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  • Now I'd normally endorse the choice to avoid the norm of big explosions, guns and a one man army, but this role isn't for Johnson period

    • by Joseph

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      Within the beginning segments of Snitch, it’s noted that it was inspired by real life happenings. This is somewhat true. A person was incorrectly labeled as selling illegal substances after a supposed mate set him up and because of this, the individual was given ten year compulsory imprisonment for the committed crime, though he was offered a decrease in that sentence from the government to snitch on his partners, he rejected the offer.

      From that point, the account and the movie separate in terms of identity as Ric Waugh tries his best efforts to convey a thought-provoking and dramatic film in the thriller genre, but it fails to deliver due to unbalanced pacing. The film tries to hold back, control itself and not stoop to the level

      of a superficial action film as shown in the trailers, If that’s what the director was aiming for, Dwanye Johnson is the wrong choice for such a film.

      Casting an ex-wrestler to play the standard man, even though his skills don’t fit the constrained drama category, it’s a clash of the opposites. The man has the physique of a behemoth and acting chops, more suited for roles of Teminator-esque or of the like, those that will dismantle an entire drug operation with an array of weaponry. Johnson is uncomfortable in his character, he’s clearly held back to unleashing hell by the film’s plot. His charisma whilst great isn’t enough to carry the entire picture, Dwanye Johnson is ripped, tough and excels with one liners of badass nature, dramatic and him don’t mix.

      Snitch thus isn’t all of its potential and whilst it (or rather tries) delves into a genre that is famous for Oscar-winners, it declines because of that specific undertaking. Now I’d normally endorse the choice to avoid the norm of big explosions, guns and a one man army, but this role isn’t for Johnson period. Take someone like Jake Gyllenhaal and replace him as the lead, then we’d have something to talk about.

      About Johnson’s role, he portrays the uneasy father named John Matthews, who makes an agreement with the DA for permission to use his trucking company as the platform for a drug exchange, in return a reduced sentence is set for his jailed son. The story is of slow build,

      • Snitch (2013 Film)
      the father gets in contact with an ex-confined workmate who he requires assistance from, as well the typical two man buddy team, Matthews and his wife are separated and thus an unfortunate increase in cliche elements.

      Matthews soon finds himself too deep in things that he can’t understand, and as you would expect, it’s too late to 180 and abandon, and all of this is packed on a turtle’s back in pacing sense. 115 minutes of a complete lack in remarkable attributes and compelling sequences.

      Snitch is messy with details despite how slow it is, especially when it comes down to reasoning for stretching out the tale. I understand the fact of highlighting the goodness of the good guys and the badness of the bad guys -

      drug suppliers and the hungry for attention, headline-catching politicians but it comes out as a snail-rate action movie which is reduced in quality by shallow drama.

      Though, the score by Pinto is well done and the direction of flick was contained to more than what I expected. Opposing those positives are editing issues and sloppy camera work.

      Only a few performances were on the good side, those being from Williams as the drug supplier and Barry Pepper in the seasoned agent role. Rafi Gavron as the stressed youth pulls in a decent act as well.

      Onto the verdict, putting it bluntly, Snitch is a one time watch. It’s overlong and tedious pacing doesn’t match the lead actor and would’ve done better as a only for fun, action flick.

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