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  • Speaking of puns, this movie does have its fair share, though they aren't as ubiquitous as I thought they would be

    • by David Finniss


      I had heard generally good things about this movie, but I was surprised by just how good it was. It’s rather hilarious, but it is also rather sweet and heartwarming.

      The movie follows Flint Lockwood, an aspiring inventor who manages to create a machine that can turn water into food. This proves to be a boon to his hometown, which only has sardines (long story, it makes sense in context).

      Through a chain of events, the machine ends up in the sky, allowing for food to drop like precipitation. This ends up being a mixed blessing for a variety of reasons.

      Maybe it

      is because I myself was the dorky outsider, but this movie just spoke to me. It really does give the geeks and nerds of the world their due. Unlike other forms of media, this doesn’t denigrate it, but manages to create humor while still making the main characters respectable.

      Flint makes for a very sympathetic and likable protagonist. You do find yourself rooting for him and feeling sorry for him when things go wrong.

      All of the characters are rather likable. While Flint’s dad is reticent, you can see where he’s coming from in regards to Flint’s inventions and he does try to connect with his son in his own bizarre way. The conflict between the two adds some weight to the proceedings. It isn’t so intense that it drags the movie down, but it’s enough to give the movie (and Flint) a bit more to work with.

      I also rather liked Sam, the main female character and Flint’s love interest. Some internet folk may roll their eyes at the “friend zone” implications and will be even more bothered by the two getting together, but I do think it works really well. The two have rather good chemistry, which would make perfect sense as they’re ...

      • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs movie
      both into science.

      Speaking of puns, this movie does have its fair share, though they aren’t as ubiquitous as I thought they would be. As I am a fan of them myself, I got a kick out of it, though some may not care for those bits. If it makes you feel better, a variety of styles of humor are used so I’m quite certain that you will still find yourself laughing, even if the puns do get on your nerves.

      Much like Perfect Blue, this is a 90 minute film that is so chock full of content that you feel like you’re

      watching a 2 hour movie. Normally, that sort of feeling is a bad thing as it means the movie is dragging, but here it is a result of so much happening. The movie is engaging and you’re so immersed in the world that you forget about the run time.

      I’m surprised this movie doesn’t get more credit. It really was a fun experience. It’s sweet, cute, and a thoroughly enjoyable movie. I’d definitely say give it a watch. As always, I’d suggest renting it first, rather than buying blind, but this movie is well worth a purchase. It really was that good.

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