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  • Forever is TV show on ABC, that I decided that I would sit down and watch
  • Given it had an interesting plot, of a man who works as an New York city M
  • I enjoyed the fact that there weren't so many characters involved or introduced all at once
  • But she has also lost her husband in unfortunately events, so she is still copping with her lost though means of physical and liquid comfort
  • I would happily recommend this TV show to my friends

    • by nitakb


      Forever is TV show on ABC, that I decided that I would sit down and watch. Given it had an interesting plot, of a man who works as an New York city M.E, but is actually two hundred years old, and is trying to find the secret to his immorality.

      Forever is a polical drama, that has some originality to it but still has some what were used to when in come down to crime based shows. It’s not law and order, and it certainly isn’t criminal minds or Law and Order. More or less, it reminded me a little bit of the TV show of the mentalist. Which I personally love. The reason I say this because the main character, Dr. Henry Morgan, reminds me of Patrick Jane. He’s witty, smart, funny in a dry humor sort of way, and is charming. Which to me is refreshing. He isn’t just some tough guy that can’t be killed and insists on being a prick towards everyone. But someone who choose to live in the moment, face the facts and learn from his gift.

      The show itself isn’t just funny, but is actually interesting. I didn’t feel like it was being

      rushed. The episode didn’t have so many dips and turns, that it left me scratching my head and wondering what I just watched. Yes, there is that action grabber that leaves the viewer wondering “Why can’t this man die?” Which will be in my guess the theme of the show. Although this show isn’t so funny that you forget you’re watching a polical drama. It still has the look and feel of one. So far with out all the high tech awesomeness that were used to seeing from the other forensic shows like CSI.

      In Forever, you see Henry die at least two times. Each time he does, he ends up back where he started, which he explains in the beginning of the first episode, in water and naked. Whenever he does die, you see this warped flash back that occurs right before he emerges from the water.

      Henry knows death, and isn’t exactly afraid of it. In fact he works as a M.E in New York city. He’s perceptive and can rule of cause of death pretty easily. Which leaves folks dumb founded. But they don’t ask questions, because well, what exactly do you ask a man who seems to have all of the answers?

      I enjoyed the fact that there weren’t so many characters involved or introduced all at once. I could follow along, and still understand who is who and what their purpose is in the show. So far, all of the character are pretty likable too. The two main characters, which are Henry Morgan and Detective Jo Martinez have what I can assume the beginning of a relationship. Nothing physical but for right now a genuine friendship. Which will probably turn into something, else but I am not holding by breath. Maybe they will experiment, or maybe they just keep it simple. Who knows?

      Jo appears to be a detective who has alot going on for her. But she has also lost her husband in unfortunately events, so she is still copping with her lost though means of physical and liquid comfort. She seems like a person who is undeniably dedicated to her work.This will probably get her in a whole of trouble later on down the line.

      The acting isn’t in my opinion stiff. I feel like everyone fits, and doesn’t look out of place. It seems that the actors are comfortable with their roles. Which is ...

      • Forever (TV Show)
      great, because the story line leaves open ends for the viewer to hold on to. They help bring the story line to life instead of taking from it.

      Yes, the show revolves around a man and his strangeness but the show has potential to be more than that. I can imagine that we’re going to see him dying alot, in more ways possible, just to prove his point of immortality and help solve cases. But that’s okay. He has a side kick or rather best friend that knows his secret and is there for him. This friend who name is Abe, is a pretty cool. He’s a older man, who has a sense of humor and insists on living his life the fullest. He is also, revealed later in the episode to be a baby that Morgan helps save in World War II and is now older.

      There also isn’t so much that happens in the episode, that makes you loose track of what happen. They solve, a case, and then another one lands in their lap before the episode is over.

      Like I have said before, this isn’t Law and Order, so we as viewers aren’t going to witness every rock

      being turned over by the Detective. But rather, bits and pieces here and there with some action in between with some touching scenes thrown in the mix. It’s expected of polical drama, but can still be appreciated because it keeps it from being boring.

      Forever in my opinion isn’t boring in the slightest bit. One moment I’m watching the very beginning, and the next I am looking at the ending. I believe I can easily watch back to back episodes and not get bored. The scenes and events flow together with out looking too choppy.

      In the end, Forever appears promising. I look forward to the future episodes. I can honestly say that I am a fan of this show already this early in the season. I do hope it doesn’t fall a victim to being on a one season drama like so many of new shows nowadays.

      If you’re looking for another show to watch, in the evening during the prime time season, Forever is the show to watch. It takes what were used to out of a crime show, and mixes it up a bit. Adds a little sparkle and favor.

      I would happily recommend this TV show to my friends.

sonjica says :

re : I would happily recommend this TV show to my friends
I have heard that this show was to be cancelled. Do you know anything about it? I like the show a lot.
nitakb replies :

Hi Sonjica,

I also love the show Forever. Currently, the show was ordered by ABC to have a full season one as of November 7, 2014. Information on rather the show is to be canceled is still being determined.
Moses says :

It was cancelled. I do not know if this is old news but I actually watched it for my first time last year. I was quite disappointed to hear that it was canceled although I didn’t understand why
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