The Aria Ocarina, by STL Ocarina
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  • I highly recommend this ocarina to anyone who is starting out with the instrument, for the following reasons

    • by Rebecca Rizzuti

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      I received my Aria Ocarina from St. Louis Ocarina (STL) in 2014 and found it difficult (at first) to play. While the ocarina is an incredibly easy instrument to learn to play, it can be a challenge to play well, and in the beginning, the notes played so sharp that I was discouraged and put the instrument down. Everything I read told me to practice for an hour or more every single day, and this seemed an impossible feat.

      A year later (and several trips around David Ramos’s Youtube channel) later, and I felt compelled to pick my Aria back up and give it another chance.

      This time the instrument came more naturally to me, and I was reminded that there was a reason I chose the Aria for my first ocarina.

      I highly recommend this ocarina to anyone who is starting out with the instrument, for the following reasons.

      The Aria Ocarina from STL is well tuned and with practice I am easily able to reach all notes (in tune) except for the low-A (which is a matter of my breath control and not a matter of the ocarina being out of tune).

      The indentations on the sub-holes makes them easier to reach than on an ocarina that lacks these indentations. If you’ve ever played a twelve-hold ocarina in the past, you may note that the sub-holes can be difficult to reach, particularly because the fingers stick to the clay ocarina when you’ve been playing for a long time. These indentations allow you to reach the sub-holes without having to lift your fingers.


      long “tail” of the ocarina gives the player something to hold when reaching the high notes. High notes are all played with the left hand (or all holes open) and one of the challenges of playing ocarina is “where do I hold it on the high notes?” Not only does this ocarina have a longer tail (providing you a “handle” of sorts to hold with your right hand), but the tail is grooved for your fingers to grip without covering holes with the right hand.

      This ocarina has Taiwanese-style sub-holes. The sub-holes are what makes this a twelve-hole ocarina, and they allow the player to reach the low A and B notes, adding two additional notes to the range of the ocarina. Taiwanese style simply means that one sub-hole is played ...

      • The Aria Ocarina, by STL Ocarina
      on the left hand and one is played on the right hand. It appears that all models of STL ocarina are played in this way.

      A neck strap comes with the ocarina, but it is rather harsh and abrasive, and if you plan to regularly use the neck strap, you may wish to purchase something more comfortable. The strap is tied to the ocarina through a hole near the mouth piece (you can see this hole in the picture).

      The mouth piece itself is comfortable and angled nicely to make the ocarina more comfortable to play than some other models.

      Although this is listed as a tenor ocarina, it plays the same pitches as my friend’s alto ocarina. This is a known phenomenon with Arias (or at least those purchased during

      the time I purchased mine — you may wish to check to be sure this is still the case).

      Aria ocarinas are tuned to the key of C Major. They are able to play a range of thirteen notes and all the sharps and flats.

      All in all, this instrument has brought me hours of pleasure. When ordering from STL, this ocarina comes with a songbook. You may request a different book if you prefer. I requested a book of Zelda songs. Note that the songbook I received was in tabulature and not in sheet music (which is easier for me to read). The tabs used by STL are foreign to me and difficult to understand. I recommend purchasing sheet music for ocarina instead. Look for violin or vocal music in your range.

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