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  • Unfortunately it moves at such a brisk pace that most of the content fails to make an impact and is actually quickly forgotten
  • Fight choreography was cartoonish and fairly boring

by James Roberts


    Boasting an impressive cast, and based on the book, A Spook’s Apprentice by Joseph Delaney, there were high hopes amongst many for this film. Early trailers showed some promise, but the delays in production, followed by a weak showing at the box office, hint at the real quality, or lack thereof in this movie.
  • Seventh Son, Movie
  • The film certainly tries to cram a lot in. Unfortunately it moves at such a brisk pace that most of the content fails to make an impact and is actually quickly forgotten. A lot of the relationships in the film are underdeveloped and the script relies on your familiarity with the mechanics of such movies to make any kind of emotional connection to the characters. Everything has a strong feeling of deja vu, except occasionally things feel a little bit more like a few recent made-for-TV releases, rather than big budget films. The pacing also counters any hopes the director had of building suspense. Perhaps it could have benefited from a longer running time - but the standard of what they did fit into 100 minutes does not suggest that this would have yielded any real improvement.

  • Seventh Son, Movie
  • Whilst the CGI wasn’t terrible it was rarely particularly good. The death sequences for the witches for instance, where they erupt into flames, has been used in so many movies already that it would have had to have been something special to leave a mark. Like most other things in this film - it just lacked punch.

    The sets and costumes were pretty good. However, establishing a place and time for the setting suffered from some strange accents and an inability to establish any sense of distance or geography.

  • Seventh Son, Movie
  • Fight choreography was cartoonish and fairly boring. There aren’t really any memorable moments or scenes that cry out for a re-watch. Combined with some rather impatient pacing there isn’t a single sequence where the viewer is given any time to feel fear or anxiety about the fate of the heroes.

  • Seventh Son, Movie
  • An unexpected flaw with this film are the flat performances from almost everyone in the film and the total absence of chemistry between the leads. Beyond the costumes and distracting accents there are no real attempts to inject any of the characters with personality or originality. The humour falls flat and it was a real shame to see Jeff Bridges deliver some atrociously trite one-liners.

  • Seventh Son, Movie
  • The final nail in the coffin for me was the bland and generic soundtrack by Marco Beltrami. He came into the production after the original composers were binned so it is hard to know the exact circumstances under which he produced the music for this film. It is however, another one of the big reasons that the film lacks any identity of its own.

    Despite a few big ideas, and a suggestion that there was some genuine ambition here, Seventh Son is tame and forgettable. It never gets to grips with any of the promises it makes early on. There isn’t really a single component within this film that works. It will certainly fill an hour and a half on a lazy Saturday, but it certainly won’t blow you away. Kids will no doubt be entertained but even to them this film is going to be highly disposable.

Adele Smith says :


I am curious how do you license the rights to use photographs from the film? Where would I go online to license pictures from movies?

Adele Smith
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Use pictures from the public domain, pay for stock images or screen capture your own. If the movie is not available on DVD/ BLUray/etc. then you can screen capture from the trailers.
James Roberts replies :

When reviewing items you can generally use a manufacturer’s pictures as this falls within the terms of fair use, but this principle is open to interpretation. It depends on whether or not you have claimed credit for something that is not yours, how much your usage devalues the original, what proportion of their material have you used in relation to the whole, how much profit you are making, etc.
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