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  • It just has a nice, light pleasant fragrance, which I like
  • I notice a lot less blemishes arise when I use it
  • My skin definitely looks and feels better
  • I try to avoid doing that though, because the oils from your hands, get on your face and can break you out
  • I think it helps to use it that much, if you have bad acne

    • by Alexandra


      I’ve been using this product for years, and I still love it! I first bought this product because it was cheap. It was like $3 at the time. Plus it was a scrub and it had blemish and blackhead control. So I figured why not try it!

      First thing I loved, was the smell. It has a nice apricot fragrance. It doesn’t smell medicated either. I remember getting another one like this but it didn’t say blemish and blackhead control, and I hated it because of the smell. It just has a nice, light pleasant fragrance, which I like.

      The next thing I

      liked was how it exfoliated my skin. It makes my skin feel so soft afterwards. I just love the textured scrub feel of it! What’s good is you don’t have to scrub your face hard at all, to get results. Just a gentle massage will do just fine. It doesn’t leave my face dried out either. Your face may feel dry afterwards, especially in the winter. I would suggest a little lotion on your face afterwards. I feel like anytime you wash your face with anything, it can feel dry and tight. So just add a little lotion and you’ll be fine.

      It’s great for sensitive skin too. It’s hypoallergenic! I have very sensitive skin and can only use certain soaps. This scrub didn’t break me out or give me a rash. Which made me very happy! It didn’t leave my face feeling oily either.

      I don’t have bad acne, but I do get break outs from time to time. This scrub does help control blemishes and blackheads. I remember I was a lot worse a few years ago. Now it’s better especially when I use it. I notice a lot less blemishes arise when I use it. It also helped minimize blackheads and pores. My ...

      • St. Ives Blemish & Blackhead Control Apricot Scrub
      skin definitely looks and feels better. I like to touch my face after using it. Especially my cheeks because it makes my skin feel so soft. I try to avoid doing that though, because the oils from your hands, get on your face and can break you out. So I have to control myself.

      I only use it a about 2 or 3 times a week. It says on the back you can use it daily. Sometimes 2 to 3 times daily, or work up to that. I feel like that’s unnecessary for me. I think it helps to use it that much, if

      you have bad acne. Since it does have acne medication in it. If you already use acne medication or anything for acne, then don’t use this. It even says on the back that it can irritate skin more, if you mix with other acne medicated products.

      I really think it is a great product! It’s sulfate and paraben free. It’s also affordable. Nowadays I spend about $4 to $5 for it. It’s 6 oz. Usually lasts me awhile. Probably still cheaper than most face scrub/wash on the market today. I’ve had very good results with it! I would absolutely recommend this product!

Allison says :

re : It just has a nice, light pleasant fragrance, which I like
The fragrance is great and the wash itself is really great too. It is exfoliating and leaves my face feeling refreshed after. Plus after a week of using it, I noticed that my skin was much softer.
Alexandra replies :

Thank you for the positive feedback The first thing I really liked about it was the fragrance. I do love how it makes my skin feel soft too It’s great for people who have dry skin on their face. It exfoliates nicely.
Georgina says :

re : My skin definitely looks and feels better
I suffered from acne all through my teenage years, and I tried many different products and cleansing treatments to help reduce breakouts but nothing seemed to work. This product, however, was an absolute miracle. I used it once every 2 to 3 days, and it not only made my skin feel smoother than it ever had, I noticed visible results within the few days. My skin was noticeably clearer and less oily, and people were even complimenting me and asking what products I used to achieve such amazing results in a short period of time. I highly recommend this scrub to anyone who is suffering from acne/breakouts, it really works
Alexandra replies :

Thank you for your positive feedback. I’m so glad you had great results with it. What’s great is you don’t need to use it very often, to get good results. But you can use it as needed.
tinab says :

I used this cream one time and one time only. Why? because I had a blackhead that I needed removed. I have never been into cheap products, but I was in a hurry and wasn’t near my skin beauty store at the time. This stuff made my skin burn, and it smelled too sweet. Although it could have been because I was pregnant. Either or, It didn’t get rid of my blackhead and it made my skin EXTRA dry. Horrible buy.
Alexandra replies :

Well sorry that you had a bad experience with it. To me it never had a sweet smell. This product doesn’t really get rid of blackheads, it’s suppose to control your blackheads and blemishes so you don’t get more. It’s suppose to tighten your pores so they’re less noticeable. My skin never got that dry from it. Maybe it was because you were pregnant, who knows. But everyone’s skin is different. What may be good for my skin, may be bad for someone else’s skin. All you can do is gives things a try and see how they work for you.
Rebecca Lee says :

How often should this be used? I was told that I could use it twice a day, but then someone else told me that I should only use it once a week. Which is true?
Alexandra replies :

I would use it a few times a week. Use another cleanser that is good for daily washes if you need it. This does exfoliate your skin. I think twice a day, everyday, maybe too harsh.
Galega says :

Some scrub can be used daily. However, this one isn’t intended to be used daily. It can be quite harsh for your skin. You may feel irritation and burning sensation. The exfoliating effect can create problems, if used daily. I would suggest you to use it once a week. You may not need to use it daily. Use your regular face wash and cream daily.
Francis says :

I have used this product before in the past. Then I thought that it worked, but when my mother who is a dermatologist heard that I was using this she told me not to use it. I believe the scrub is to rough for peoples faces. She said it might work in the short term, but it’s bad for you in the long term because the “scrub” part can make your pores larger so that you become dependent on the wash. I say use whatever you want if it works for you just thought I would mention that. I personally would use this if I happened to come across it in a shower somewhere or something.
Christiana Alverez says :

I have a teenage son who just turned 15 and over the last year he has had terrible problems with acne and blackheads him use this product? He is going to his junior prom within the next few weeks and I want him to feel more confident about his acne problems.
Alexandra replies :

I would say buy it, let him use it and see how it works for him. Since it is a scrub I wouldn’t recommend daily use. I’d say try it a few times a week and see if it helps him. It really isn’t that expensive, so if it doesn’t help him at all in a couple of weeks, at least you didn’t spend a lot of money. If he feels his face is tight or dry after use, I would recommend a face lotion. Anything that’s good for face and doesn’t cause breakouts. Look for hypoallergenic type of lotion. I hope it helps him.
Galega says :

Using scrub on the facial skin of a 15 year old boy may not be a good idea. It can even lead to more skin problems for him. Acne is quite normal at this age because of the hormonal change. General treatment will heal that. For blackheads, you should ask him to use an Aloe Vera based herbal cream and face wash. Avoid scrub which can be harsh on the facial skin. Some blackheads and acne should not be the reason behind his low confidence. These are natural stuffs and shouldn’t come in the way of his performance.
Shayna says :

re : I think it helps to use it that much, if you have bad acne
It smells nice and gets dead skin off your face.
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