Fifty Shades of Grey - Movie (2015)
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  • For me personally, I found it to be a not-so thrilling movie as the story isn't much for me, however I wasn't disturbed
  • Ana goes in her place to interview Christian Grey and finds him intense and interesting
  • I think at this point it's really overused and even though it's based off the book, toning the to love is to hurt angle, would've made the movie a bit more worthy of watching
  • What's left is a boring romance movie that some would classify as porn

by Moe


    This is a movie where I feel people will have mixed emotions about. Either they will find it really entertaining or very disturbing. For me personally, I found it to be a not-so thrilling movie as the story isn’t much for me, however I wasn’t disturbed. Having read the Fifty Shades trilogy, I knew what to expect going into the film and just like the book, the movie didn’t impress me a whole lot. There’s graphic nudity and scenes that some would argue, perpetuate rape. This movie isn’t for everyone, so watch at your own risk.

    The plot of the story revolves around Ana Steele, a young college student and Christian Grey, an executive at his company who thrives off having control in all aspects of his life. Ana lives with her roomate Kate, who falls sick one day and is unable to interview Christian Grey for the college newspaper. Ana goes in her place to interview Christian Grey and finds him intense and interesting. Christian shows interest in her and Ana is soon smitten with him. Ana learns that Christian isn’t an emotional man, refuses to be emotional and won’t even take her out for dinner. They form a unique relationship capped off by a non-disclosure agreement that Christian has Ana sign to prevent her from discussing their relationship with anyone. His ideal relationship is revealed to revolve around bondage and rough sex. Ana wants romance and their differing points of views clash making for a difficult relationship. Throughout the movie it is clear that both individuals are changing with Christian become slightly more emotional with Ana and her eventually participating in bondage activities with Christian. However they are still at odds and it remains to be seen whether this relationship will last.

    Firstly, I’d like to point out that the Fifty Shades trilogy evolved from Twilight fan fiction that the author, E.L. James initially wrote. In the movie, I couldn’t help but connect the characters and relationship between characters to Twilight. Ana is clearly Bella from twilight, at times seeming almost fully dependant on Christian- thankfully, not to the extent Bella was with Edward. Christian is clearly Edward; a strong, tough, dominant individual who always swoops into ’save the day’. They’ve briefly included a love triage that includes a minor character named Jose who was clearly based on Jacob from Twilight. If the author had been more original in her books, then maybe the Twilight connection wouldn’t have been so evident on screen.

    I didn’t quite like the ending of the movie because it was too abrupt for me and while I understand that this movie is part of a projected trilogy, the ending in the book was more drawn out and emotional, showing us what Ana is going through after she lets Christian whip her. In the movie, after Christian whips her six times and she leaves, she’s not breaking down or anything because that’s the end of the movie. For a character that is supposedly an emotional person, one would’ve thought the movie would’ve followed through with the book on this one.

    A common theme in this movie is that to love is to be hurt (again something it has in common with Twilight). I think at this point it’s really overused and even though it’s based off the book, toning the “to love is to hurt” angle, would’ve made the movie a bit more worthy of watching.

    As far as sex scenes and nudity goes, this movie has quite a bit- my estimation would be at least 10 minutes worth. There’s nothing spectacular about them and they tried to stay true to the book, although thankfully the tampon scene from the book is not included in the film.

  • Fifty Shades of Grey - Movie (2015)
  • This is a poster for the movie ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.

  • Fifty Shades of Grey - Movie (2015)
  • This is Dakota Johnson as Ana Steele. Given that her character is based off Bella from Twilight, I can see why she acted with almost a dead-pan expression on her face for more than half the movie. She wasn’t interesting or funny, definitely not a compelling lead. Her characterization was terrible as she kept bouncing from a naive girl to a slightly, stronger woman who could resist Christian Grey (MAKE UP YOUR MIND). Dakota was lost but so was Ana Steele.

  • Fifty Shades of Grey - Movie (2015)
  • This is Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey. For me, he didn’t exactly project an alpha male vibe, instead I got the idea that this was a man trying hard to be someone he’s not. This can’t be blamed on the characterization of Christian Grey but rather Jamie Dornan couldn’t do the role justice. He’s handsome and has an attractive physique which suits this movie but his acting is plain and his chemistry with Dakota doesn’t translate well on screen. The only scene I liked with Jamie or Dakota was the amusing scene where him and Ana are negotiating terms in a contract that will essentially be Ana giving Christian permission to exercise certain control over her as a dominant.

  • Fifty Shades of Grey - Movie (2015)
  • This is the cover of the book ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, the first installment in the ‘Fifty Shades’ trilogy. The movie is based on this book and due to its success, a sequel will be releasing in 2016. It’s only successful for its hyped up sexual scenes, rather than great acting and direction.

  • Fifty Shades of Grey - Movie (2015)
  • This is the playroom of Christian Grey in the movie, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. This is where he has total control and Ana becomes submissive.

    This was an interesting movie, however it wasn’t done well. The book it was based on is partially to blame as it was once Twilight fan fiction- not exactly original work. The characters aren’t compelling and the actors/actresses chosen to portray them aren’t able bring any life to the role. What’s left is a boring romance movie that some would classify as porn. I don’t recommend this movie.

marvin says :

though a lot of people say that this movie isn’t worth watching, i can still say that it is specially if you are one of those who fell in love starting from the novel.
Moe replies :

The books themselves lack originality due to the Twilight connection. Fifty Shades is merely Twilight fan fiction and worse the writing is quite terrible.

Some people do find the mediocre writing appealing and thus find the movie endearing. I don’t blame them for that but personally I’m not recommending this movie.
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