Folgers Coffee Singles Classic Roast Coffee Bags

    • by nitakb


      I stumbled across a box of Folgers Coffee Singles Classic Roast Coffee Bags, one evening when browsing for a completely different product entirely. I previously had no intentions of purchasing any coffee, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have more on hand.

      Previously I had never heard of coffee bags. I knew of the little instant packets that only require hot water, but not actual bags. The idea of treating coffee like tea was a little awkward to me. But never the less I didn’t knock the idea and placed the box in my basket.

      Upon opening the box, I was met two divided sides that was filled with nineteen bags each.

      The coffee bags themselves are sealed in individual pouches, which in my opinion was perfect. Not only does it keep the coffee fresher, but it keeps the coffee from absorbing other aromas from atmosphere.

      The instructions are pretty straight forward, with only three basic steps. On the package it explains the two methods of standard and microwave. The first step is to remove the pouch and place into a cup that is six to eight ounces. The second step is to add boiling water and let sit for sixty seconds. This is the standard method.

      The microwave method is to add cold water to an six to eight ounce cup and microwave on

      high for one and a half minutes to about two minutes. Or basically until the water is boiling. Then you are to dunk the bag up and down for fifteen seconds. And if you want a stronger flavor, you are supposed to dunk the bag longer.

      I found that I like the standard method better, since adding hot water to a cup with the bag already situated was easier, but the microwave method was good too.

      It’s noted on the box that a dark color appears quickly, meaning that even if it hasn’t been more than a minute, the water may turn dark but the coffee isn’t exactly ready. So to make sure ...

      • Folgers Coffee Singles Classic Roast Coffee Bags
      I got the full flavor, I let my bag sit for about three minutes. Steeping for the recommend time gave it a weaker flavor in my opinion.

      The taste of this coffee is amazing. Even drinking black without anything added is delicious. It tasted as if I had waited the full brewing time from a regular coffee maker. The coffee tastes great both hot and cold. One coffee bag is strong enough to split into two cups.

      The appeal of this product is how convenient it is. I could easily toss a few pouches in my bag, and use where ever there is a cup and hot water available. Even when I am at

      home, and I don’t quite feel like waiting on my coffee machine to crank up, this is a easy option that still has full flavor.

      Since this product was a closeout at my neighborhood grocery store, I was able to purchase it for only $3.59 instead of $8.79. Given that your literally paying for quality and convenience, that’s not a bad price. Unfortunately, because it was a close out, it’s difficult to find in actual stores.

      In the end, I am greatly satisfied with this product. I’m glad that I gave it a chance. In the find in the future, I will happily buy another box.

      I would happily recommend this product to a friend.

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