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  • A lot of time was passed since I watched a comedy movie that wasn't boring, and I was looking for something that could give me a doze of laughter
  • The movie was the best in comedy for me, at least I haven't watched such good comedy movie in this year
  • But after watching this movie he's included in my most favourite comedy actors

by Hamza Butt


    The Dictator is a 2012 comedy movie directed by Larry Charles. Sacha Baron Cohen was casted as the main charm of the movie as Aladdin. I only watched him once in Hugo where he was playing the role of a station inspector. A lot of time was passed since I watched a comedy movie that wasn’t boring, and I was looking for something that could give me a doze of laughter. I watched this movie on my friend’s recommendation. The movie was the best in comedy for me, at least I haven’t watched such good comedy movie in this year.
  • The Dictator (movie)
  • The movie is based on a dictator in Wadiya named Aladdin who is making nuclear weapons to use against Israel, but he pretends to use them for peaceful purposes in-front of his people and the world. When the United Nations threatens his nuclear weapons he decides to go to New York and give a speech in the Assembly. As he reaches New York, his minister Tamir kidnaps Aladdin, with an intention to kill him and put a double in his position so that he can sign million dollars contracts with oil companies to make him a tycoon. Aladdin somehow manages to get rid of the person hired to kill him, but with his beard and clothes taken no one accepts him as the dictator. The movie further shows how Aladdin manages to get rid of his minister and the double, and speak to the Assembly himself. The story of the movie might sound serious with all the United Nations and nuclear weapon stuff involved in, but believe me it really rocks in comedy.

  • The Dictator (movie)
  • Like I said, I only watched Sacha once in Hugo in the look of a station inspector, that role was serious as hell and I really didn’t knew that this guy has got such a great god-gifted ability to make people laugh. Frankly, I didn’t even like his acting much in that movie. But after watching this movie he’s included in my most favourite comedy actors. I’m pretty damn sure the movie was nothing without him, he was the one to put the soul in the movie. I loved his first address to the people of Wadiya in the movie, where he said that the weapons are only going to be used for peaceful purposes and then chuckles for a moment while his hand on the mouth. I loved his acting in this movie.

  • The Dictator (movie)
  • One thing I loved in the movie was Aladdin’s accent. The whole movie I was entertained by it. It was like an Arabic or asian accent which sounded really funny to me. His accent was one of the things that admired me the most to watch this movie while I was watching its trailers. Sacha really deserves appreciation for this accent, because being an english actor it would have been really difficult for him to speak like this the whole movie.

  • The Dictator (movie)
  • The movie was tagged under the comedy genre, and it literally was one of the best in comedy for me. Unlike other boring comedy movies, this movie is studded with jokes. From the beginning to the end, you keep on getting a good doze of comedy after 2 to 3 scenes. Some scenes were even that hilarious that I couldn’t stop laughing the next few minutes. The movie was so good that I couldn’t even pick one scene up as my favourite, because there were so many that made me laugh.

  • The Dictator (movie)
  • One of the best scenes in the movie for me was the “Made Up Name” scene. Aladdin runs into trouble when he accidentally enters a restaurant run by the people that were executed by him when he was incharge. One person quickly recognises him and asks his name to confirm if he’s Aladdin. In great haste, Aladdin creates made up names twisting whatever text he sees first in the bar. He first twists a message outside the bathroom that says “workers should wash hands” to “Wukarshud wus ands”. He created quite a few of them which was really funny.

    Concluding the review, I’d just like to say that there isn’t a single chance that you won’t enjoy this movie. It’s epic comedy and great acting from Sacha baron Cohen makes it worth watching, so make sure to give it a try.

Tim Taylor says :

re : But after watching this movie he’s included in my most favourite comedy actors
I agree. Cohen is a genius, and this movie is one of his best. Grossly underrated
Jazz Faisal says :

This one was a special movie for me. I bought its dvd and always watch it again and again in my free time.
James Davenport says :

I definitely found this movie more fun to watch the Bruno. Funny stuff, wish people mentioned it more often. :)
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