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  • There are various methods that teach people how to type fast, for example have you ever noticed the little bumps on the keys F and J
  • I think it helps us to develop not only our typing speed but also accuracy
  • There is a little section called change your avatar , in that section I learned about the premium feature for the first time
  • The cost of 1 year premium is 12 dollars, it doesn't sound much but I still wouldn't recommend but it's up to you

by Davit Safrastyan


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    We use computers and smart phones all the time. Now, it is really hard to imagine the life without any of those devices. That’s why typing is a basic skill which is very important. Now, the most common keyboard is qwerty keyboard. You might have never seen other keyboard, if you don’t know what is a qwerty keyboard then have a little look at your keyboard and check the six consecutive keys on the top left side of your letter key block. If the order is “q” “w” “e” “r” “t” “y” then you have a qwerty keyboard. But let’s get to the point.
  • Improve typing with
  • So what is typeracer? It’s a website ( which helps you to build up your typing skill. There are various methods that teach people how to type fast, for example have you ever noticed the little bumps on the keys F and J? That is also a little method of helping people to type, it helps you to find the keys F and J without looking at the keyboard. Typeracer is a place where you will have to race against others, and the word “race” means typing a little piece of text as fast as you can to win the “race”. Everything is done online, you don’t have to download any software to begin racing.

  • Improve typing with
  • This is a screen taken from the “racetrack”. You can see the little piece of text which is at the bottom. You need to type that text word by word, symbol by symbol. The 3 cars are the racers. Initially all the cars are on the leftmost side of the dotted lines. After the start is announced, you need to start to type the text. For clarity, let’s define a “word” as a set of continuous characters between spaces. You advance by typing “word” by “word”. Every time you type a successful “word”, you move on to the next “word” and your car moves to the right. The distance which your car moves after a successful “word” depends on the length of the total text and the length of that “word”. In the picture above, I was at a word “exploiting”, I typed it but instead of pressing spacebar for moving on I typed a wrong letter so I got stuck on that word. I won’t be able to continue until I type the whole word and press spacebar.

    The way this is made is very entertaining. It’s like a little quick multiplayer game where you are put up with some other random players of equal skill, and your goal is to beat them, in our case type faster than the others. I think it helps us to develop not only our typing speed but also accuracy. I think we all have a friend from social networks who types extremely fast but his text is full of typos and errors. That’s almost as bad as typing slowly. I think with typeracer one can achieve a good balance of speed and accuracy.

  • Improve typing with
  • You can both play as a guest in typeracer and open an account and play as a registered person. When you are registered, your scores are recorded and you can see your growth over time. Above you can see the statistics of my typeracer races. It’s a pretty simple table, but yet very informative. A quick NOTE: WPM means words per minute ( one word is considered as a set of 5 characters, you can change your preference to CPM (characters per minute) which will give you the number of characters you can type per minute.

  • Improve typing with
  • And here comes my least favorite part: going “premium”. It’s very common make a free goodie and add some premium features to it. Not that I don’t appreciate typeracer, but I just don’t like the idea of “premium” especially in typeracer. So, above is a screen taken from “Edit My Profile” page. If you are registered, obviously you can edit your profile. There is a little section called “change your avatar”, in that section I learned about the “premium” feature for the first time. There is a set of “cool” avatars which you can choose from if you are “premium”. And what is an avatar? It’s just a frozen image which moves a little to the right when you are typing. By buying premium you will also unlock some “social networking” features like adding someone as your friend and chatting with someone. The cost of 1 year premium is 12 dollars, it doesn’t sound much but I still wouldn’t recommend but it’s up to you.

  • Improve typing with
  • There is a little thing which is a little off-topic but I still wanted to mention it because it was a very smart trick. Do you see the ads of the page? One on the left, one on the right and there is just one more in the footer which is not visible in the picture. If you pay a closer attention you will notice an orange link named “hide” on the top of the ads. At first I expected to be redirected to the “buy premium and hide all the ads” page after clicking on “hide” but surprisingly that one click actually hid the ad. So I wondered, why would the “hide” click actually hide the ad if there is a premium section which has the “no-ad” feature. Then I finally understood it. After 5 click I noticed that 2 of my clicks actually accidentally clicked on the ad. So, I suspect that the hide link is made so that you try to hide it and accidentally click on the ad, if not then why is it so small?

    To conclude, I think that typeracer really helps. My typing speed developed over time with the help of typeracer. I would recommend it to those people who need good typing which means I recommend it to everyone because typing is so important in this century of computers.

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