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  • It's good, and I do recommend seeing it, but it wasn't quite the mind-blowing cinematic experience that a best picture should be
  • Even if the internet didn't turn it into a meme, I think that it still stands out as one of the movie's more ridiculous scenes
  • I don't think that it is a political piece and can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of political affiliation

    • by David Finniss


      This movie has gotten a lot of buzz for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons are legit and others are a bit frivolous.

      For some reason, people have turned the movie into a political pawn. Fox News talks about it all the time and people on the left call it a propaganda piece. Frankly, I don’t see why. It isn’t a “pro-war” movie. It shows the costs of going into an operation like this. The battle scenes are violent and sudden and even when troops come home, they don’t always come home.

      While the American troops are the good guys, they aren’t glorified for what they’re doing. They’re put in

      a tough situation and are doing what they can. It’s also made clear that they aren’t exactly welcome in the region and aren’t greeted as liberators.

      On the flip side, while the terrorists are portrayed as brutal, they do show that this isn’t indicative of the entire middle eastern populace. They suffer as a result of the radical’s actions just as much as the troops do. While a majority of the Iraqis are villainous, it is somewhat justified as they say that a lot of the citizens have been evacuated.

      The movie is well directed, as expected from Eastwood. I can see why he’d get the Oscar nod. Bradley Cooper also turns in a very strong performance as Chris Kyle. He looks like the guy and sounds like him. He too deserved the Oscar nod and I could see him winning that.

      Still, while the movie is quite good, I don’t know if I’d call it Oscar caliber. It’s good, and I do recommend seeing it, but it wasn’t quite the mind-blowing cinematic experience that a “best picture” should be.

      One thing that does live up to the hype is the infamous “fake baby”. There’s a scene where Chris Kyle is supposed to be holding his new child and it is very clearly a doll. There aren’t any sort of crying sound effects and the child’s lifelessness is very off putting.

      • American Sniper, movie
      Later on in the scene, Cooper tries to move the baby’s arm with his thumb to try to add some life to it, but it doesn’t really work; especially since we can clearly see his finger moving. Maybe you could pass it off as him caressing or tickling the baby, but in a movie that is so well crafted, using an obvious doll really does stand out. Even if the internet didn’t turn it into a meme, I think that it still stands out as one of the movie’s more ridiculous scenes.

      I was a bit disappointed by the script. Some of the dialogue is clunky and feels forced. The whole “sheepdog” speech seems well-intentioned and inspiring,

      but it is a bit over-simplistic.

      I did like the Punisher references, though I don’t read those comics. I do have to point out that the character who argues that they are graphic novels is clearly holding a comic book. Were it a trade paperback, I could back up his argument, but he’s falling into the stereotype of over-compensating for his hobby.

      Overall, this is a movie worth watching. I don’t think that it is a political piece and can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of political affiliation. Even if you are against the war, I think that this is still a fascinating story and there’s quite a bit to like here. I would recommend checking it out.

Rebecca Lee says :

I want to see this movie, but I also have small children. Would it be okay to take my children to this movie?
David Finniss replies :

It’s quite violent and there’s a lot of language. Personally, I wouldn’t, but I also don’t know how old your kids are or what sort of movies you normally let them watch.
Azriel says :

I just finished watching the movie. It had quite a number of acenes going back and forth from the present to the past. It is clear that theae are important to establish the connection of his decision to shoot to him as a person. I would not highly recommend this movie but if asked I would say it wasn’t so bad.
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