Malt-O-Meal Multigrain Cinnamon Spooners
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  • I know of family and friends that find shredded wheat cereal to be dry and unpleasant in texture
  • I will say it's not my favorite kind of cereal, either, but I like it enough to have on occasion

    • by CirclingCanvas


      Whole grain wheat cereal certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I know of family and friends that find shredded wheat cereal to be dry and unpleasant in texture. I will say it’s not my favorite kind of cereal, either, but I like it enough to have on occasion. It’s certainly a filling kind of cereal that does a good job of stopping hunger from coming back within a couple of hours! If I am going to buy a shredded wheat cereal, I make sure I get a flavored one, and the Malt-O-Meal Multigrain Cinnamon Spooners sounded just like the kind of flavored cereal

      that I’d go for! I picked up a twenty-seven ounce bag for just under three dollars. A fantastic value, in my view!

      This cereal has three flavors for one to enjoy in every bite. First, there’s obviously the wheat portion, and there’s obviously a market for wheat cereals since a variety of them can be found down the cereal aisle at stores. One side is frosted, so there’s a pleasant sweetness on one side of every piece of cereal. The sweetness doesn’t end there, though, because there’s a small amount of cinnamon in every piece, too! It’s not a large amount, but enough

      where the cinnamon flavor will not go unnoticed. Despite the frosted and cinnamon portions of the shredded wheat cereal, it isn’t overly sweet. There’s still twelve grams of sugar per serving, and that may be too much for some, but for me, I kind of feel there is just the right amount of sweetness to make this cereal satisfying.

      Like with most cereals, I can enjoy this one right out of the box or with milk. Admittedly, I like milk more with a shredded wheat cereal because it helps soften and moisten the wheat to an extent, but fortunately not too much where it ...

      • Malt-O-Meal Multigrain Cinnamon Spooners
      becomes soggy. One bowl, along with a few slices of toast does a great job of holding me over for around four hours, and with it being a great source of whole grains, it’s really not a bad way at all to start my day. It’s not a cereal that I would crave on a daily basis, but two times a week? Definitely. Plus, considering the amount in a bag, it certainly lasts me for some time!

      Malt-O-Meal Multigrain Cinnamon Spooners is a great choice for any person that likes frosted shredded wheat cereal with a slight amount of cinnamon taste. It’s a flavorful

      cereal that fills a person up and is a great value considering its price, quantity and quality. Bagged cereals tend to be better values, although you do have to be careful as the cereal is more prone to getting smashed without a cardboard box surrounding it, but cardboard boxes tend to be flimsy anyway, so you’re really not sacrificing much protection by going with a bagged cereal. You just have to check it before buying it to make sure the cereal isn’t busted up. That’s easy to do though and considering the quality of the cereal, the little effort required is more than worth it!

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