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  • The only problem was that there were so many side characters and stories that the central plot wasn't established until too late in the film
  • Unfortunately the fight scenes are actually few and far between

by James Roberts


    Wild Card is the latest offering from Jason Statham, and sees him once again partnered with director Simon West. This movie is much more low key than the soon to be released Furious 7, but it does boast a respectable cast (including Stanley Tucci and Michael Angarano amongst others) as well as some real pedigree on the fight choreography front (Corey Yuen). The reason it slipped under the radar though is possibly because it lacks a bit of punch, which is a little ironic considering the persuasions of all the players involved.
  • Wild Card, Movie
  • I didn’t dislike the film. Far from it. Initially I had some reservations about the Las Vegas setting, and what I assumed was going to be an inevitably predictable plot that recycled all the usual casino-mobster cliches, but for the most part it was fairly original. The only problem was that there were so many side characters and stories that the central plot wasn’t established until too late in the film; a problem that was compounded by a short running time of ninety minutes. As a result of this, the main story never really gained any traction. The ending was fairly abrupt and delivered a disappointingly flimsy resolution to what could have been a potentially meaty character arc for Statham.

  • Wild Card, Movie
  • It must be said however, that although the character of Nick Wild wasn’t wildly dissimilar to other roles taken on by Statham, he was given a few opportunities here to demonstrate a slightly more nuanced performance than usual.

    The other cast members were all convincing in the roles, except perhaps for Milo Ventimiglia, who lacked some of the menace required to hide the inevitability of his character’s particular journey.

  • Wild Card, Movie
  • As we’ve come to expect from Statham, the fight scenes were convincing and satisfyingly fluid. Unlike West’s previous movie with Statham, Expendables 2, which faced some criticism for not being quite brutal enough - this film is fairly unflinching in its use of violence. Unfortunately the fight scenes are actually few and far between. They certainly make an impact but they do not elevate the film above its status of immediately forgettable, which is a shame.

  • Wild Card, Movie
  • Some additions to the film are just plain distracting. Considering the short run time you wouldn’t have thought there’d be enough space to fit in any superfluous material. The opening scene takes the most long winded possible way of telling us that Nick Wild is a man who really values honesty. Then there are the references to Christmas that really serve no purpose whatsoever to the main narrative. Jason Alexander and Anne Heche don’t do anything at all, but their names alone have you wondering if there is going to be any more significance to their characters - until the film ends.

  • Wild Card, Movie
  • Stanley Tucci doesn’t make an appearance until the final act of the movie, but once again delivers a scene stealing performance. As with a lot of his recent movie credits he brings some real class and power to parts that are by necessity quite short. Unfortunately the scenes he shares with Statham lack suspense because of the credibilty they failed to give Milo Ventimiglia’s villain.

    It sounds like I’ve been overly negative but I did find the film to be generally quite likeable - and Jason Statham was a charismatic lead, although I doubt this film is going to challenge any opinions you may have about him if you’re not already a fan. The story just lacks substance and there is just not enough of interest to leave a lasting impression. It seems like there was more that could have been done or said but all we were given in the end were the bare bones of a story that deserved a lot more development.

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