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  • Although this has a more modern twist to it that makes the story a lot more interesting
  • I like that the writers took the time to actually think this story through
  • I found myself chuckling at a few scenes here and there
  • It has usually become one of my favorite Disney movies to date

    • by nitakb


      Maleficent is another one of the Disney movies that made its appearance earlier in the year. Not animation, but a live action film that promised to tell a different story than what the Disney fans are used to. I will happily admit that I am a Disney fan that was instantly intrigued at the thought of an live action film of a classic story of sleeping beauty. I will have spoilers in my review.

      The film tells the story of how Maleficent wasn’t always meant to be evil, but whether a protector of the moors. She fell in love, in the beginning from childhood until she was grown. She fell in love with boy named Stefan who at first hadn’t let the evil ambitions of man leak into his heart. They at first had a cute little friendship that developed later on in their teenage years. He didn’t come back for a while after that, leaving Maleficent alone on her own to dwell on her affections.

      The general plot more happens when the King wants to destroy the Moorlands and all of its magical creatures. He

      sets out to destroy them, only to be defeated by this army of tree like beings that was summoned by Maleficent.

      The king is later ill, and is going to choose for another to reign in his place. The one he will choose will be the one who avenges him, by killing the winged creature. Who we know as Maleficent. Of course in the small crowd around the bed is Stefan.

      Stefan isn’t the boy that Maleficent remembers. Sure she still has her feelings for him, and when he returns after not showing his face for a while, she seems a little bitter about him spending time with humans. He of course warns her that the king wants to kill her and that he needs to trust him. From here they talk, and I assume cuddle amongst other things, in which leads her to forgive him.

      The twist happens when they are spending time together, and he gives her something to drink. Which we later learn that it something in it that was meant to knock her out so that Stefan could successfully kill her. Of course his feelings get in the way, and he can’t do it. He’s hesitant but quickly comes up with a plan take her wings instead. Leaving her alive, but wingless. She wakes up to this realization of pain and betrayal that she is wingless and what we can probably gather, heart broken.

      Stefan brings the wings to the king, and says that he has avenged him. Which at this point, he has basically sealed his fate of death in stone. Back in the moorlands we see Maleficent coping with her lost. Although eventually she regains her balance, literally, and mentally. Later in the movie she comes to terms that Stefan took her wings so that he may be king. This is literally the beginning of bitter darkness that leads crazed revenge. The moorlands are darkened from their usual splendor and Maleficent takes the thrown as the Queen, whether than a protector.

      As time passes, the king and queen have a baby and are set to have a christening. Which is reported to Maleficent by her servant Diaval who is a raven man. This is where the real ...

      • Maleficent (2014 Film)
      next twist happens, when Maleficent makes her grand appearance and casts her curse on the baby. The curse that we are all used to, from the childhood story. Although this has a more modern twist to it that makes the story a lot more interesting.

      I like that the writers took the time to actually think this story through. Just when you think, you have the story all figured out you see something different. There are a couple of things that stick during this movie. The three fairies, are not equipped to raise the baby. They are a trio of air heads that kind had me shaking my head. Then there’s the fact that the king becomes obsessed with trying to kill Maleficent. And then there’s the next thing of Maleficent basically becoming the baby’s fairy god mother. She helps take care of the baby from afar, all through her life until her sixteenth birthday. She does in what we think is out of tiring of hearing the baby always wail and cry, but in reality she really cares for the child more than she

      will let on.

      There is some humor is in this movie, of course. I found myself chuckling at a few scenes here and there. But overall I was really blown away. The graphics are gorgeous, and the acting is truly believable. I was enchanted myself by everything that was going on.

      When the movie was over I was just blown away. Seriously, my mind was just blown and not in a bad way. I ended up watching this movie twice just to see everything all over again. There’s enough that happens that you initially don’t see by watching it once. It’s not a very long movie, not even a full couple of hours.

      There’s action, not like serious blood shed but enough that makes you pay attention. Then there’s obvious light heartedness that is still captured though the movie. Kids can still sit down and enjoy this movie, without hiding behind a pillow.

      In the end I am really glad I gave this movie a chance. It has usually become one of my favorite Disney movies to date.

      I would recommend this film to a friend.

Vanessa Lazo says :

re : Although this has a more modern twist to it that makes the story a lot more interesting
Yes, this movie is very nice. I expect that Aurora will be awaken by the kiss of the prince but she was awaken by the kiss of Maleficent. That’s unexpectable
Azriel says :

It never came upon me as well to think that it is Maleficent’s love that would be greater than the prince. It seemed that many disney movies nowadays are giving more emphasis on other forms of love and not only romantic love, which is great.
Chiney Gigante says :

I had mixed expectations for this movie, to be honest. One is that it would be the cliche prince-comes-to-the-rescue plotlines we usually see in Disney movies, and I always end up rolling my eyes because thats probably the most predictable thing you can ever see in any movie. Second is that it maybe it would totally go against the tide and go in a totally different direction. I was ecstatic that it was the latter.

