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112 W Tennessee St, Tallahassee, FL 32301
  • I noticed this the first time I walked in the door, there were people everywhere
  • However, I think that they definitely need to upgrade the algorithm in this case or throw it completely out the window
  • Another 20 spots would probably solve the issue

    • by Timothy Ward


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      In the past few months in the course of my travels I have passed through the Greyhound bus station in Tallahassee, Florida on a number of occasions. As with all things in life it has it’s good points and it’s bad points.

      One of the good things about the Tallahassee bus station is it’s location. It’s located on Tennessee Street and it’s right by the intersection with Monroe Street which places it almost smack dab in the middle of town. It’s also right across the street from a major mass transit depot so it makes getting there locally by bus very easy. There are also lots of restaurants, hotels, bars, etc. in walking distance or a very short cab ride from the bus station. If you’ve ever had a a long layover at a Greyhound station that was in the middle of nowhere then you know much of a blessing this is!

      Another positive aspect about the Greyhound station in Tallahassee is the convenience store located in the station. You can buy sodas, chips, and all your standard convenience store foods as

      well as some cooked foods like fried chicken, french fries, etc. The store also features hats, shirts, and various other souvenirs that you might want to purchase. Most of it is junk, but you never know, you might want a Fear The Spear! t-shirt that looks like it will shrink 2 full sizes after the first wash. Anytime you can get access to food right inside the Greyhound station and don’t have to go outside and look for it, it’s a good thing.

      I also have to mention that all the staff I ran into or observed at the Tallahassee bus station were extremely helpful and seemed to be in good moods. I felt really confident that I was being given good information and that I was going to catch my bus. Even when all the buses were behind schedule one day when I was passing through the station (Daylight’s Savings Time was the culprit, all the buses were behind an hour) the Greyhound employees kept us well informed as to the issues, as well as seeing that everyone got on the proper bus. I have been to other bus stations where the staff didn’t do such a good job and I have seen the outcome. I applaud the Tallahassee employees on their work ethic and attitude.

      But things weren’t all good in Tallahassee. One of the biggest issues I have with the bus station there is that IT’s JUST TOO DARN SMALL! I noticed this the first time I walked in the door, there were people everywhere! And most of them were standing up waiting in what were supposed to be lines but were more like clumps of people with a similar destination in mind. There are like 6 loading doors that led to the buses that we could line up behind but the building is so small that all the lines started to run together. I must have heard 20 people ask: “what line are you in”, and every time someone answered at least three people looked confused and moved to another ‘line’.

      There are only about 30 chairs in the terminal with maybe another 20 up the stairs around tables ...

      • Greyhound Bus Station Tallahassee, Florida
      by the convenience store. Most of these are already taken and when the lines get any kind of length to them they merge with the seats and it’s impossible to sit down without people squeezing by, walking past, and stepping all over you. I’m sure Greyhound has some algorithm that decides how large to make each bus station based on city size, number of travelers on a daily basis, number of buses departing each hour and other stuff like that. However, I think that they definitely need to upgrade the algorithm in this case or throw it completely out the window. I’ve been to smaller bus stations, and I’ve been to crowded ones before too, but never one so small and so overcrowded.

      Another negative I noticed about the Tallahassee Greyhound bus station was the lack of parking spaces. There are only about 20 parking spaces for people dropping off travelers and these fill up rather quickly. This forces people to have to pull up behind other cars to drop off and say goodbye to friends and loved ones. This

      leads to rather rushed goodbyes because no one wants to block in other drivers. This happened to me and I was kinda bummed out about how quick I had to say bye to my friends and get out the way. I would have like to pull into a parking spot and take a few moments for a proper goodbye. After all, who knows when I’ll see them again. Another 20 spots would probably solve the issue. I know this issue is related to the previous negative issue and in Greyhound’s defense there really isn’t any available room nearby in the city to expand the terminal or the parking lot however, I think it is an issue they need to address in the near future.

      All in all I haven’t minded my trips through the Tallahassee Greyhound bus station. True the quarters were a little cramped but the good customer service and the access to food made up for it. I felt way safer there than I have at some other Greyhound bus stations across the country and I always got to my bus on time.

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