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  • As far as I know, too much intake of vitamin C is unlikely to cause any problems
  • I do not recommend taking vitamin C in a tablet, specifically ascorbic acid, along with iron supplement if you are prone to acid reflux

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      I do not actually take any vitamins or supplements until I miscarried last year in November. I got all my vitamins and minerals from foods. But when I miscarried, I lost my appetite and I had to restore my nutrients. So I took supplements and vitamins in a form of tablets.

      My OB-gynecologist initially prescribed me ferrous fumarate and antibiotics. She did not tell me about taking vitamin C along with iron supplement and I only found this out on the Internet. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron properly. It will also reduce constipation, since

      iron supplement can cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

      My father has a bottle of vitamin C named RiteMed Ascorbic Acid 500 mg. The bottle contains 100 ascorbic acid tablets; each tablet is 500 mg. I do not have to worry about toxicity caused by excessive intake of vitamin C.

      As far as I know, too much intake of vitamin C is unlikely to cause any problems. I took each vitamin C from RiteMed along with my iron supplement every day. I have changed to Sorbifer a month after I finished taking the ferrous fumarate, which my OB-gynecologist prescribed. But I still continued taking vitamin C with iron supplement.

      After two weeks, I experienced heartburn, acid regurgitation or acid reflux. I do not know if it was due to vitamin C or iron supplement. Based on the source I read, iron supplements can cause GI discomfort, which include acid reflux. So I guess it is not due to vitamin C. Vitamin C helps ease constipation and it is true.

      RiteMed vitamin C tastes acidic and it is a proof why it is called ascorbic ACID. When I swallowed it, I had a hard time ...

      • RiteMed Ascorbic Acid 500 mg Tablet
      letting it go down to my esophagus and then to my stomach. The vitamin tastes bitter with a hint of acidity. I cannot explain it. The tablet seemed to hurt my throat when I swallowed it. And when I burped, I could taste the liquid acidity of the vitamin coming back from my esophagus. Since I had acid reflux at that time, I experienced much worse symptoms with vitamin C. I have to avoid acidic foods and drinks. Vitamin C is an ascorbic acid, so it became worse. It was too late when I realized
      that it is acidic too.

      I stopped taking vitamin C after two weeks. I took iron supplement alone. I do not recommend taking vitamin C in a tablet, specifically ascorbic acid, along with iron supplement if you are prone to acid reflux. I wish I had thought of mixing iron with fresh fruits rich in vitamin C instead, since it is much better compared to what I did.

      I do not have any problems with regard to my bowel movement when I took ascorbic acid from RiteMed; however, it worsened my acid reflux (heartburn, acid regurgitation).

Miles says :

Is RiteMed Ascorbic Acid has bioflavonoids? Thanks

Galega says :

It is a plain Ascorbic Acid capsule and doesn’t contain bioflavoids.

Havier says :

Does it have rose hips?

Galega says :

Ascorbic Acid, or Vitamin C, is not supposed to raise hips.

Azriel says :

We used to buy ascorbic acid but after research we stopped taking it in contrary to what we mostly know it actually is not vitamic c itself. If you want to have more vitamin c then it is really available naturally. Lemons and citrus fruits are better alternative and it won’t even add up to your body’s acidity level.

ermi88 adds :

Yes Azriel. I couldn’t agree with you more. It is better to take vitamin C in natural forms.

Galega says :

Supplements of Vitamins or minerals are generally prescribed when you are deficient of those stuffs. For example, if you are deficient of Vitamin C then taking Vitamin C naturally may not help you. It is better to take supplement in those situations.

There is no problem in taking supplement in limited quality daily. One should just avoid overdosing.

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