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  • So one day I did a research to know how to lighten them again naturally, when I found out about natural deodorants
  • They just stayed the same which isn't a problem for now since I'm not using any lightening treatments yet
  • But the best thing of using All-Organics Natural Deodorant is that, it really keeps the underarm odor away - even for as long as 8 hours
  • I know because, I take a bath in the evening before going to sleep, then use this product
  • I don't like the feeling, the sweat, and the smell that it produces

    • by Racquel Donatis

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      For many years I’ve used different deodorants (Nivea, Dove, Rexona, etc) which I didn’t know were the cause behind my dark underarms. So one day I did a research to know how to lighten them again naturally, when I found out about natural deodorants. I didn’t know such thing exists, because I’ve never seen one being sold in stores. But because Ebay is a friend, I easily found one for only P99 ($3) at 100 ml. It’s called All-Organics Natural Deodorant.

      Here’s some basic 411: All-Organics Natural Deodorant contains Lemongrass, alum, tea tree extracts, lemongrass essential oil and patchouli oil. It’s in a spray bottle for quick use, but if it runs out you can buy a refill.

      The good thing about All-Organics Natural Deodorant is that first of all, it doesn’t have Aluminium Chloride

      which is known to darken your underarm skin. I’ve been using this product for over six months now and let me tell you it never darkened my armpits even more. They just stayed the same which isn’t a problem for now since I’m not using any lightening treatments yet.

      Next, you can really smell the faint natural scent of lemongrass and other essential oils that blend together. The smell fades once it’s sprayed on your armpits, and it isn’t some fancy strong perfume scent that is often associated with commercial deodorants.

      But the best thing of using All-Organics Natural Deodorant is that, it really keeps the underarm odor away - even for as long as 8 hours. I know because, I take a bath in the evening before going to sleep, then use this product. The whole night my underarms never smelled, and they smelled really fresh and nice. Of course you’re thinking, “Well you just took a bath of course your armpits wouldn’t smell.”

      But no. Once my usual supply of this deodorant ran out, I had no choice but to buy another brand of natural deodorant which was so bad it made me smell in just one hour even after I took a bath. So my money wasn’t well-spent and it just goes to prove not all natural deodorants are the same.

      Here’s another thing I noticed. When I used other weak commercial deodorants the underarm area of my clothes not only tend to perspire, but they also turn yellow. I don’t like that. I don’t like the feeling, the sweat, and the smell that it produces.

      But ...

      • All-Organics Natural Deodorant
      with All Organics, while it’s not really a perfect product to stop the sweating, at least it won’t make you leave a yellow color in your clothes, nor will it cause any whitening or bleaching on your fabric. It also won’t leave any dirty residues on your underarms, either, unlike other deodorants that not only feel sticky when wet but will also make you feel really dirty with all those tiny residues in your skin at the end of the day.

      However, if you’re expecting a lot, you’re in tough luck - because it doesn’t really keep you smell-free for 24 hours or something like that. The next morning whenever I work out (and I do workout a lot) I can really smell my armpits, and I began to sweat profusely, too. You should not

      expect too much from natural deodorants because they just basically keep you fresh for a few hours but if you want to maintain that for longer clean your armpits again and spray them again with this product. That’s what I actually do, if I’m gonna go out somewhere. ( Or better yet, use a natural anti-perspirant and deodorant. If it’s an anti-perspirant, it will control your sweating and your odor at the same time. But if it’s just a deodorant, it will only get rid of the odor. )

      I’m not really expecting big miracles from this product, but I still stick to All-Organics Natural Deodorant because it smells really nice and natural, plus it keeps the armpits clean and smell-free for a few hours, which is already enough for me (since I don’t go out much anyway.)

Rebecca Lee says :

Is this an antiperspirant too? I sweat a lot especially when I work out so I need something that will keep me dry and fresh as well as stop all my perspiring.
nitakb says :

Hi Rebecca,

All Organics Deodorant is not an antiperspirant. But there are natural antiperspirants that can help keep you dry and odor free.

Tom’s of Maine Naturally Dry Antiperspirant is a good choice, as it gives twenty-four wetness and odor protection. It’s made from plant-derived ingredients and mineral.

Crystal Body Deodorant, is good too. It’s made from rock that is made out of mineral salts call “Alum.” It’s still aluminum, but it is not Aluminum Chlorohydrate or Aluminum Zirconium. The way to use this deodorant is to wet it and apply as a normal deodorant. It’s free of fragrances and chemicals and it won’t rub off on clothes. The downside is it doesn’t stop perspiration, but it does prevent odor by stopping bacterial growth.
Christiana Alvarez says :

I have heard that natural deoderants wont stop the sweat like the regular ones. Is this true? I like a good antiperspirant, but I also wouldn’t mind a natural deodorant without all the chemicals, Is this deodorant an antiperspirant as well?
nitakb says :

Hi Christiana,

All natural Organics Deodorant is a natural odor blocker and doesn’t prevent sweating. So it is not an antiperspirant.

Natural deodorants don’t prevent sweating as they aren’t made with the same ingredients that traditional deodorants are made with it. Natural deodorants are made with ingredients that slow down the process of bacterial growth which is the main reason for body odor. Antiperspirants prevents sweating by blocking the pores with aluminum-based chemicals.

Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant is a good option to try as it is made without aluminum, and has no parabens, no propylene Glycol, petrochemical, phthalates, silicones, synthetic dyes, or sulfates. They have both fragrance and fragrance-free deodorant choices. The unscented variety is good for sensitive skin and offers long lasting protection. The way to use it is to apply it as much as needed on dry and clean skin.

GeoDeo is another option. It’s free of phthalate and doesn’t have petrochemical and no dyes. It’s made with natural ingredients that works to neutralize odors, nourish skin and fight free radicals. They have an unscented variety and two other one that have fragrances ones called ocean and island.
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