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  • It was very funny, sweet, and had a lot of heart

    • by David Finniss


      I was really blown away by how good the first movie was. It was very funny, sweet, and had a lot of heart. I was looking forward to seeing what the sequel would deliver. While this movie gets praised, I’m sorry to say that I was underwhelmed.

      This is basically what happens when Hollywood tries to cash in on a gem. This sequel is really unnecessary and it lacks everything that made the first film so

      much fun. It’s very homogenized and you can tell that corporate executives had a bigger hand in its development than the writers.

      While the first film had some puns, this movie brings nothing but puns. They aren’t even clever puns either. At least the first movie put some effort into them. All this gives you is visual gags like a “peanut butter and jellyfish” or “tacodile”.

      A lot of the other jokes fall flat as well. I don’t know what happened, but the joke to laugh ratio is greatly reduced. It makes the film rather awkward to sit through as it is trying really hard to be funny, but not succeeding.

      I also found the story rather lacking. On the one hand, it did give more screen time to some of the supporting and one-off characters from the first one, but it felt a bit perfunctory and I was never as engaged as I was with ...

      • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, movie
      the first film.

      Even the character interactions lose something. It feels hollow and lacks the genuine charm that the first movie had. The relationships were so natural before, whereas here, it feels more than a little shoehorned.

      You could argue that I’m setting the bar too high, that my love of the first movie is clouding my judgement, but I don’t feel like it’s the case. Even if it wasn’t quite as good as the first film, were it good,

      I would say it was good, just not as good.

      Ghostbusters 2, for example, is a good movie, just not as good as the first one. This doesn’t bring enough to the table to fall into that category.

      It’s a shame that this movie was such a dud. Even if this was a let down, the first movie does still come highly recommended. I just think it’s better to stop there and let things end on a high note.

Azriel says :

As much as I enjoyed the first movie of this same title, I loved this movie as well. Though it was really very unlikely to happen, well I could forgive the imagination of the person who thought of this and after all this is intended for the children and children at heart. Maybe because for me I did not expected too much from a sequel that probably did not have a part two but it did. Some movies were better off left as the first one and that’s it.
julie says :

I rather liked the sequel to Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. I like both movies. For me, I thought this movie was way more funnier than the first movie. I will agree that at times the jokes fell flat. However, it is still a very good movie for audiences of different ages. :)
Alex Villegas says :

re : It was very funny, sweet, and had a lot of heart
Ya it was a lighthearted movie fun for the whole family.
dan says :

re : It was very funny, sweet, and had a lot of heart
I watched this with my son straight after watching the first one. I am a big kid at heart becuase I love my cartoons I think this is a light hearted film not just for kids but for all to enjoy. The title of the film us actually very clever, as its funny for kids to say, which I think would help sell it better.
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