. The juicers every bit of it. For instance if you juiced a grapefruit you will taste the rind in the juice there is no escaping that. As a rule I peel heavy skin fruits like oranges, apples and grapefruit or lemons (unless I want the extra punch that lemon rinds have). I also would not suggest you leave the ends on vegetables such as carrots because they will juice it.

  • Jack La Lanne`s Power Juicer
  • It comes with a cup and a little cup holder for the cup to go in so that the juice can fall into it. I have tried using other than that cup to collect the juice and have created a mess in the process. You also cannot juice without the cup holder. It seems as if the cup holder is actually a way for the cup to get close enough to the juicer mouth to prevent leakage. Without the cup holder, the cup will be too far from the mouth and more juice will end up on the floor then in the cup. Truthfully, even with the cup there is quite a bit of leakage depending on what you juicing. It happens when you first start juicing and when you are just finishing. The juice usually kind of sprays out but when there is not a lot of vegetables/fruit inside of it it kind of drips right at the edge of the cup and falls all over the counter. To prevent this I usually lean the machine towards the cup immediately after I put in the last of the vegetables. It also helps make sure you got every bit out.

    When my second juicer was acting up I had to expect heavy spillage every time I juiced anything - especially carrots.

  • Jack La Lanne`s Power Juicer
  • The juicer releases a lot of pulp that comes out of the back. From my understanding the blade grinds the vegetables up and then separates the juice from the solid plant matter. Juice comes out the front and pulp out the back. I usually put my pulp in compost pile as long as its not citrus but you can trash yours. I have also used the carrot pulp (and sometimes carrot/apple mix) inside of my carrot cakes instead of shredding whole carrots because I find that the extra fine pulp that comes from the juicer allows for my family to digest the vegetable better and more of it.

  • Jack La Lanne`s Power Juicer
  • The blades can be put in and removed using a little magnetic handle that twist. It is best to do this with caution because if you try to tighten it when it is not properly aligned then it will break the juicer. Juicing hard vegetables like carrots or beets will make the blades dull out really fast. That is what caused me to have to get a new juicer. The motor worked pretty well (the second time around it wanted to give out) but it was really the blade that gave me a problem. It wouldn’t properly juice anything that wasn’t extra soft (like lemons without rinds) and I couldn’t really find a replacement blade.

  • Jack La Lanne`s Power Juicer
  • Clean up is pain stalking. There are seven parts to this thing. There is the top which contains a handle that you push down the vegetable with. The top has a lot of little corners that plant matter cakes up in. I usually use the sprinkler head of my sink to clean this part. I turn it on and put it up close - using the force of the water to get all the vegetable out. Then after that is the blade, a holder for it that looks almost like a strainer with fine holes and another holder for that. Again vegetable matter likes to get caught in the notches and corners of these pieces. Luckily the juicer comes with a little brush that allows you to clean it a little more easily. The base and motor really only need to be wiped down though the base should be deep cleaned (obviously) if you drop a lot of plant matter on it. The cup and holder are regular clean up. I don’t suggest you put anything from the juicer (except maybe the cup) inside of the dishwasher.

    Even though it seems like I am complaining about every bit of it, I actually really like this juicer and suggest you buy it. When it does what it is suppose to; it can grind everything up really fast and give you every little bit of juice that is available in those plants unlike many other commercial juicers. It is kind of an old juicer (the first ones came out in like 2005) so don’t expect it to be state of the art, high tech anything. (lol)

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