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  • I must admit that I've never heard of biotin
  • That is when I noticed minor changes to my appearance
  • Overall, Spring Valley’s version is the best and most comfortable to use

    • by Shawn Tillman

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      I have never been the type to take vitamins because I didn’t see the importance of it. I have always been relatively healthy and lively, whereas it wasn’t necessary for me to incorporate vitamins into my daily diet. Well, that all changed after February 2006. I suffered from an unprovoked fungal infection throughout my entire body.

      I had scabs on my chest, back, scalp, outer ears, and armpits, back of thighs and around my ankles. Till this day I’m not sure how I caught this infection, but, my dermatologist highly recommended that I immediately take biotin supplements on a daily basis to help strengthen

      my skin and to heal quickly. I must admit that I’ve never heard of biotin.

      And based on the physical scars left behind from my fungal infection, I had serious doubts that I could get my natural complexion back.

      My recovery process was long, tedious and at times, truly unbearable. I hesitated for about two months getting biotin after I met with my dermatologist because he didn’t convince me that it would really work to heal my skin.

      Nonetheless, I researched the vitamin on various websites and there were some positive reviews from other biotin users. Well, I was eager to get started so I could get my health back on track. I purchased the Spring Valley Biotin – 1000 MCGs for $4 at Wal-Mart in Charlotte, NC, and started taking the vitamin that same day.

      I must admit that I did not notice any immediate changes in my skin within the first 30 days of using the product. I assumed the supplement was not working and the dermatologist was dead wrong. However around the 36th day of taking biotin, my sister commented on how clear my skin was on my back side.

      That is when I noticed minor changes to my appearance. However, I took it ...

      • Biotin Supplements
      a step further by modifying my bathing routine. I started to use a body scrub instead of a washcloth on a daily basis to get rid of excess dead skin.

      After changing my routine, I immediately noticed that my skin had indeed cleared up quicker than I believed earlier. After my skin healed from the fungal infection, it a dark yellowish-brown color. After I scrubbed the excess dead skin from my body, I noticed a healthy shade of light-brown color instead.

      Also, my scalp and hair appeared shiny and healthy looking again as well.

      Since this product has worked extremely well for me,

      I continue to take it and sometimes increase the dosage to 3000 MCG a few times during the month. I have tried a number of expensive biotin products from General Nutrition Centers and EBAY sellers online.

      Overall, Spring Valley’s version is the best and most comfortable to use. I find the capsules are small and easier for me to swallow than the others. And, I also like the fact that the product is easier to find at the nearest Wal-Mart and Target stores instead of ordering online and waiting for it to be delivered to my home.

      I cannot explain how this product works, but it does.

Tweety says :

re : That is when I noticed minor changes to my appearance
I started using Biotin when my hair started falling out. My daughter recommended that I start taking supplements. We discussed different brands of supplements I thought were all the same but they’re not. Spring Valley is a good product that I have experienced using. I’ve used many of their products which are satisfactory to my taste. This particular product is digestible and doesn’t cause food allergies which I have a sensitivity to. Gel caps are soluble and easy to digest. Plus it absorbs into the blood stream quickly for fast results. Not only did my hair regrow. It became stronger, fuller, and full of life similar to the condition of my hair in my youth. It is a wonderful product and should be experienced by everyone interested in building more beautiful hair.
Pangna says :

re : That is when I noticed minor changes to my appearance
Okay so I am going to tell you the truth about this product. Well, I started using this product two years ago because I had short hair and wanted my hair to grow out healthy. I took only one pill usually two days out of a week and I started noticing changes. It made my hair grow longer, it was shiny, and healthy. Well, I have something else I had to admit though from my personal experience.. I just gave birth on April 2014 to my first child, and it’s been a few months now that I’ve been losing hair and I don’t know if it could be stress or just a post-partum hair loss effect. Well, I’ve been using these in hopes that my hair would stop falling out and grow longer but this time it seems to not work. So, just wanting you to know that this is a product I recommend but just something that didn’t work for me after my assuming post-partum hair loss effect.
Jennifer Davis says :

Hi, I had the same problem as you after my youngest daughter was born and I totally suggest using prenatal vitamins that contain biotin and iron (not all of them do so you will have to look for those specific ones). My Gyno recommended those to me after the birth of my youngest daughter. I was loosing hair by the handfuls and had several balding spots. It took about three or four months, but they sure did work. I have been taking them along with a biotin supplement for several years and though I still do lose some hair due to genetics and aging, it isn’t nearly as bad as it was.

Hope this helps.
Kathy Haan says :

re : That is when I noticed minor changes to my appearance
I love taking biotin–it makes my hair and nails really strong
Mohammad Abid says :

i have been using omega 3 since last 2 years, Well i haven’t noticed a significant change in my hair loss, its still great for your heart and helps a lot during exercise sessions.
Mohammad Abid says :

Me too, I have been using it for my hair loss but it has greatly improved my health and helped me a lot in my daily exercises.
Robyn says :

Hello, I work for Holland and Barrett (health food shop).

Biotin is an amazing all round product, it covers a range of ailments as well as contributing to other factors.

The deficiency signs of biotin include: Dermatitis, eczema, exhaustion and hair loss.

biotin helps with: Digestion, thinning and greying of the hair, brittle nails, acne/ eczema and psoriasis, muscle pain, low mood and fatigue.

The effects of biotin can be enhanced by taking other supplements depending on the ailment, for example, one suffering from low mood might consider taking it alongside St. John’s Wort and one suffering with digestive problems may take it alongside lemon balm
Amanda says :

I may say vitamins may do best for your health everything depends on the way one takes it. I have a friend of mine who is medicine. He said me taking vitamins should be done according your health system, if you need some vitamin try to find product it contains only then compose menu trying to do best to your health
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