Before I go into the plotline and everything else, let me just say that I immediately thought Angie was absolutely perfect for the role. It was a mere question of how good she would play it and not if she ll be able to. I am sorry if I am sounding a little bit of a fangirl right now but there is no other actress I could think of, on the top of my head, that would ve done a better performance in that movie than her. The costume and makeup was so spot on. I love princesses, don t get me wrong, but I think a villain as fierce, as witty, and as powerful as Maleficent is much more interesting to watch. She s strong and she has the certain confidence on her abilities, which I think is a few of the things worth aspiring for.

So the trailer only features the backdrop of the original story, which is Maleficent being a horrible person, cursing an innocent sweet baby on her christening day. But like the trailer suggested, no one is evil for no reason. In this case, Maleficent s agenda is justifiable. What I got to see in this movie was how kind and playful Maleficent was before a boy she fell inlove with betrayed her to be King. Karma does a have a way of coming around, especially when you re up against someone who has the ways, power and determination.

I certainly don t want to give anything away but this movie easily made its way into one of my favorite disney movies aside from Frozen and Mulan. This movie will make your heart melt. It shows that Maleficent is capable of loving and caring despite of what she has done. It does not only offer a good storyline but its also a treat for your eyes as the movie has amazing visual effects. I was left wanting more from the beginning and the ending was the right spice to seal everything up. Must watch for everyone
Azriel says :

It is indeed a must watch movie, especially telling us not to easily judge a person and what has become of them. I do feel there is always two sides of a a story and glad to have watched the other side in this movie. It is also one of my favorite animated movie, as it does not only have good quality to it, but the story was told very clearly and very direct.
John Rey Tarraja says :

re : Although this has a more modern twist to it that makes the story a lot more interesting
I’ve never seen lately a movie that showcases the story of a villain that actually was also a protagonist.. Nice to see the other side of the story. Even villains have a story other have more interesting stories than the protagonist. I also love that angelina jolie had accepted and done the movie. I really love her movies.
Lorena Marino says :

I absolutely loved this film The way it showed man’s evil and how a child’s charm and the heroine’s maternal nature overcame strong emotions that could destroy any soul. It also had a different ending and I absolutely loved it because it was not the usual one. I just hope this kind of endings don’t go mainstream..
Grecy says :

Maleficent is one of the movie that is promising see for me. I watched it in theater as my friend says I will appreciate it more watching in a big screen that on DVD. I followed her advised and I see her point. This is not one of the best movie of Angelina Jolie but one of the best for kids. It gives me an impression that when you see someone wearing black is not always meant there is a dark side, or maybe there is a dark side but it has a reasonable reason why it happens on them. If you are blown away, I am not though. I am not the type who easily blown away but I can say I feel good because it is one of the film that I really enjoy watching. If there is a part 2, I will definitely watch it too.
justine13 says :

I expected the movie to be more interesting than it turned out to be. I don’t think the climax was executed well. It got kinda boring at some point. But I still love the fact that nowadays “true-love” is defined beyond the conventional boy-girl relationship. Movies like Maleficent and Frozen prove that true love exists everywhere. It can be found between sisters, friends, or parents. It’s different from the usual fairytale story where prince charming rescues the princess and they live happy every after. This movie, although less adventurous than expected, is still a feel good movie that kids or adults can enjoy.
Rika says :

re : I like that the writers took the time to actually think this story through
It did have its predictable moments and the twist wasn’t exactly that much of a twist since the build up was already alluding to that. But it was a highlight to me that they retconned the classic fairy tale to that of something more "family friendly", if you will. That was what really made it a Disney film.

Though I was disappointed that it didn’t go the dark route and went in a direction wherein we’d get a deeper reason as to why Maleficent was evil, I wasn’t thoroughly upset by the changes. The story was still about her, and I believe the message of the movie spoke about how word-of-the-mouth tales shouldn’t be trusted so quickly. The first example of that was when everyone assumed Maleficent had been killed, and that reflected on how we all believed Sleeping Beauty’s tale to be about true love’s kiss from a significant other rather than a different kind of love.
casey says :

I know, thank god, i am sick of fairy tales taking the traditonal approach, I am happy that what has been happening lately, is that producers are finally creating movies that tell children that love doesn’t just come from a man, but rather it comes in many different forms.
Zareena Hussain says :

re : I like that the writers took the time to actually think this story through
Yes well thought out,Unlike it’s animated predecessor this film actually gave us back story to the villain and also creates quite a few scenes that are enchanting almost between Maleficent and Aurora. The ending was cute and the film took plenty of jabs at saterizing the tired prince will save me stereotype.
Simply-Special says :

re : I found myself chuckling at a few scenes here and there
I didn’t think I’d like this movie, but I ended up enjoying it. I haven’t chuckled like this since Shrek. Some jokes were definitely made for adults.
wanderingmind says :

I am intrigue by the first, it’s Angelina Jolie who portray to be the witch, who is usually I see in action movies like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider(2001, 2003) and “Salt (2010)”.

So, I said to myself “I need to watch this movie” Then I watched it with my dad. It’s amazing I love the twist. It is the love of a mother is powerful than any love on earth. I cried.

And one more great thing in this movie. My father really enjoyed it. I love fairytale movies. And “Maleficent” is now one of them.
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