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  • I usually find them to be a bit boring, and he seems to be trying too hard most of the time

    • by Anthony Walker

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      The Interview stars Seth Rogen and James Franco and was directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. James Franco plays a celebrity journalist who is good at his job. He even has Kim Jong Un as a fan, which is how he lands an interview with the North Korean dictator. The CIA uses this opportunity to recruit Franco and Rogen into a plot to assassinate Kim.

      I have to admit, I only watched this movie because it nearly caused an international incident.

      I am normally not a fan of Seth Rogen movies. I usually find them to be a bit boring, and he seems to be trying too hard most of the time. I have to admit though, I did like this movie. It was not a cinematic masterpiece or anything like that. It was in fact pretty dumb stoner humor mostly. But it was fun.

      If you are looking for cutting satire of North Korea or the U.S. foreign policy dealing with that country, this is not your movie. If you want to see Seth Rogen shove a small missile up his butt and run from a tiger, you are in luck.

      I expected a lot of jokes at North Korea’s expense, and there were some of those. There were also a lot of jokes about our celebrity culture, and of course the obligatory gross out humor. Also a great cameo by Eminem that to me was the highlight of the movie.

      • The Interview, movie

      The movie does not get too heavy handed in its statements, and this is probably the most likable I have seen James Franco in a very long time. In fact all of the characters were likable, except in the end Kim Jong Un of course.

      Of course, this movie would have probably just fallen off the radar had it not been for North Korea’s reaction to it. Which I really don’t understand, as this movie was not as hard on Kim Jong

      Un as Team Americas was on Kim Jong Il, and he was reportedly a fan of that movie.

      So, going into the movie with very low expectations (and having it show on Netflix so I did not have to pay theater ticket prices to see it) it ended up being a pleasant surprise. It is a fun, stupid movie, which has probably earned a place in film history due to the overreactions of a petty dictator. Overall, I recommend you check it out.

Miki says :

re : I usually find them to be a bit boring, and he seems to be trying too hard most of the time
This movie was better than I expected. Certain parts didn’t shine too well..but for the most part it was pretty entertaining
Marissa says :

I love comedy movies, but I did not really care for this one in particular.
It seems that James Franco tries to hard, but maybe that might just be his character in general.
Andrew Leith says :

I agree with you here on this one. I love comedy movies, but this one didn’t work and not do it for me. I think that James Franco used to be really good, now he’s not so good anymore.
kathy holliker says :

This movie tried too hard to be humorous. It was reminiscent of the movie “Team America” but as funny. There were some high points, but this movie certainly wasn’t as offensive or entertaining as all the hype predicted.
Francis says :

I agree that the movie tried to hard. It came off kind of corny.
amit thapliyal says :

Strangely misconceived, tasteless and only very intermittently funny.
Moe says :

I think Seth Rogen didn’t try hard enough to be funny and James Franco tried too hard to be funny which ruined the film. As actors, their performance at times was appalling.
Marvin says :

Due the fact that not many people know about South Korea theres was a hope of clarity in this film to present us with a fresh new image of the unknown. But like always this film was made to entertain and not educate. Good movie with very surprising twist.A must watch in my list.
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